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AdvaCare Pharma is a manufacturer and supplier of veterinary boluses for livestock and large animals indicated for the treatment of diseases requiring antibiotic, anthelmintic and antimicrobial therapies, as well as vitamin and mineral supplementation.
Veterinary Boluses
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Activated Charcoal Boluses
Albendazole + Oxyclozanide Boluses
Albendazole Boluses
Bithionol Sulfoxide Boluses
Fenbendazole Boluses
Levamisole + Oxyclozanide Boluses
Levamisole HCL Boluses
Mebendazole Boluses
Multivitamin Boluses
Neomycin Sulfate Boluses
Oxfendazole Boluses
Oxytetracycline Boluses
Sulfadiazine + Trimethoprim Boluses
Sulfadimidine Boluses
Tetramisole Boluses
Triclabendazole Boluses
AdvaCare Pharma boluses and large tablets for veterinary treatment and supplementation.


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Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India, United States
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AdvaCare veterinary products are marketed by our distributors knowing that efficacy is assured. Such confidence in our products has made AdvaCare the market leader in countries where reliable, cost-effective livestock medications and pet supplements are in high demand.

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What is the meaning of Veterinary Boluses?

Veterinary boluses are solid, pill-like formulations designed for oral administration to livestock and large animals. They deliver precise doses of medications, such as antibiotics, anthelmintics, and antimicrobials, or provide essential vitamins and minerals. Boluses are engineered for sustained release.

The administration of veterinary boluses is favored in many agricultural settings due to their convenience and efficacy. Unlike liquid medications which may require specialized equipment or multiple doses, a bolus can often deliver the required dosage in a single, easily administered form. Additionally, the solid nature of boluses reduces the risk of spillage, ensuring that animals receive the full intended dose.

A significant advantage of veterinary boluses is their prolonged action. Many are formulated to dissolve slowly in the animal's gastrointestinal tract, allowing for a steady and prolonged release of the active ingredients. This sustained release means that farmers and veterinarians can administer fewer doses, reducing the stress on the animal and saving valuable time and resources.

However, the successful use of boluses requires proper administration techniques. It's essential to use an appropriate bolus applicator and ensure that the bolus is placed correctly in the animal's throat to prevent choking. Proper placement ensures that the bolus reaches the stomach, where it begins its slow dissolution and the release of its therapeutic agents.

What are Veterinary Boluses used for?

What is the purpose of using Veterinary Boluses?

Veterinary boluses provide livestock and large animals with a precise dosage of medication or supplements in a single, easily administered form. They offer a convenient method for long-term treatment or supplementation due to their sustained release properties. Boluses also ensure consistent therapeutic levels.

How are Veterinary Boluses administered to animals?

Veterinary boluses are typically given orally, often using a specialized applicator to ensure the bolus reaches the back of the animal's throat for easy swallowing, minimizing stress and ensuring proper dosing.

Can Veterinary Boluses be used for all types of animals?

While boluses are mainly designed for livestock and large animals due to their size and dosage, there are different formulations and sizes tailored to various species. It's essential to choose a bolus appropriate for the specific animal and its weight to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Can Veterinary Boluses be split or crushed if they're too large for the animal?

It's not advisable to split or crush veterinary boluses, especially those with sustained-release properties, as it can alter the release rate and effectiveness of the medication. Always consult with a veterinarian for dosing adjustments or alternative solutions if a bolus seems too large for an animal.

Types of Veterinary Boluses

Veterinary Boluses come in various forms, tailored to the specific needs and conditions of livestock and other large animals. Here are some common types:

  • Antibiotic Boluses are designed to treat bacterial infections in animals. They release antibiotics over a prolonged period, ensuring that the animal receives consistent and effective treatment against harmful bacteria.
  • Anthelmintic Boluses are targeted at parasitic worms, so they help in deworming animals. They release anthelmintic agents that act against internal parasites such as roundworms, tapeworms, and flukes.
  • Antimicrobial Boluses are designed to provide comprehensive protection against various microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, and some viruses. These formulations offer targeted antimicrobial action within the gastrointestinal tract of animals, contributing to their overall health and well-being.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Boluses are used to supplement the diet of livestock with essential vitamins and minerals. They ensure that the animals receive all the necessary nutrients for growth, reproduction, and overall health.
  • Ruminal Boluses are specifically designed for ruminants like cattle, so they remain in the rumen and release their active ingredients over an extended period. They can be used for a variety of treatments or supplementations, providing essential nutrients, managing nutritional deficiencies, promoting growth, preventing certain diseases, and supporting overall rumen health in cattle and other ruminant animals.
  • Non-medicated Boluses are used as markers or identifiers in research or during specific veterinary procedures. They don't contain any active medicinal ingredients but may have tracking or identification purposes.

List of common Veterinary Boluses

Veterinary boluses offer a specialized form of medication delivery tailored for livestock and large animals. Below are some of the commonly used boluses for animals:

- Activated Charcoal Boluses (CarboCare™) - Albendazole Boluses (AlbenCare™) - Levamisole HCL Boluses (LevaCare™) - Neomycin Sulfate Boluses (NeocinCare™) - Sulfadimidine Boluses (SulfadCare™)

Why are we top Veterinary Boluses manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma stands as a beacon of quality and affordability in the manufacture of Veterinary Boluses. The trust we've built is showcased by our vast range of more than 250 veterinary medicines, which includes the manufacture of 20+ oral solid treatments in veterinary bolus dosage form. We're dedicated to forging customized animal healthcare solutions that fit unique market demands.

Having veterinary bolus manufacturing plants in China, India and the USA, we rigorously adhere to GMP protocols. Along with routine audits, we amplify our commitment to top-tier quality by enforcing the latest international quality standards. Our products symbolize reliability and assurance.

We cater to a wide range of veterinary healthcare necessities. Ranging from antibiotic formulations to proprietary nutritional supplement powders and premixes, our product mix is focused on providing complete solutions and fostering holistic health for all animals.