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      *AccuQuik™ Measles Virus Antibody Test Kit is CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      ** AccuQuik™ Measles Virus Antibody Test Kit is manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      Measles Virus Antibody Test Kit






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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Measles Virus Antibody Test Kits.

        The measles test kit is used to detect the Measles Virus from the paramyxovirus family. An individual with a positive result should consult a doctor for the first line of treatment, depending on the activeness of the infection.

        Our measles test kit is accurate in 99% of cases. Other factors may influence the result of the test, for example, the use of other medications. If worried about a false positive, then the individual should contact a doctor before taking the test to ensure accurate interpretation of the results.

        Since measles are highly contagious, it is essential to detect the infection early and limit the exposure of the infected person to others. The virus spreads through coughing or sneezing, as it lives in the nose and throat mucus. A big risk is also the fact that the virus can survive in the air for up to 2 hours. It transmits to the other person if they breathe in the air or touch the surface that has been exposed to the virus and has been contaminated. The spreading can occur to four days before the symptoms, usually, a skin rash, appear in the first infected person.

        Because of quick transmission, the measles virus is highly contagious. It is a known fact that 90% of people (or an estimated 10 to 12 people) around the first infected person, will likely become infected as well.

        The disease can be deadly as around 40% of people suffer complications from it and don’t recover after the usual 2 to 3 weeks’ period after getting the measles rash. The infection typically affects children. A vaccine is available and is known to be safe and very effective.

        Additional Information

        Measles is a contagious respiratory infection that causes skin rash and flu-like symptoms. Measles virus causes measles which is normally passed through direct contact or through the air. Measles taints the respiratory tract which spreads all through the body. When infected, only supportive treatment is available. There is no specific antiviral treatment on the market yet. Supportive treatments are for example active immunization as in post-exposure vaccination and passive immunization as in antibody treatment. Fever reducers are used to help relieve the fever which is one of the measles symptoms. Measles can develop infections that are usually treated with antibiotics. Vitamin A deficiency can cause a more severe case of measles.

        Infected with measles it is vital to comfort the disease. The most important thing is to relax and rest and also drink plenty of fluids to replace the fluid lost by fever and sweating. Using a humidifier alleviates sore throat and cough.

        There is a measles vaccine that prevents measles effectively. From 2000 to 2017 the vaccination decreased 80% of deaths caused by the disease. Measles are common in developing countries, particularly in parts of Africa and Asia.

        Catching measles can happen when being unvaccinated, traveling internationally or having vitamin A deficiency. These risk factors increase the probability of getting infected.

        Measles first sign is high fever that usually occurs after 10 to 12 days after infection. Flu-like symptoms start and small white spots appear inside the cheeks. After this stage rash occurs that spreads around the whole body. The rash lasts around 6 days before it fades away. Uncommon symptoms include diarrhea, middle ear infection, and pneumonia. Seizures, blindness or inflammation of the brain may happen.

        Benefits of Measles Virus Antibody Test Kit

        • This is a newer rapid, sensitive, and specific technology;
        • This technology is portable, automatic, and easily disposable;
        • The sensitivity and specificity are fully validated and currently fulfill the basic requirements of rapid diagnostic tests;
        • They are available, affordable, and usable as a point of care tests.


        Open the pouch containing a cassette and take the test kit out of the pouch and place it on the desk. Pipette a drop (5µl) of the specimen and a drop (50µl) of dilution into the sample well of the cassette. Read results within 10-15 minutes. Do not read results after 20 minutes
        The result is negative if it has a pink band on the test region of the cassette. This means there are no anti-dengue lgM and lgG present in the specimen. If the test is positive it has three pink bands (C, G, M), 2 pink bands (C, G) or (C, M) on the test region. This means that the specimen contains an amount of anti-dengue lgG and/or lgM. If the test kit shows no colored bands that means that there might be a possible error in the test. In this case, please use a new test kit.


        • This kit is designed for in vitro use only. Eating, drinking, or smoking in the area where the specimens or kits are handled is not advisable;
        • Standard precautions for handling infectious agents should be observed when using this kit;
        • Wear standard protective clothing such as a lab coat and disposable gloves when handling specimens and assay reagents following local regulations;
        • Wash hands thoroughly after use;
        • In the case of wash solution contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice.

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