Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (box of 1 device)
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (1 device)
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (box of 1 device)
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (1 device)
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Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
A Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a tool used to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation levels of the blood. This device is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma in one of its CE and ISO-certified facilities.


Large OLED Display, SpO2: Display Range (0%-100%), Measurement Range 70%-100% (1% resolution), Accuracy: +/-2%, Pulse Rate MEAS Range: 30bpm-240bpm


What is a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter?

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A Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a medical diagnostic tool used to measure heart rate and the oxygen saturation level in the blood. The device is portable and non-invasive and works quickly. It is commonly utilized in medical environments and also by individuals, such as pilots, athletes, and individuals at home.

AdvaCare Pharma is the exporter and manufacturer of Fingertip Pulse Oximeters. These devices are produced in situated strategically worldwide, which allows for better control of the supply chain. Our ISO and CE-certified manufacturing sites undergo regular inspections to ensure strict adherence to international standards.

Product Specifications


The fingertip pulse oximeter is equipped with a large OLED display that offers 5 display modes and 10 levels of adjustable brightness, which allows for clear and convenient readings. It features an auto power-off function to conserve battery life. It has a built-in beep function for signal indication. It is powered by two AAA batteries, adding to its portability and ease of use.

The fingertip pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation levels (SpO2) with a display range of 0% to 100%, and a measurement range of 70% to 100% with a resolution of 1%. The accuracy of the SpO2 measurement is within ±2%. Additionally, the fingertip pulse oximeter is able to measure pulse rate from 30 beats per minute (bpm) to 240 bpm.

Why are we a leading Fingertip Pulse Oximeter manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is an American-owned pharmaceutical company that specializes in manufacturing Fingertip Pulse Oximeters and other reliable diagnostic medical devices that are part of our AccuQuik™ range. Our company utilizes a unique supplier-distributor relationship that differentiates us from other large-scale medical manufacturers.

Over the past 20 years, AdvaCare Pharma has cultivated a strong reputation as a leading pharmaceutical distributor across 65 regions. Our well-established worldwide network includes distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and many other institutions.


What is a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter used for?

It's used for measuring the oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate of a person's blood.

How is a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter used?

An individual should place their fingertip inside the device. The device will emit two wavelengths and analyze the reading, which is then displayed on the device's screen.

How should a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter be stored when not in use?

After wiping down the device with a soft cloth, it should be kept in a case or pouch to protect it from dust, dirt, or any potential damage.


How does a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter work?

It works by works by emitting light through the skin and then measuring the amount of light absorbed by oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. The device calculates the oxygen saturation level in the blood and displays it on the screen.

What does a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter measure?

The device can measure two parameters: oxygen saturation (SpO2) and pulse rate.

Can a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter be used at home?

The oximeter is suitable for use in healthcare settings and at home. It is a portable and non-invasive device that is easy to use for individuals with respiratory or cardiac conditions.

Can a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter be used during physical activity or exercise?

Yes, the oximeter may be worn during exercise. This can be useful for athletes or individuals with medical conditions which require monitoring during physical activity.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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