Manufacturer of Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions

AdvaCare Pharma is an established manufacturer and supplier of veterinary solutions and suspensions for livestock animals, trusted by veterinarians and ranchers worldwide. Available forms include Oral Suspensions, Oral Solutions, Pour-on Solutions and Disinfectants.
Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions
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Albendazole + Niclosamide Oral Suspension
Albendazole + Oxyclozanide Oral Suspension
Albendazole + Rafoxanide Oral Suspension
Albendazole Oral Suspension
Amitraz Dip Solution
Avermectin Pour-On Solution
Benzalkonium Bromide Disinfectant
Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC) Disinfectant
Bromhexine HCL + Menthol Oral Solution
Ceftiofur HCL Oral Suspension
Chelated Iodine Disinfectant
Ciprofloxacin Oral Solution
Closantel Oral Suspension
Cypermethrin Pour-On Solution
Deltamethrin Pour-On Solution
Dexamethasone + Gentamicin Sulfate Eye Drops
Diclazuril Oral Suspension
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride (DDCA) Disinfectant
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride + Glutaraldehyde + Benzalkonium Chloride + Pine Oil Disinfectant
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride + Glutaraldehyde + Formaldehyde + Glyoxal + Isopropanol 99% Disinfectant
Didecyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride + Glutaraldehyde Disinfectant
Difloxacin HCL Oral Solution
Dimpylate Solution
Diphenhydramine HCL Oral Solution
Doxycycline Oral Solution
Enrofloxacin + Bromhexine HCL Oral Solution
Enrofloxacin Oral Solution
Fenbendazole + Rafoxanide Oral Suspension
Fenbendazole Oral Suspension
Fipronil Flea&Tick Spray
Florfenicol Oral Solution
Flumequine Oral Solution
Flumethrin Spray
Fosfomycin Oral Solution
Ivermectin + Clotrimazole + Florfenicol + Betamethasone Ear Drops
Ivermectin Oral Solution
Ivermectin Pour-On Solution
Ivermectin Skin Drops
Levamisole HCL + Oxyclozanide Oral Suspension
Levofloxacin Oral Solution
Multivitamin Oral Drops
Neomycin Sulfate + Sulfadimidine Sodium + Sulfadiazine Sodium Oral Suspension
Niclosamide + Levamisole HCL Oral Suspension
Norfloxacin Oral Solution
Oxfendazole Oral Suspension
Oxyclozanide Oral Suspension
Phenol + Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) Disinfectant
Piperazine Citrate Syrup
Povidone Iodine Disinfectant
Praziquantel Oral Suspension
Pyrantel Pamoate Oral Paste
Rafoxanide Oral Suspension
Sorbitol + Carnitine HCL + Betaine + Choline Chloride + D-Panthenol + Magnesium Sulfate Oral Solution
Spectinomycin + Lincomycin Oral Solution
Spectinomycin HCL + Colistin Sulfate Oral Solution
Sulfadiazine + Trimethoprim Oral Solution
Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate Oral Solution
Tilmicosin Oral Solution
Toltrazuril Oral Solution
Triclabendazole Oral Suspension
Vitamin B1 + B2 + B6 + B12 + Biotin Oral Solution
Vitamin E + Selenium Oral Solution
AdvaCare veterinary solutions and suspensions for farm animals and livestock.


  • 9001
    Quality Management
  • 14001
    Environmental Management
  • 45001
    Occupational Health and Safety


  • GMP
  • ISO
  • COPP
  • FSC
  • COA
  • COO


  • VICH Dossier
  • Site Master File
  • Bioequivalence (BE) Studies

Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India, United States
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
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See why we are a trusted manufacturer of veterinary medications and pet supplements.

AdvaCare veterinary products are marketed by our distributors knowing that efficacy is assured. Such confidence in our products has made AdvaCare the market leader in countries where reliable, cost-effective livestock medications and pet supplements are in high demand.

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What are Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions?

Veterinary solutions and suspensions are liquid preparations used to deliver medications to animals. Solutions are mixtures where the medicinal substance is dissolved in a suitable liquid, while suspensions consist of solid particles dispersed throughout a liquid. Both forms are designed for ease of administration.

Veterinary solutions and suspensions cater to a wide array of conditions and diseases in animals. They can address everything from infections and parasites to nutritional deficiencies and inflammatory disorders. The formulation of these liquids ensures that active ingredients remain stable and effective until administered to the animal.

The method of administration varies based on the specific formulation and the animal's needs. Some solutions and suspensions are given orally, allowing the animal to ingest the medication, while others might be applied topically or poured onto the animal's skin. The choice of delivery can influence the absorption rate and overall effectiveness of the drug.

One significant advantage of using solutions and suspensions is the ease with which dosages can be adjusted. For animals of different sizes or with varying conditions, it's possible to provide a precise amount of medication. This flexibility ensures that animals get the right dosage for their specific needs, minimizing potential side effects and optimizing therapeutic outcomes.

Veterinary solutions and suspensions are particularly valuable for animals that may have difficulty swallowing pills or tablets, such as small pets, birds, or even some larger animals that resist traditional oral medications. The liquid form allows for accurate dosing even in animals with diverse sizes and temperaments.

Solutions and suspensions can be formulated to have palatable flavors, which can enhance the acceptance of the medication by animals. This is important in cases where animals might be picky eaters or have an aversion to medications. The improved taste can facilitate the administration process and lead to better compliance with the treatment regimen.

