EVA Infusion Bag (1 piece)
EVA Infusion Bag (1 piece)
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EVA Infusion Bag

AccuPoint™ Injection Instruments
EVA Infusion Bag is a type of flexible plastic bag used to store and administer fluids or medications intravenously. This non-PVC infusion bag is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma in ISO and CE approved facilities.


3-Way Valve, Plastic Dropper, Tube, Roller Clamp, Adapter with Cap




What is an EVA Infusion Bag?

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EVA Infusion Bag is a flexible, medical-grade plastic bag used to store and administer fluids or medications intravenously. It comes in volume capacities ranging from 100ml to 5000ml. EVA bags are used for various medical treatments such as hydration, nutrition, chemotherapy, and blood transfusions.

EVA infusion bags are preferred over glass bottles as they are lighter, more durable, and less prone to breakage, reducing the risk of injury and contamination. The bags are also easier to store, transport, and dispose of, making them a cost-effective and convenient solution for medical facilities.

AdvaCare Pharma is a global manufacturer of high-quality EVA Infusion Bags. Our facilities located in China, India, and the USA are regularly assessed to ensure that they comply with the most stringent health, safety, and environmental regulations.

Product Specifications


EVA Infusion Bag consists of a 3-way valve, plastic dropper, tube, roller clamp, and adapter with cap. It features a luer lock connector for easy filling and infusing and an ergonomic spike for secure connection. This bag is suitable for usage with both gravity and pump enteral feeding sets.


EVA Infusion Bag is crafted from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), a non-PVC material that offers several advantageous features. It is DEHP and Latex-free, making it safe and suitable for a wide range of patients. EVA's flexibility, durability, and chemical resistance make it an ideal choice for reliable and secure infusion solutions.

Why are we a quality EVA Infusion Bag manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a leading manufacturer of EVA Infusion Bags, available under the AccuPoint™ brand, and produced in ISO and CE-certified facilities. Our products undergo rigorous quality control measures, including testing and inspections, to ensure compliance with global health, safety, and environmental standards. With a strong presence in over 65 countries, our high-quality medical devices have helped numerous partners succeed in their respective industries.

To ensure that our partners receive only the best-quality products, AdvaCare Pharma employs a meticulous approach in every step of our production process. Our team is committed to innovation, and we offer CE, ISO and FDA certifications for certain product specifications. Additionally, all AccuPoint™ medical devices are accompanied by a STED dossier.

We are dedicated to partnering with our clients to help them achieve success in their respective industries, and we are always striving to improve our products and processes to better serve our customers.


How should an EVA Infusion Bag be used?

EVA infusion bags are typically used in medical settings for intravenous administration of fluids or medications. The specific usage instructions may vary depending on the medical treatment being administered and the healthcare provider's instructions. Generally, EVA infusion bags are hung on an IV pole and connected to a tubing set that is inserted into the patient's vein. The rate of flow is regulated by the roller clamp on the tubing set.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and the healthcare provider's instructions for proper use.


What is EVA, the material used to make infusion bags?

EVA stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate, a flexible, medical-grade plastic that is biocompatible and safe for storing and administering fluids and medications intravenously.

What are the different volume capacities of EVA Infusion Bags, and where are they typically used?

EVA infusion bags come in volume capacities ranging from 100ml to 5000ml and are used in various medical treatments such as hydration, nutrition, chemotherapy, and blood transfusions. Smaller bags may be used for pediatric patients, while larger bags are suitable for adult patients or for longer-term treatments.

How should EVA Infusion Bags be stored and handled?

EVA infusion bags should be stored in a clean, dry place at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Before use, the bag should be visually inspected for any signs of damage or leaks. Care should be taken to ensure that the bag is not punctured or damaged during handling or transport.

What are the different parts of an EVA Infusion Bag, and how do they work?

An EVA infusion bag typically includes a 3-way valve, dropper, tube, roller clamp, and adapter with cap. These parts work together to allow for the safe and controlled administration of fluids or medications intravenously. The 3-way valve controls the flow of the fluid, while the roller clamp allows for easy adjustment of the flow rate.

How should EVA Infusion Bags be disposed of after use?

EVA infusion bags should be disposed of in accordance with local regulations and healthcare facility policies. Empty bags can be placed in regular waste bins, while bags that have contained hazardous or infectious materials should be disposed of in accordance with relevant guidelines. Care should be taken to ensure that the bag is completely empty before disposal.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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