Tuberculosis Test Kit (box of 25 kits)
Tuberculosis Test Kit (pouch of 1 kit)
Tuberculosis Test Kit (box of 25 kits)
Tuberculosis Test Kit (pouch of 1 kit)
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Tuberculosis Test Kit

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
A Tuberculosis Test Kit is a rapid diagnostic tool used to screen for antibodies associated with acute or latent TB. AdvaCare Pharma is the CE and ISO-compliant manufacturer of this product.




What is a Tuberculosis Test Kit?

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A Tuberculosis Test Kit is a medical diagnostic tool used to detect antibodies associated with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is designed to provide a rapid qualitative result, which can aid in screening and diagnosis of infections, speeding up treatment plans and reducing the spread of the disease.

The (anti-TB) tuberculosis rapid test kit features the immunoassay technique and can be used with either whole blood, serum, or plasma samples. The test is easy to use, and even staff with very basic training can administer the tests efficiently.

AdvaCare Pharma manufactures Tuberculosis Test Kits in ISO and CE-certified facilities located in strategic positions across the world. Each facility undergoes routine inspections to ensure adherence to international standards and regulatory compliance.

Product Specifications



Whole Blood, Serum, or Plasma

Whole Blood, Serum, or Plasma specimen is needed for the tuberculosis test kit. To collect a sample for testing, whole blood, serum, or plasma can be used. For venipuncture, a standard technique is employed to collect approximately 2 drops of blood. Alternatively, for fingerstick sampling, about 50 μL of blood is obtained. In the case of serum or plasma samples, the collected blood is centrifuged, and the resulting serum or plasma is transferred to the designated area of the cassette using a capillary tube or dropper. Immediately after, a drop of the appropriate buffer dilution is added to initiate the testing process.

Why are we a quality Tuberculosis Test Kit manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is an American company manufacturing Tuberculosis Test Kits and our entire line of rapid testing kits at our production facilities that adhere to strict CE and ISO regulations.

AdvaCare Pharma is dedicated to producing high-quality products and providing customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each market. Our established network extends globally to distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, NGOs, and government institutions.


What is a Tuberculosis Test Kit used for?

Anti-TB tests are used to detect the presence of antibodies associated with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, which can help diagnose an active or latent tuberculosis infection.

How should a Tuberculosis Test Kit be used?

1. The patient's blood is obtained through a lancet or syringe, and if required, it may undergo further processing. 2. The collected sample is placed on the designated area of the cassette or strip, and a buffer solution is added subsequently. 3. After the specified duration, the test results can be observed and interpreted directly on the test device.

What is the proper method for disposing of Tuberculosis Test Kits?

Generally, any used test kits should be sealed and then put in designated biohazard waste containers. Local regulation should be consulted to determine the best method of disposal.

What is the recommended storage environment for a Tuberculosis Test Kit?

It is important to keep any unused test kits away from extreme temperatures, moisture, and direct sunlight. These factors may affect the stability and reliability of the test results.


How does a Tuberculosis Test Kit work?

It works by detecting specific antibodies or antigens associated with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacterium that causes TB infection.

What samples are required for testing with Tuberculosis Test Kits?

This test kit utilizes a whole blood, serum, or plasma sample for rapid diagnosis.

Can Tuberculosis Test Kits be used in resource-limited or remote settings?

These kits are ideal for use in settings where access to laboratory facilities is limited or in areas where traditional laboratory infrastructure may be lacking. Anti-TB rapid test kits require minimal training or technical expertise to administer, as well.

When should a strip or a cassette be used?

The choice between test strips and test cassettes varies among medical staff and technicians. Some healthcare providers prefer cassettes for their clear results and visual display, while others choose strips due to their cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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