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AdvaCare Pharma is a reputable global manufacturer of lab supplies distributed under the AccuQuik™ brand. Our expansive range of laboratory equipment includes medical and research supplies intended for storing, transporting and analyzing biological material, specimen samples and other substances.
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Blood Collection Tubes
Glass Slides
Pipette Tip
VTM Kit (Viral Transport Medium)
Well Plate
Clinical diagnostic supplies for laboratory and clinical testing.


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We are especially well positioned for developing and developed markets alike, as our products are comparable in quality to higher cost brands, but at a lower price point to meet the needs of competitive markets. Our unique market position has made our brands some of the fastest growing globally.

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What are Lab Supplies?

Lab supplies in the medical field include various pieces of equipment, instruments, containers and consumables used in laboratory settings for research, analysis and diagnostic purposes. They are important for supporting scientific investigations, performing tests, and producing reliable and accurate results.

Laboratory equipment can facilitate the collection, preparation, and analysis of biological samples, chemicals and other substances. They are utilized in clinical laboratories, research facilities, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies. The main benefits of medical lab supplies include:

  • Standardization and Accuracy: Laboratory tools and equipment are designed to meet specific quality standards and ensure consistent and accurate results. Standardized laboratory instruments help maintain uniformity, enhancing the reliability and reproducibility of experiments and tests.
  • Safety and Contamination Control: Laboratory supplies, such as gloves, safety glasses, and protective clothing, help ensure safety by reducing the risk of exposure to hazardous substances. Sterile containers, blood collection instruments, and disposable items minimize the potential for the contamination of blood samples and other specimen, thus preserving the integrity of test results.
  • Efficient Workflow: Lab tools can streamline laboratory processes, optimizing workflow and saving time. Dedicated laboratory tools and equipment, automated systems, and well-organized consumables enhance productivity, allowing researchers and healthcare professionals to perform experiments and tests more efficiently.
  • Quality Control and Assurance: Lab equipment undergoes rigorous quality control processes to ensure reliability and accuracy. Regular calibration, maintenance, and adherence to regulatory guidelines in handling lab tools help maintain the quality and consistency of results. This enables researchers and healthcare providers to make informed decisions based on robust data.
  • Enhanced Research and Diagnostic Capabilities: Lab tools enable advancements in medical knowledge and patient care. They support research investigations, facilitate the development of new diagnostic methods and treatments, and contribute to the understanding of diseases and their underlying mechanisms.

Why are we a trusted Lab Supplies manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a reputable supplier and manufacturer of Lab Supplies and other tools and instruments for lab use. AccuQuik™ is a brand of AdvaCare Pharma that features a wide range of rapid test kits (RDT), devices for tissue and blood collection, and other laboratory supplies. Our AccuQuik™ range of products enables the provision of high-quality products at affordable prices while meeting the demands of labs, hospitals, clinics and medical professionals worldwide.

AdvaCare Pharma is committed to providing the best value laboratory tools and equipment for distributors by maintaining a "vested supplier-distributor relationship". This is achieved, in part, through our dedication in nurturing a close relationship with our distribution partners and providing only the highest quality laboratory supplies. All AdvaCare Pharma facilities and factories comply with the strictest ISO, CE and USFDA (for select products) standards and regularly undergo internal, third-party and government inspections.

Lab Supplies

Lab supplies in the medical field enhance the efficiency and accuracy of experiments and tests. There is a huge variety of lab instruments, many of which are included in our wide range of lab supplies.

Blood Collection Tubes

Blood Collection Tubes (AccuQuik™) are important components of laboratory tools and equipment used to collect and store blood samples for various tests and diagnostic procedures. They help to assess various aspects of health, such as blood cell counts, glucose levels, cholesterol levels, and the presence of infectious agents or markers of specific diseases.

Blood collection tubes are sterile containers that ensure the integrity and quality of blood samples. They are designed to meet specific requirements for different tests, including preserving blood components and preventing sample contamination.

Well Plate

A Well Plate (AccuQuik™) is a laboratory instrument used for various applications in cell-based research and analysis. They consist of a flat plate with multiple small wells or compartments arranged in a grid pattern.

Well plates are lab tools commonly used in biomedical research, drug discovery, and diagnostic testing. They provide a convenient and standardized platform for culturing cells, performing assays, and conducting high-throughput screening.

Some advantages of this lab equipment include: - Multiple simultaneous experiments - Standardized size ensuring consistency and reproducibility - Reduced sample volume - Automation compatibility - Easy data organization

Glass Slides

Glass Slides (AccuQuik™) are flat, rectangular pieces of glass used in medical laboratories for various purposes. They are commonly used as a stable platform for fixing and staining tissue samples, allowing observation under a microscope.

Glass slides are compatible with various staining techniques that enhance the visualization of specific cellular components, aiding in the identification of diseases and abnormalities. These laboratory tools are available in various sizes, different corner finishes, and frosted effects to fit many purposes.

Viral Transport Medium

The VTM Kit (Viral Transport Medium) (AccuQuik™) is a piece of specialized medical laboratory equipment used for the collection, storage, and transport of clinical specimens suspected to contain viral pathogens. The importance of VTM lies in its ability to maintain the viability and infectivity of viruses within the clinical specimen. By providing a controlled environment, these lab supplies help to protect the viruses from temperature fluctuations, and exposure to harsh conditions during transportation.

Additional benefits of using VTM include: - Provision of a suitable environment for viruses for an extended period of time - Compatibility with various laboratory techniques used for viral diagnosis - Safety during transit with a reduced risk of contamination

Pipette Tip

A Pipette Tip (AccuQuik™) is a small, disposable attachment used in medical laboratories to transfer precise volumes of liquid. This equipment is designed to fit onto the end of a pipette, which is a handheld instrument used for accurate liquid dispensing.

Pipette tips are commonly employed in tasks such as sample preparation, reagent addition, and assay setup.

The main benefits of using pipette tips include: - Precision and accurate liquid dispensing for reliable and reproducible experimental outcomes. - Contamination prevention as these lab instruments are disposable. The potential for cross-contamination between samples or reagents is minimized. - Compatibility as pipette tips come in various sizes and are designed to fit specific types of pipettes. They can be easily interchanged to accommodate different volumes and liquid viscosities, allowing for versatile and efficient laboratory workflows. - Time efficiency in the liquid handling process, as swift and precise transfers are possible. This saves time and effort in laboratory procedures, increasing productivity.