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      *StayDry™ Under Pads are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StayDry™ Under Pads are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      EconoDry (Low Absorbency) (UPD-E);XtraDry (Moderate Absorbency) (UPD-X);XtraDry Ultra (High Absorbency) (UPD-U)


      40cm x 60cm;60cm x 60cm;60cm x 90cm;75cm x 75cm;75cm x 90cm

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Under Pads.

        The primary function of Under Pads is to protect surfaces such as furniture, chairs, and bedding from bodily fluids. They are suitable for bedwetting children and patients who suffer from incontinence, immobility, gastroenteritis and advanced forms of Alzheimer’s. Bodily substances which may be protected against with the use of an underpad include blood, urine and fecal matter.

        Underpads are primarily used in hospitals, nursing homes and for household use.

        The underpads manufactured by AdvaCare are made from fluff pulp and SAP (super absorbent polymer) for a high level of absorbency whilst retaining comfort for the individual when lying or sitting on a piece of furniture that is protected with an underpad such as a bed or a chair.

        Included with the underpad are anti-slip back sheets, to fix the pad in place and limit any movement that might occur when the individual is sitting or lying on top of it.

        Underpads are designed to mitigate odors that may originate from the bodily fluids.

        Because production is based in China, low costs are possible while retaining a high standard of quality.

        The material that AdvaCare’s ranges of underpads are made from is a blend of fluff pulp and absorbent polymers, to protect against leakage that may occur.

        There are 3 models of underpads in the AdvaCare range; EconoDry, XtraDry and XtraDry Ultra. EconoDry is the basic, most economical model available. It has the lowest absorbency in comparison to the other models. It is comprised of 5 layers – polypropylene (PP), 1 pulp layer, fluff pulp layer, another 1 pulp layer and polyethylene (PE). The surface layer is breathable non-woven, while the bottom layer is the polyethylene, waterproof layer.

        The XtraDry model offers moderate absorbency, slightly better than the EconoSafe model. It is structured in exactly the same way as the EconoSafe model, however, instead of the fluff pulp layer, it has a fluff pulp/SAP layer (SAP = super absorbent polymer).

        The XtraDry Ultra model offers the highest level of absorbency. It is structured in the same way as the XtraDry model, i.e. includes the SAP component.

        Product Series


        EconoDry Under Pad

        This under pad has the lowest level of absorbency.

        • Consists of 5 layers - PP + 1 Pulp Layer + Fluff Pulp Layer + 1 Pulp Layer + PE;
        • Weight - 20g, 30g, 45g, 45g, 60g;
        • Non-woven breathable surface layer, polyethylene waterproof bottom layer.

        XtraDry Ultra Under Pad

        • Consists of 5 layers: PP + 1 Pulp Layer + Fluff Pulp/SAP Layer + 1 Pulp Layer + PE;
        • Weight: 40g, 60g, 80g, 80g, 100g;
        • SAP: 4g, 5g, 6g, 6g, 8g;
        • Non-woven breathable surface layer, polyethylene waterproof bottom layer.

        XtraDry Under Pad

        This under pad has a moderate level of absorbency.

        • Consists of 5 layers: PP + 1 Pulp Layer + Fluff Pulp/SAP Layer + 1 Pulp Layer + PE;
        • Weight: 30g, 40g, 60g, 60g, 80g;
        • SAP: 2g, 3g, 4g, 4g, 6g;
        • Non-woven breathable surface layer, polyethylene waterproof bottom layer.

        Benefits of Under Pads

        • Variety of absorbencies and levels of protection, each one catering to the different requirements and preferences of the wearer;
        • Relatively inexpensive, safe to use;
        • Absorbs bodily fluids, protecting the surface that the under pad is placed over;
        • Easily disposed, low risk of transferring contaminants since they are single use after they have been contaminated;
        • Relatively inexpensive;
        • Under pads are absorbent and sturdy, attributed to their 5 layered structure.


        Correct size and absorbency of under pad must be used in accordance with the expected amount of urine or other bodily fluid that will make contact with the pad. If the volume of urine is too much and a pad with insufficient sturdiness and absorbency is used, it will get over saturated and the urine will bleed into the surface that is supposed to be protected. If bedding is the surface to be protected, comfort is of paramount importance, so multiple under pads may need to be tested first before a single type is decided upon.

        To use the under pad, simply place it over the surface that you wish to protect, making sure the entire surface is covered. Exposed areas are vulnerable to contact with the bodily fluid that is being protected against. The pad will keep the surface clean, dry and free of any odors. When using under pads in bedding: if the bedding is washable, the pad should be placed underneath the sheet. If the bedding is not washable, i.e. disposable, the under pad should be placed on top of the sheet, to ensure maximum comfort is attained.

        It is imperative that the under pad is not used if the packaging or seal is compromised. Evidence of this may suggest tampering or contamination. If one should come across under pads inside comprised packaging, the correct course of action is to dispose of it quickly and safely.


        • It is of utmost importance that under pads are not reused if they have made contact with a bodily fluid or any other potentially contaminated material. Once used, the device is not fit to be salvaged for further used, as sterility cannot be retained. Re-using under pads that have been soiled by bodily fluids can result in potentially hazardous human products being transmitted, causing infections or illness;
        • Must prepare the underpad for use in a clean, sterile environment, absent of bodily fluids or other sources of contamination;
        • Promptly and safely dispose of any under pads that have touched a potentially contaminated surface;
        • Under pads should not be used in place of an adult diaper, as they do not offer the same absorption or urine containing abilities;
        • Correct absorbency level and size must be selected according to the amount of bodily fluids the under pad will be protecting against. If bedding is being protected from urine, and the patient is prone to producing large volumes of urine, the XtraDry models should be selected on account of their superior absorbency and protective abilities;
        • Due to the light-weight nature of the under pad material, they may fold and crease beneath the individual if not properly placed onto the surface, causing the under pad to become mis-aligned and potentially compromising protection. Care should be taken to avoid this from happening;
        • Under pads are prone to move around, especially when used to protect bedding. If this is a concern, the patient may opt for another StayDry product in conjunction with the under pad to alleviate any uneasiness of exclusively using the under pad.


        Under pads are manufactured using a 5 layered system. The materials used in the layered under pad range offered by AdvaCare are polypropylene for the top layer, pulp + fluff + pulp for the central 3 layers and polyethylene for the bottom layer.

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