Arterial Blood Collection Syringes (100 pieces/box)
Arterial Blood Collection Syringes (1 piece/blister pack)
Arterial Blood Collection Syringes (2 pieces)
Arterial Blood Collection Syringes (100 pieces/box)
Arterial Blood Collection Syringes (1 piece/blister pack)
Arterial Blood Collection Syringes (2 pieces)
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Arterial Blood Collection Syringes

AccuPoint™ Injection Instruments
Arterial Blood Collection Syringes are medical devices used to draw a sample of arterial blood from an artery for various diagnostic tests. AdvaCare Pharma produces arterial access syringes in ISO and CE certified facilities.

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What are Arterial Blood Collection Syringes?

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Arterial Blood Collection (ABC) Syringes are designed for drawing arterial blood samples for diagnostic tests, available in 1ml and 3ml capacities. These ABC syringes are pre-heparinized and use dry-sprayed, balanced and reduced heparin formulations, which help reduce the likelihood of clot formation.

Arterial blood collection must be performed by trained medical professionals who understand the risks and potential complications associated with the procedure. Proper technique and strict adherence to infection control protocols are essential to minimize the risk of infection and ensure patient safety.

AdvaCare Pharma is a leading manufacturer of Arterial Blood Collection Syringes, offering a comprehensive range of products designed for precision and reliability. Our facilities in China, India, and the USA are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Product Specifications

Tip Type

Luer Slip with Needle Safety Shield is a type of arterial blood collection syringe that features a push-on connection. This design allows the syringe tip to be easily slipped or pushed into the needle hub with the safety shield being an integral part of the needle. The single-handed activation of the safety design makes manipulation simple and safe.

Luer Slip is a commonly employed connection method utilized in arterial blood collection syringes. It involves inserting the syringe tip into the needle hub, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. This type of connection facilitates the smooth and accurate extraction of arterial blood samples, which are crucial for conducting diagnostic tests with precision and confidence.

Luer Lock is a robust and dependable connection mechanism characterized by a secure screw-type design. To establish the connection, the needle is firmly screwed into the syringe tip by rotating it clockwise. Once locked in place, it ensures a steadfast and reliable connection, specifically designed to maintain its integrity during arterial blood collection procedures. This feature enhances safety and accuracy by minimizing the risk of accidental disconnection, enabling healthcare professionals to perform arterial blood sampling with confidence and precision.

Why are we a leading Arterial Blood Collection Syringes manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a trusted partner to healthcare professionals worldwide, manufacturing high-quality Arterial Blood Collection Syringes in our state-of-the-art facilities with strict quality control measures in place. Our AccuPoint™ brand is recognized for its precision and reliability, and we offer STED dossiers for all products and CE, ISO and FDA certifications for certain product specifications. This demonstrates our commitment to innovation and excellence.

We understand that timely delivery is crucial, which is why we have an efficient global distribution network to ensure our products reach our partners as quickly as possible. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support to help our partners succeed in their respective industries.


How should Arterial Blood Collection Syringes be used?

Before use, select the appropriate arterial blood collection syringe and needle size. After preparing the puncture site, withdraw the sample into the syringe.

After taking the blood sample, gently push or knock the safety shield to lock it. The safety shield engages over the needle with an audible click and irreversibly locks, which helps prevent injuries to others if the needle is exposed.

How should Arterial Blood Collection Syringes be disposed of?

Arterial blood collection syringes should be disposed of in accordance with proper medical waste management guidelines. These syringes should be disposed of in designated sharps containers to ensure safe containment and prevent the risk of accidental needlestick injuries.


How does an Arterial Blood Collection Syringe work?

Arterial blood collection syringes work by drawing a sample of arterial blood from an artery using a needle and syringe. The blood is then used for various diagnostic tests.

What is the difference between a luer slip and luer lock tip type?

Luer slip syringes have a smooth tip that fits into the needle hub, while luer lock syringes have a threaded tip that screws onto the needle hub. luer lock syringes are less likely to detach from the needle during use.

What needle sizes are available for Arterial Blood Collection Syringes?

ABC syringes are available with a range of needle sizes, from no needle (for use with a separate needle) to 25G. The appropriate needle size should be chosen based on the size of the artery being accessed and the intended use.

What capacities are available for Arterial Blood Collection Syringes?

Syringes are available in 1ml and 3ml capacities. The appropriate capacity should be chosen based on the amount of blood needed for the intended test or analysis.

How should Arterial Blood Collection Syringes be stored and handled?

Syringes should be stored in a cool, dry place and protected from light. They should be handled with care to prevent damage or contamination, and should be disposed of in accordance with medical waste regulations.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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