Fosfomycin Oral Solution (1 bottle)
Fosfomycin Oral Solution (1 bottle)
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Fosfomycin Oral Solution

Fosfomycin Oral Solution is an antibiotic indicated for bacterial infections in poultry. AdvaCare Pharma's manufacturing facilities are strategically located to enable the efficient production and distribution of veterinary products to customers worldwide.



What is Fosfomycin Oral Solution?

Therapeutic Class:
Target Species:

Active Ingredients: Fosfomycin

Fosfomycin Oral Solution is an antibiotic drug used to treat certain bacterial infections in poultry. It is indicated for infectious coryza, fowl cholera, fowl typhoid, salmonellosis, ORT, and CRD. This formulation is considered a non-toxic, highly effective treatment for colibacillosis in broiler chickens.

Fosfomycin is a broad-spectrum phosphonic antibiotic, which works by inactivating the enzyme, enolpyruvyl transferase. This action inhibits cell wall synthesis. Fosfomycin shows bactericidal activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, such as some strains of Escherichia Coli and Salmonella.

AdvaCare Pharma is a GMP-certified manufacturer and exporter of Fosfomycin Oral Solution. This medication is produced in our facilities located in China, India, and the USA. Our facilities are regularly inspected to ensure our products meet quality and safety standards.

Why are we a quality Fosfomycin manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma, an American company, is a quality manufacturer of Fosfomycin for veterinary use. We are committed to the manufacture and global distribution of over 250 GMP-certified veterinary medicines, including 70+ oral liquid formulations.

Our approach to supply chain management is systematic and data-driven, backed by a highly proficient team. We provide unparalleled support to our veterinary distributors throughout our partnership - assisting with supply chain coordination, document and product registration support, and market share growth.


What is Fosfomycin used for?

It's used to treat bacterial infections such as:

  • infectious coryza
  • fowl cholera
  • fowl typhoid
  • colibacillosis
  • salmonellosis
  • ORT (Ornithobacterium Rhinotracheal Infection)
  • CRD (Chronic Respiratory Disease)

What animals can be treated with Fosfomycin Oral Solution?

This medicine is recommended for poultry, chicken, ducks and geese.

How is a Fosfomycin Oral Solution used?

This medicine has been manufactured as a liquid, which is intended to be administered orally.

How should Fosfomycin Oral Solution be stored?

This medication should be stored in a dark, dry location under 30°C. The bottle should be sealed tightly when not in use.

What is the withdrawal period for Fosfomycin?

There is a withdrawal time of 10 days for meat and 5 days for eggs.


How much Fosfomycin Oral Solution should be given to poultry?

The usual dose is 10mg of Fosfomycin per kg of body weight. The duration of treatment should be 3-5 consecutive days.

Side Effects

As with all pharmaceuticals, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of Fosfomycin Oral Solution.

Very few side effects have been recorded when administered at the recommended dosages.

For a comprehensive list of all possible side effects of this medication, consult a veterinary physician.


Do NOT use Fosfomycin Oral Solution for an animal that: • has a known allergy or hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients.

A high mineral salt concentration will interfere with the solubility of Fosfomycin.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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