Manufacturer of Incontinence & Urology Supplies

Incontinence and urology supplies for both consumer and hospital sectors are manufactured and supplied under the StayDry™ brand including baby and adult diapers, sanitary and maternity pads, underpads, disposable bed sheets, colostomy (ostomy) and urinary bags.
Incontinence & Urology Supplies
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Adult Diapers
Baby Diapers
Colostomy Bag
Disposable Bed Sheets
Disposable Period Panties
Disposable Waste Liquid Suction Bag
Exam Table Paper
Foley Catheters
Intermittent Catheters
Irrigation Set
Maternity Pads
Ostomy Wafer
Portable Urinal
Sanitary Pads
Urine Collection Bags
Packages of diapers and underpads and other urology necessities.


  • 13485
    Medical Devices QMS
  • 9001
    Quality Management
  • 0123
    TÜV Certified Quality System


  • CE
  • DOC
  • ISO
  • FSC
  • COA


  • STED Dossier
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Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
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What are Incontinence & Urology Supplies?

Incontinence & Urology Supplies are designed to manage urinary and fecal incontinence, as well as assist in urological care. These items range from baby and adult diapers, sanitary products, and colostomy bags to specialized equipment like urinary bags. They are essential for maintaining hygiene, dignity, and comfort.

The growing demand for incontinence and urology supplies can be attributed to an aging population and increased awareness of urological health. Baby and adult diapers, for instance, provide individuals with the confidence to go about their daily lives without the worry of leaks or accidents, while underpads and disposable bed sheets offer added protection to bedding and furniture.

Urological products like colostomy bags and urinary bags are vital for patients who've undergone surgeries or have specific medical conditions. These supplies ensure that waste is collected in a safe, hygienic manner, reducing the risk of infections and other complications. They also enable patients to lead more normal lives, even with medical challenges.

In addition to their functional benefits, incontinence and urology supplies contribute to overall well-being and quality of life. By addressing issues related to urinary and fecal incontinence, these products can help alleviate embarrassment and discomfort, allowing individuals to maintain their social interactions and engage in daily activities with confidence. This psychological relief is as crucial as the physical comfort these supplies provide.

The availability of a wide range of incontinence and urology supplies ensures that individuals of all ages and needs can find suitable options. From gender-specific products to varying levels of absorbency, the diversity of choices empowers users to select what works best for them. Moreover, the convenience of disposable supplies eliminates the need for extensive cleaning and washing, making the management of incontinence and urological issues much more manageable for both patients and caregivers.

What are Incontinence & Urology Supplies used for?

What is the purpose of Incontinence & Urology Supplies?

Incontinence & Urology Supplies manage and address urinary and fecal incontinence. They provide specialized care for individuals with urological conditions or those who have undergone certain medical procedures. These tools are essential for comfort and enabling individuals to engage in daily activities confidently.

What types of products are included in Incontinence Supplies?

Incontinence Supplies are designed to address different aspects of urinary and bowel management. Adult diapers, also known as incontinence briefs or pants, are absorbent undergarments designed to provide reliable protection against urinary and fecal leaks. Disposable bed sheets, commonly referred to as underpads or bed pads, offer a protective layer for bedding, mattresses, or furniture to prevent leakage-related staining and odor. Absorbent pads cater to various needs, including maternity care for postpartum bleeding and menstrual care for managing menstrual flow.

Incontinence supplies also include specialized items like disposable period panties, which combine the functionality of underwear and menstrual pads for added convenience. These help individuals maintain their daily routines and activities while effectively managing incontinence concerns. The availability of such supplies empowers people with incontinence to lead active and comfortable lives, addressing their unique needs with discretion and confidence.

How do urinary bags and ostomy bags work?

Urinary bags are typically connected to a catheter that is inserted into the bladder, allowing urine to drain into the bag. Ostomy bags are attached to a surgically created opening in the abdominal wall called a stoma, through which fecal waste is directed into the bag. Both types of bags are designed to be secure and leak-resistant.

Are there different types of urinary bags and ostomy bags available?

Yes, there are various types of urinary bags and ostomy bags to accommodate different needs and preferences. Urinary bags come in leg bags or bedside drainage bags, while ostomy bags can be one-piece or two-piece systems with different sizes and closures. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional to determine the most suitable option based on an individual's medical condition and lifestyle.

How are the right Incontinence Supplies selected?

Choosing the right Incontinence Supplies depends on factors like the level of absorbency required, the specific type of leakage, and individual comfort preferences. Consulting a healthcare professional can help guide toward the most suitable products.

Can Urology Supplies be used at home or are they mainly for medical facilities?

Urology Supplies are designed for both medical facilities and home use. Patients who require postoperative care, catheterization, or other urological support can benefit from these supplies in the comfort of their homes, under proper medical guidance. This accessibility allows individuals to maintain their quality of life while receiving necessary care.

How often should Incontinence Supplies be changed?

The frequency of changing Incontinence Supplies depends on factors such as the product's absorbency level, individual needs, and the extent of leakage. It's recommended to change them as needed to maintain comfort and hygiene.

Are there any potential risks or allergies associated with using Urology Supplies?

While Urology Supplies are designed for safe and effective use, individuals may have allergies to certain materials in the products. It's important to read product labels, consult healthcare professionals, and perform patch tests if necessary to ensure compatibility and prevent adverse reactions.

Types of Incontinence & Urology Supplies

  • Incontinence Supplies cater specifically to the needs of individuals facing urinary incontinence and related concerns. This type covers a variety of absorbent products like baby and adult diapers, disposable bed sheets, and pads designed for maternity, menstrual, and sanitary purposes. Their primary function is to ensure hygiene, comfort, and confidence by effectively managing and containing involuntary leaks. Incontinence Supplies play a critical role in promoting the dignity and comfort of individuals dealing with urinary incontinence, offering them a range of discreet and reliable options for managing their condition and maintaining an active lifestyle.
  • Urology Supplies are specialized equipment and tools aimed at addressing urological disorders and assisting in postoperative care. Essential products in this category are urine and colostomy bags, catheters, and irrigation sets. These items are crucial for patients undergoing certain medical treatments, ensuring both their health and comfort during recovery and ongoing care. Furthermore, urology supplies play a significant role in minimizing complications and promoting proper healing after surgical interventions.

Examples of Incontinence & Urology Supplies

StayDry™ incontinence and urology supplies provide support and comfort for individuals with incontinence, ostomies, and other urological needs. From adult and baby diapers to colostomy bags and catheters, these products enhance quality of life and ensure dignity for those facing such challenges. Below are some examples from our range.

Why are we a trusted Incontinence Supplies & Urology Products manufacturer?

With a global presence, AdvaCare Pharma stands out as a committed manufacturer of Incontinence Supplies & Urology Products, offering clinical solutions for hospitals and meeting the hygiene needs of consumers. The company's wide-ranging portfolio encompasses over 100 product configurations, with numerous specification options manufactured for incontinence supplies including adult diapers, sanitary pads, underpads, disposable bed sheets, colostomy bags and urology products such as urinary bags, foley catheters and intermittent catheters.

AdvaCare Pharma's manufacturing facilities of incontinence supplies and urology products in China, India and the USA reflect our commitment to quality with ISO and CE certifications. Regular inspections, both internal and third-party, exceed industry norms, reinforcing confidence in our incontinence and urology product's safety and reliability.

Offering an extensive selection of affordable incontinence supplies without compromising on quality, AdvaCare Pharma strives to influence the healthcare sector positively by making high-grade products widely available, ensuring optimal health and well-being for all.