Hypodermic Needles (100 pieces/box)
Hypodermic Needles (1 piece/blister pack)
Hypodermic Needles (7 pieces)
Hypodermic Needles (100 pieces/box)
Hypodermic Needles (1 piece/blister pack)
Hypodermic Needles (7 pieces)
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Hypodermic Needles

AccuPoint™ Injection Instruments
Hypodermic Needles are medical devices used to inject liquids, such as medications or vaccines, into the body or extract bodily fluids for diagnostic purposes. These medical needles are manufactured in ISO and CE certified facilities by AdvaCare Pharma.

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What are Hypodermic Needles?

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Hypodermic Needles are small and sharp needles that are used to inject fluids into the body or extract fluids for testing purposes. They come in different sizes, ranging from 16G to 28G, with larger numbers indicating thinner needles. These injection needles are designed to be single-use disposable items.

Hypodermic needles have various applications in the medical field, such as administering medications or vaccines, drawing blood samples for diagnostic tests, or draining fluids from abscesses or cysts. The needle's length and gauge depend on the injection site and the fluid being injected, with larger needles typically used for thicker fluids and larger doses.

AdvaCare Pharma's Hypodermic Needles are manufactured in facilities in China, India, and the USA, using the highest quality materials and strict quality control procedures. Our products are designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers and patients worldwide, and are backed by our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the production process.

Product Specifications


Hypodermic Needles are available in various gauges and lengths to accommodate different administration requirements. The Birmingham gauge is the primary system used to measure the diameter of the needle.

Standard sizes for general use are usually thinner needles ranging from 23G to 27G, while oil-based solutions, serums aspirating, and other applications may require wider gauges, ranging from 16G to 22G. The appropriate needle gauge and length depend on several factors such as the injection formulation, target tissue, and patient population.

One of the essential features of hypodermic needles is their ability to be sterilized and made non-toxic and non-pyrogenic for safe use. One method of sterilization is through gas sterilization, which ensures that the needles are free from harmful microorganisms that may cause infections. Additionally, hypodermic needles are designed to be single-use disposable items, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and infection transmission.

Why are we a trusted Hypodermic Needles manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a trusted manufacturer of Hypodermic Needles, providing reliable and safe medical devices to distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, NGOs, and government institutions in over 65 markets worldwide.

Our AccuPoint™ brand products are manufactured in ISO and CE-certified facilities, with rigorous quality control measures in place to ensure that our partners receive only the best-quality products. Additionally, all AccuPoint™ medical devices are accompanied by a STED dossier, and we can provide CE, ISO and FDA certifications for some product specifications.

At AdvaCare Pharma, we pride ourselves on our data-driven and methodical approach to supply chain management. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our frequent internal and third-party facility inspections, which ensure that our products meet and exceed the standards required by our partners.


How should Hypodermic Needles be used?

Before using a hypodermic needle, hands must be washed thoroughly and the medication prepared as directed. The needle should be inspected for any signs of damage or defects before use.

Once ready, the injection site should be cleaned with an alcohol swab and allowed to dry before inserting the needle at a 90-degree angle. After insertion, the plunger should be depressed slowly to administer the medication.

It is important to follow the appropriate needle gauge and length based on the specific administration requirements. The needle should be inserted at the correct angle to ensure accurate delivery and minimize discomfort. Avoid reusing needles to prevent infection or contamination. If any complications or adverse reactions occur, seek medical attention immediately.

How should Hypodermic Needles be disposed of?

Hypodermic needles should be disposed of as medical waste in a safe and appropriate manner. After use, it is essential to place the used needles in a puncture-resistant sharps container immediately. These containers are specifically designed to prevent accidental needlestick injuries.


How do Hypodermic Needles work?

Hypodermic needles are inserted into the body to inject medications, fluids, or extract blood or other fluids for testing purposes.

What do the different needle gauges mean?

The gauge refers to the thickness of the needle; the larger the gauge number, the thinner the needle. For example, 16G needles are thicker than 28G needles.

What is the difference in needle length for Hypodermic Needles?

The length of the needle varies depending on the intended use. Shorter needles, such as 5/8 inch, are used for subcutaneous injections, while longer needles, such as 1 1/2 inch, are used for intramuscular injections.

How should Hypodermic Needles be stored and handled?

Hypodermic needles should be stored in a clean, dry, and cool place away from direct sunlight. They should be disposed of after a single use in a designated sharps container to prevent the spread of infection.

Are Hypodermic Needles only used for medical purposes?

While hypodermic needles are primarily used for medical purposes, they may also be used in other fields such as science, research, and art. However, it is important to note that the use of hypodermic needles carries a risk of injury and infection, and proper precautions should always be taken.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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