Veterinarians and animal caregivers should always follow proper storage instructions provided with each solution or suspension. Storing these medications correctly helps maintain their efficacy and shelf life, ensuring that they remain potent and safe for the animals. As with any medication, consulting a veterinarian before administering anything.

What are Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions used for?

What is the purpose of using Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions?

Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions provide an effective means of administering medications to animals. These liquid formulations allow for precise dosing and are often more easily absorbed than solid forms. They cater to animals that may have difficulty swallowing pills or require a topical treatment.

How are Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions administered to animals?

Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions can be administered orally by mixing the appropriate dose with the animal's food or directly into their mouth using a syringe. For topical treatments, the solution can be applied to the affected area of the animal's skin or ears. It's crucial to follow the veterinarian's instructions precisely to ensure accurate dosing and optimal treatment outcomes.

Can Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions be used for both small and large animals?

Yes, Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions are available in various strengths and formulations to cater to both small and large animals. Dosing typically depends on the animal's size, weight, and specific health condition. Veterinarians calculate the appropriate dosage to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment for animals of all sizes.

Can the same Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions be used for different animal species?

Not always. While some veterinary medications might be formulated for multiple species, many are tailored to the specific physiological needs of a particular animal type. Before administering any medication, it's crucial to consult with a veterinarian to ensure its appropriateness for the intended species. Using the wrong medication or dosage can lead to ineffective treatment or potential harm.

What precautions should be taken when administering Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions?

It's important to wear gloves to prevent direct contact with the medication. This is especially crucial when dealing with potentially hazardous substances. Accurately measuring the dose using a calibrated syringe or measuring cup is essential to prevent underdosing or overdosing. If an animal shows any adverse reactions, such as vomiting, diarrhea, or allergic responses, contact a veterinarian immediately.

Are there any specific storage instructions for Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions?

Yes, it's essential to store Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions as directed by the manufacturer. Some may need refrigeration, while others should be kept at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Always keep them in their original containers, securely closed, and out of reach of children and pets. Before use, ensure the medication hasn't changed in color, consistency, or odor, as this might indicate spoilage.

Types of Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions

  • Veterinary Oral Suspensions are liquid-based medications where the active ingredients are suspended in a liquid medium, suitable for ingestion by livestock animals. Covering a variety of therapeutic categories such as anthelmintic, antibiotic, antiallergic, and antiprotozoal, these suspensions are conveniently packaged in multiple-dose containers for ease of administration and dosage accuracy.
  • Veterinary Oral Solutions are liquid formulations where the active ingredients are completely dissolved, making them ideal for even distribution of medication in large animals. Like suspensions, they address a spectrum of health concerns, including anthelmintic, antibiotic, antiallergic, and antiprotozoal issues, and come in multiple-dose containers for effective treatment regimens.
  • Veterinary Pour-on Solutions are specifically designed for external application, pour-on solutions target parasitic infestations on livestock, offering a direct, topical treatment method. Housed in multiple-dose containers, these solutions provide a convenient way to administer antiparasitic treatments to large numbers of animals.
  • Disinfectants are chemical agents used to eliminate or reduce harmful pathogens in the animal environment, ensuring a sanitary habitat and reducing the risk of disease spread. They play an essential role in maintaining the health and productivity of livestock by preventing infectious outbreaks.
  • Drops are precise, liquid formulations, often used for targeted treatments such as eye or ear infections in animals. They allow for accurate dosing and are designed to address specific localized conditions, ensuring rapid relief and recovery.

Examples of Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions

Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions offer a convenient and effective way to administer medications to pets and livestock, addressing various health conditions. From oral solutions for bacterial infections to pour-on solutions for parasite control, the following examples showcase the diverse applications of these products in veterinary Care:

Oral Solutions:

- Ciprofloxacin Oral Solution (CiproCare™) - Diphenhydramine HCL Oral Solution (DiphyCare™) - Doxycycline Oral Solution (DoxyCare™)

Pour-on Solutions:

- Deltamethrin Pour-On Solution (DeltaCare™) - Avermectin Pour-On Solution (AverCare™) - Fipronil Flea&Tick Spray (Flea&Tick Spray)

Oral Suspension:

- Albendazole Oral Suspension (AlbenCare™) - Praziquantel Oral Suspension (PraziCare™) - Closantel Oral Suspension (ClosanCare™)

Why are we a leading Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions manufacturer?

In the field of veterinary health, AdvaCare Pharma sets a benchmark by offering quality products, including the manufacture of Veterinary Solutions and Suspensions, without compromising on affordability. Our expansive portfolio of over 250 veterinary medicines, including 60+ oral liquid treatments available in oral solution, oral suspension and pour-on solution dosage forms, are a testament to the trust we've nurtured among our veterinary distributors. Tailored solutions that cater to various animal healthcare needs underscore our dedication to veterinarians and livestock farmers.

Our manufacturing facilities of oral solutions and suspensions in China, India and the USA are anchored on strict adherence to GMP guidelines. With a strong commitment to quality, we undergo routine inspections that push beyond industry standards. Such a detailed approach ensures reliability in the manufacturing of every veterinary oral solution and suspension we offer, while reassuring distributors and veterinarians that they are getting only the best.

Fulfilling the diverse healthcare needs of animals is at the heart of our mission. From antibiotics to niche nutritional supplements, we provide options that truly enhance animal health and vitality.