CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) (box of 25 kits)
CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) (pouch of 1 kit)
CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) (box of 25 kits)
CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) (pouch of 1 kit)
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CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus)

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
A CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) is a diagnostic tool used to detect antibodies due to cytomegalovirus infection in a patient. The manufacturer of this product is AdvaCare Pharma, a pharmaceutical company compliant with CE and ISO standards.





What is a CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus)?

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A CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) is a medical diagnostic tool that is used to detect cytomegalovirus (CMV) in a patient. CMV infections are common but may cause complications for patients with weakened immune systems, such as transplant recipients or newborns. CMV test kits offer an easy and convenient point-of-care testing method.

The (CMV) cytomegalovirus test kits are available as a CMV IgG test kit, CMV IgG test kit, or CMV IgG/IgM test kits. These test kits may be carried out by healthcare professionals to determine either primary infections or reactivated infections.

The CMV Test Kits (Cytomegalovirus) are manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma, a leading pharmaceutical company. These test kits have been produced in strategically-located facilities across India, China, and the USA.

Product Specifications


CMV Antibody IgM Test Kit is a lateral flow immunoassay test that detects IgM antibodies that a patient has produced against the cytomegalovirus.

The CMV test kit is a cassette device that shows positive, negative, or invalid results and includes a sample well in which the whole blood, serum, or plasma specimen may be administered. The test strip that is inside shows a rapid result, which can be viewed after 15-20 minutes.

CMV Antibody IgG Test Kit is a lateral flow immunoassay test that detects the presence of IgG antibodies against the cytomegalovirus within a sample of whole blood, serum, or plasma.

The CMV test kit is a cassette device that allows easy-to-read results, as it displays as positive, negative, or invalid. The rapid result can be viewed in as little as 15-20 minutes.

CMV Antibody IgM/IgG Test Kit is a lateral flow immunoassay test that can detect and differentiate antibodies to the cytomegalovirus.

The sample well in the cassette device allows for the administration of whole blood, serum, or plasma samples. The test strips inside provide positive, negative, or invalid results, which may be viewed after 15-20 minutes.


A Whole Blood/Serum/Plasma specimen is needed for the CMV test. The required sample may be obtained using standard venipuncture (2 drops) or fingerstick (50 μL) techniques. For serum/plasma samples, a whole blood sample must be centrifuged before transferring it to the assigned area of the cassette using a capillary tube or dropper. A drop of the corresponding buffer dilution must be added afterward to initiate the test.


Cassette is a plastic box which contains a test strip that is designed to detect the presence of CMV antibodies. Each cassette has a designated area where the sample can be placed and a window that displays the test result, which can be positive, negative, or invalid.

The test strip inside the cassette utilizes an immunochromatographic assay to identify the presence of antibodies associated with cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections.

Why are we a top CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a manufacturer of CMV Test Kits (Cytomegalovirus), a medical test in the AccuQuik™ brand of diagnostic detection devices. Our production facilities are held to stringent CE and ISO standards. As a manufacturer of rapid antibody test kits, AdvaCare Pharma partners with an extensive global network of institutions, including hospitals, pharmacies, distributors, and more.

For 20 years, AdvaCare Pharma has been dedicated to providing premium and affordable pharmaceutical products for an ever-changing global community. We prioritize our partners and pride ourselves on building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships.


How should a CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) be used?

1. Collect a sample of whole blood, serum, or plasma from the patient. 2. Add the buffer to the well immediately upon administering the sample to the well. 3. Wait for the results and read the results according to the packaging.

It's important to carefully review the included instructions before administering any rapid CMV antibody kit.

How should a CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus) be disposed of?

It is advisable to consult local regulations before disposing of CMV test kits (Cytomegalovirus). Generally, any used kits should be disposed of in a designated biohazardous or infectious waste container.

What are the storage specifications for CMV Test Kits (Cytomegalovirus)?

It is recommended to store any unused test kits in a dry location between 2-30°C. Testing kits should be stored in their original packaging until use.


What is the difference between the CMV Test Kits (Cytomegalovirus)?

The antibody test kits detect different antibodies, and they may be used for different reasons.

A CMV IgG test kit is able to detect IgG antibodies within a sample of blood or serum. IgG antibodies indicate a past infection, which may indicate long-term immunity to the virus.

A CMV IgM test kit detects IgM antibodies within a sample of blood or serum. IgM antibodies are produced during a recent or active infection.

A CMV IgG/IgM test is able to detect both recent and past infections. These can be used to differentiate between a recent infection and a past infection. This version of the test can be used to help monitor a CMV infection.

Which patients should be tested with a CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus)?

It is recommended to test patients who have an increased risk of complications from a CMV infection, such as newborns, pregnant women, and transplant recipients. It's also recommended for immunocompromised patients and patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapies, such as chemotherapy.

How long does it take to get the results of a CMV Test Kit (Cytomegalovirus)?

The rapid CMV test kit indicates a result within 15-20 minutes.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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