Pipette Tip (3 pieces)
Pipette Tip (3 pieces)
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Pipette Tip

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
A Pipette Tip is a small disposable attachment for a pipette used for transferring liquids. AdvaCare Pharma manufactures these pipette tips at its globally distributed facilities, which hold ISO and CE accreditations.




What is a Pipette Tip?

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A Pipette Tip is a laboratory tool that is a small disposable attachment for a pipette, which are used to accurately transfer and dispense liquid sample. Pipette tips are designed in a universal style to fit a wide range of pipettes and can accommodate different volumes, from 200µl-1000µl.

AdvaCare Pharma manufactures Pipette Tips in ISO and CE-certified facilities located in India, China, and the USA. Every production factory undergoes routine inspections to ensure strict compliance with healthcare standards and the highest levels of quality and safety.

Product Specifications


Pipette tips are made from high-quality molded plastic material that offers exceptional durability and reliability during liquid handling procedures. They feature a universal design that is compatible with a wide range of pipettes, which ensures versatility and ease of use.

Pipette tips offer precise and accurate measurement, which helps to minimize the risk of errors, and are designed to meet the diverse needs of laboratory technicians.

Why are we a quality Pipette Tip manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a reputable and leading manufacturer of Pipette Tips. Our company offers an extensive range of over 4,000 globally recognized pharmaceuticals, medical devices, supplements, and veterinary products. To ensure the quality of the AccuQuik™ diagnostic detection devices, we adhere to stringent CE and ISO regulations at our production facilities.

AdvaCare Pharma's approach to supply chain management is systematic and data-driven. This helps optimize our resources, which delivers greater value to our clients and end-users. Our well-established worldwide partners include hospitals, pharmacies, distributors, NGOs, and government institutions.


What are Pipette Tips used for?

They're attached to the ends of pipettes in order to transfer and dispense samples during scientific procedures, including pipetting, mixing, and transferring liquids.

How are Pipette Tips used?

After the pipette tip is securely attached to the end of a pipette, the liquid can be drawn into the pipette through the tip. Then the liquid sample can be dispensed or transferred by depressing the plunger of the pipette.

How should Pipette Tips be stored until use?

It is advised to store pipette tips in a designated area that is away from chemicals, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures, as these factors can affect their performance.


Are the Pipette Tips compatible with specific pipettes or pipetting systems?

The pipette tips feature a universal design that can be fit onto many pipettes and pipette systems.

What volume range do the Pipette Tips accommodate?

The pipette tips are ideal for handling volumes ranging from 200 μL to 1000 μL.

Can the Pipette Tips be used for both liquid handling and sample transfer?

The tips are designed for versatility and can be used for many types of laboratory applications, such as pipetting solutions, transferring samples between different containers or vessels, and dispensing precise volumes of liquids.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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