Digital Thermometer (box of 1 device)
Digital Thermometer (1 device)
Digital Thermometer (box of 1 device)
Digital Thermometer (1 device)
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Digital Thermometer

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
Digital Thermometers are diagnostic devices used to measure body temperature. This device is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma in one of its CE and ISO-certified facilities.



What is a Digital Thermometer?

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A Digital Thermometer is a medical diagnostic tool used to quickly and accurately measure body temperature. Each thermometer utilizes electronic sensors and digital technology in order to give an easy-to-read measurement. Because of their convenience and safety, they can be used anywhere, including hospitals and homes.

This style of digital thermometer is available with either a rigid or flexible tip. They are equipped with convenient features such as a fever alarm, built-in beep, and auto-power-off feature. These advanced digital thermometers are reliable tools for accurate temperature measurements and measure a range between 32.0℃ to 43℃.

AdvaCare Pharma is the exporter and manufacturer of Digital Thermometers. These devices are produced in situated strategically worldwide, which allows for better control of the supply chain. Our ISO and CE-certified manufacturing sites undergo regular inspections to ensure strict adherence to international standards.

Product Specifications


The digital thermometer features a clear LCD display, which can provide fast and accurate temperature readings with a measurement range of 32.0℃ to 43℃ (89.6 ºF to 109.4 ºF) and an accuracy of ±0.1℃.

Digital thermometers are waterproof for added convenience and are equipped with a last-reading memory function, allowing the ability to track temperature changes over time. A beep will sound when the measurement is complete. The device features a built-in fever alarm alert for high temperatures, and the auto power-off feature helps conserve the battery life of the 1.5A button battery.

Why choose us as your Digital Thermometer manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a CE and ISO-compliant manufacturer of Digital Thermometers, which are part of the AccuQuik™ line of diagnostic detection devices. Every product we produce comes with a STED dossier, assuring our partners that our medical instruments meet the highest standards.

For more than 20 years, AdvaCare Pharma has been dedicated to providing high-quality pharmaceutical products and tailored solutions for our partners worldwide. Currently, our distribution network covers 65 markets around the world.


What is a Digital Thermometer used for?

It's used to measure body temperature accurately and quickly, typically during illness, fever, or general health check-ups.

How is a Digital Thermometer used?

The thermometer should be clean and free of any debris before use. It is to be placed under the tongue. After the mouth is closed, the thermometer will beep when the temperature measurement is complete.

How should the thermometer be stored when not in use?

It is important to properly store the digital thermometer to ensure its functionality and accuracy. Exposure to excessive heat or moisture may affect the thermometer's accuracy and performance.


How does a Digital Thermometer work?

The thermometers use a temperature sensor that detects changes in temperature.

What is the difference between a rigid and flexible tip Digital Thermometer?

Both types of thermometers work similarly in terms of functionality and accuracy. The decision between a rigid or flexible tip thermometer is mostly dependent on personal preference and the comfort level of the individual using the thermometer. A rigid-tip digital thermometer has a firm and fixed probe that remains stiff, which can offer stability during temperature measurement. A flexible tip digital thermometer features a soft and bendable probe, which is able to be flexed while measuring temperature.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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