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      *AccuPoint™ Enteral Feeding Set is CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **AccuPoint™ Enteral Feeding Set is manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      Roller Clamp, Adapter with Cap, Inlet Port, Plastic Dropper (for pump or for gravity); suitable for both feeding and stomach tube


      1 piece/bag

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Enteral Feeding Sets.

        The AccuPoint™ brand of Enteral Feeding Sets is internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        AdvaCare’s Enteral Feeding Sets are designed under stringent quality control conditions and each production lot is tested for satisfactory proof of performance before distribution. Our Enteral Feeding Sets are manufactured and used in medical operations to ensure safe administration of enteral nutrition, fluids or medication to the patient.

        Available in gravity-version or for pump-version and ready to order in multiple volume sizes, all Enteral Feeding Sets are ISO, CE and USFDA approved.

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        • The secure lock tip for feeding tube reduces the rate of unintentional disconnections;
        • Minimal risk of feeding tube damage due to the presence of smooth ridged tips;
        • Colored luer tip with warning label helps in preventing misconnection;
        • Equipped with easy-to-read graduations and easy-to-view translucent bag;
        • Has rigid neck for easy filling and handling.


        • Always clean your work area with alcohol and dry with a paper towel;
        • Wash hands with soap and water, then put on sterile gloves before touching any equipment;
        • To ensure maximum comfort for the patient during the procedure, make sure he/she is positioned appropriately. This means that the upper body is positioned at a minimum 30° angle throughout the feeding period;
        • Close the clamp on the giving set;
        • Always check the expiry date on the feed. Shake the bag/bottle, twist off the cap and whilst avoiding the spike, break the foil seal by screwing the giving set tightly;
        • Hang the bag on the drip stand and carefully prime the giving set to ensure there are no air bubbles throughout the procedure;
        • Carefully connect the giving set to the feeding tube;
        • Label the giving set with the date and time of use. Change every 24 hours thereafter;
        • Set the rate of administration as per dietitian’s instructions and press start;
        • Carefully flush tube before and post feed as indicated on the feeding regimen sheet and record;
        • After each feed, make a habit of recording the amount of feed or flushes given;
        • Always make sure that the patient is comfortable throughout the entire procedure and observe for any feeding intolerance.


        • To avoid infections, always flush the enteral feeding tubes regularly with at least 30ml tap water using a 50ml syringe;
        • Ensure sets are not be reused and are discarded after 24 hours;
        • Preparing of equipment and handling feeds must be done in a completely clean environment.

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