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AccuQuik™ portable medical devices are manufactured to monitor various vital signs. Available products include blood glucose monitors (glucose meters), blood pressure monitors, hemoglobin systems, pulse oximeters and digital thermometers.
Portable Medical Devices
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Blood Glucose Monitor
Blood Pressure Monitor
Digital Thermometer
Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
Hemoglobin Testing System
Infrared Thermometer
Range of portable medical devices for health monitoring.


  • 13485
    Medical Devices QMS
  • 9001
    Quality Management
  • 0123
    TÜV Certified Quality System


  • CE
  • DOC
  • ISO
  • FSC
  • COA


  • STED Dossier
  • Device Master File
  • Technical Data Sheet

Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
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What are Portable Medical Devices?

Portable Medical Devices are compact tools used to monitor vital signs, including blood glucose, blood pressure, hemoglobin levels, oxygen saturation, and temperature. These handy devices enable easy health monitoring outside of medical facilities, promoting proactive self-care and early detection of health issues.

The portability of such medical devices has significantly improved patient autonomy and the ability to manage chronic conditions more effectively. People with diabetes can regularly check their blood glucose levels and adjust their treatment plans accordingly. These devices are also beneficial in remote or resource-limited areas, bringing essential healthcare monitoring closer to those who may have limited access to medical facilities.

The user-friendly interfaces of portable medical devices have made them accessible to individuals with varying levels of technological expertise. As a result, patients and caregivers can confidently utilize such devices at home, promoting a more proactive approach to health monitoring and fostering a stronger connection between patients and their healthcare providers.

What are Portable Medical Devices used for?

What is the purpose of using Portable Medical Devices?

Portable medical devices are used to provide healthcare monitoring and support outside traditional medical settings. They allow patients to manage and track their health conditions conveniently at home or on the move. In addition, they facilitate timely interventions and reduce the need for frequent hospital visits.

How do Portable Medical Devices ensure data accuracy?

Portable medical devices are equipped with advanced sensors and algorithms to capture and process health data accurately. Regular calibration and user guidelines further ensure the reliability of readings and results.

Are Portable Medical Devices suitable for all age groups?

While most devices are designed to be user-friendly for a broad range of users, it's essential to choose devices appropriate for specific age groups or conditions. Some devices may be specialized for pediatrics, while others are tailored for adult or elderly patients. Always consult with a healthcare professional when selecting a device for a particular demographic.

What are the maintenance requirements for Portable Medical Devices?

Maintenance for Portable Medical Devices varies based on the device's complexity and purpose. Generally, they should be regularly cleaned, stored in appropriate conditions to ensure longevity, and checked for software updates or calibrations. Periodic servicing or battery replacements might be necessary, and users should always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for specific care and maintenance guidelines.

Types of Portable Medical Devices

  • Blood Pressure Monitors allow users to check their blood pressure at home or on the go, aiding in the management of hypertension.
  • Blood Glucose Meters are typically used by diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels, providing instant readings from a small blood sample.
  • Pulse Oximeters measure oxygen saturation levels in the blood and are useful for patients with respiratory conditions or those monitoring their oxygen levels for other reasons.
  • Portable ECG Monitors are used to record the electrical activity of the heart, aiding in the detection of irregular heart rhythms or conditions.
  • Nebulizers convert liquid medication into a mist for inhalation, commonly used by asthma patients.
  • Insulin Pumps continuously deliver insulin to diabetic patients, replacing the need for multiple daily injections.
  • Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGMs) provide real-time glucose readings, allowing diabetics to see trends and make adjustments.
  • Portable Ultrasound Machines are compact versions of traditional ultrasound machines used for point-of-care imaging in various settings.
  • Wearable Fitness Trackers help monitor physical activity, heart rate, sleep patterns, and more, so users can track and improve their health and fitness.
  • CPAP and BiPAP Machines are used by individuals with sleep apnea, these devices ensure continuous airway pressure, preventing the collapse of the airway during sleep.
  • Thermometers are digital or infrared devices used to measure body temperature.

Why are we a trusted Portable Medical Devices manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma specializes in the manufacture of Portable Medical Devices (PMD). With a diverse range of portable devices, the company focuses on meeting a broad spectrum of clinical healthcare needs for both hospital and home use. These portable medical devices range from monitoring equipment to wellness tools, serving various medical applications including blood pressure, blood glucose, heart rate, temperature and other vital diagnostics.

The company operates manufacturing facilities of portable medical devices in China, India and the USA. All these units operate according to strict ISO and CE standards. Regular government, internal and external audits ensure that the products consistently meet these criteria, emphasizing quality and safety.

Having been in the industry for over two decades, AdvaCare Pharma has a track record of delivering reliable portable healthcare tools. The company employs a systematic approach to its supply chain, supported by professionals who understand the intricacies of the medical device industry. This ensures smooth operations and the efficient delivery of products to users.