Glucose Test Strips (box and bottle of 50 strips)
Glucose Test Strips (bottle of 50 strips)
Glucose Test Strips (box and bottle of 50 strips)
Glucose Test Strips (bottle of 50 strips)
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Glucose Test Strips

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
Glucose Test Strips are used for measuring blood glucose levels with the blood glucose monitor system. This product is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma at one of its worldwide facilities, which are ISO and CE accredited.


Compatible only with AccuQuik™ Blood Glucose Monitor System


What are Glucose Test Strips?

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Glucose Test Strips are disposable strips that are used for measuring blood glucose levels. They are an essential component of blood glucose monitoring systems. These systems are commonly used in diabetes management and for individuals who need to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly.

The glucose test strips are sometimes called blood glucose test strips or diabetic test strips. These test strips are specific for use with the AccuQuik™ Blood Glucose Monitor System.

AdvaCare Pharma is the exporter and manufacturer of Glucose Test Strips. These devices are produced in situated strategically worldwide, which allows for better control of the supply chain. Our ISO and CE-certified manufacturing sites undergo regular inspections to ensure strict adherence to international standards.

Product Specifications


Glucose test strips are used for monitoring blood glucose levels at home or in clinical settings.

The glucose test strips are specially designed for the AccuQuik™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System. Featuring the innovative, new "no coding" technology, there is no need to manually code the meter, which simplifies the testing process.

Why are we a top Glucose Test Strips manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is an American-owned pharmaceutical company that specializes in the distribution and manufacturing of Glucose Test Strips, one of the diagnostic supplies in our AccuQuik™ range of diagnostic detection devices. Our company utilizes a unique supplier-distributor relationship that differentiates us from other large-scale medical manufacturers.

Over the past 20 years, AdvaCare Pharma has cultivated a strong reputation as a leading pharmaceutical distributor across 65 regions. Our well-established worldwide network includes distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and many other institutions.


What are Glucose Test Strips used for?

They are used with a glucose meter to measure blood glucose levels.

Are there any specific storage or handling requirements for Glucose Test Strips?

The test strips should be kept in their original packaging until use, in order to prevent contamination. The expiry date should be checked before use, as expired strips may provide inaccurate results.

How are used Glucose Test Strips disposed of?

Any used test strips should be disposed of in accordance with local medical waste guidelines.


How do Glucose Test Strips work?

They work by detecting the levels of glucose in a blood sample, which can be interpreted and read with a glucose meter.

Can Glucose Test Strips be used at home?

Glucose test strips are commonly used at home for diabetes management and other blood-sugar-related issues.

What glucose meters are compatible with these test strips?

The glucose test strips are compatible with the AccuQuik™ Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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