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AdvaCare Pharma is a manufacturer of veterinary medicine for chickens available in various dosage forms, aimed at treating common ailments including nutrition deficiencies, infections such as coccidiosis and Marek's disease, and external parasites such as mites, fleas and ticks.
Veterinary Medicine for Chicken

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Albendazole Granules
Albendazole Oral Suspension
Albendazole Premix
Amoxicillin Premix
Amoxicillin Soluble Powder
Amprolium HCL + Ronidazole Tablets
Amprolium HCL + Sulfaquinoxaline + Vitamin A + Vitamin K3 Soluble Powder
Apramycin Soluble Powder
Avermectin Premix
Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Vaccine
Avian Influenza Test Kit
Avian Pox (Fowl Pox) Vaccine
Bromhexine HCL + Menthol Oral Solution
Butaphosphan + Vitamin B12 Injection
Calcium Carbonate + Vitamin E Tablets
Calcium Fosfomycin + Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder
Cefotaxime for Injection
Cefotaxime Soluble Powder
Ceftiofur Sodium for Injection
Ceftriaxone Sodium for Injection
Choline Chloride Premix
Ciprofloxacin + Tinidazole Soluble Powder
Ciprofloxacin Injection
Ciprofloxacin Oral Solution
Ciprofloxacin Soluble Powder
Colistin Sulfate Premix
Colistin Sulfate Soluble Powder
Cyromazine Premix
Danofloxacin Mesylate Soluble Powder
Dexamethasone + Gentamicin Sulfate Eye Drops
Diclazuril Oral Suspension
Diclazuril Premix
Difloxacin HCL Oral Solution
Dimetridazole Premix
Diphenhydramine HCL Oral Solution
Doxycycline + Colistin + Vitamins Premix
Doxycycline HCL + Florfenicol Tablets
Doxycycline HCL + Lincomycin + Bromhexine + Vitamin B Complex + Menadione Soluble Powder
Doxycycline HCL + Spiramycin Tablets
Doxycycline Hyclate + Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder
Doxycycline Oral Solution
Doxycycline Soluble Powder
Egg Boost Multivitamin Soluble Powder
Egg Boost Multivitamin Tablets
Enramycin Premix
Enrofloxacin + Bromhexine HCL Oral Solution
Enrofloxacin Injection
Enrofloxacin Oral Solution
Enrofloxacin Soluble Powder
Enrofloxacin Tablets
Erythromycin + Colistin Tablets
Erythromycin + Oxytetracycline + Streptomycin + Neomycin + Colistin + Multivitamins Soluble Powder
Erythromycin Thiocyanate + Sulfadiazine Sodium + Trimethoprim Soluble Powder
Fenbendazole Oral Suspension
Fenbendazole Premix
Flavomycin Premix
Florfenicol Oral Solution
Florfenicol Tablets
Flumequine Oral Solution
Flunixin Meglumine Injection
Fosfomycin Oral Solution
Furazolidone Premix
Gentamicin Sulfate + Doxycycline Soluble Powder
Gentamicin Sulfate + Metamizole Injection
Gentamicin Sulfate Injection
Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Vaccine
Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) (Gumboro Disease) Vaccine
Infectious Coryza Vaccine
Infectious Serositis of Duck + Escherichia coli Disease Vaccine
Ivermectin Premix
Ivermectin Skin Drops
Ivermectin Tablets
Kanamycin Sulfate Injection
Leukemia Test Kit (for animal use)
Levamisole Granules
Levamisole HCL Soluble Powder
Levamisole Injection
Levofloxacin Oral Solution
Marek’s Disease Test Kit (for animal use)
Multimineral Premix
Multivitamin + Amino Acids Injection
Multivitamin Injection
Multivitamin Oral Drops
Multivitamin Premix
Multivitamin Soluble Powder
Multivitamin Tablets
Neomycin Soluble Powder
Neomycin Sulfate + Oxytetracycline + Amoxicillin Tablets
Neomycin Sulfate + Sulfanilamide + Paracetamol + Vitamin B1 + Vitamin B6 + Vitamin B12 Tablets
Newcastle Disease (ND) + Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Vaccine
Newcastle Disease (ND) + Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Vaccine
Newcastle Disease (ND) Vaccine
Newcastle Disease + Infectious Bronchitis + Avian Influenza Vaccine
Newcastle Disease + Infectious Bronchitis + Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS) + Avian Influenza Vaccine
Newcastle Disease + Infectious Bursal Disease + Avian Influenza Vaccine
Newcastle Disease Test Kit (for animal use)
Norfloxacin Oral Solution
Norfloxacin Soluble Powder
Norfloxacin Tablets
Ofloxacin Soluble Powder
Oxyclozanide + Levamisole Tablets
Oxytetracycline + Folic Acid + Calcium Pantothenate + Minerals + Multivitamin Soluble Powder
Oxytetracycline HCL + Folic Acid + Calcium Pantothenate + Multivitamin Soluble Powder
Oxytetracycline HCL Soluble Powder
Oxytetracycline Premix
Oxytetracycline Tablets
Paracetamol + Vitamin C Soluble Powder
Pefloxacin Tablets
Reassortant Avian Influenza Virus (AIV) Vaccine
Robenidine Premix
Roxarsone Premix
Salmonella Test Kit
Sorbitol + Carnitine HCL + Betaine + Choline Chloride + D-Panthenol + Magnesium Sulfate Oral Solution
Spectinomycin + Lincomycin Oral Solution
Spiramycin + Oxytetracycline + Bromhexine + Paracetamol Tablets
Spiramycin + Tylosin + Colistin + Multivitamin Soluble Powder
Sulfaclozine Soluble Powder
Sulfadiazine + Trimethoprim Oral Solution
Sulfadimidine + Trimethoprim + Oxytetracycline HCL + Tylosin Tartrate + Norsulfazole Tablets
Sulfadimidine Sodium + Sulfadiazine Sodium + Sulfathiazole Sodium + Vitamin K3 Premix
Tetramisole HCL Soluble Powder
Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate Oral Solution
Tiamulin Hydrogen Fumarate Premix
Tiamulin Injection
Tilmicosin Oral Solution
Tilmicosin Phosphate Premix
Tilmicosin Soluble Powder
Toltrazuril Oral Solution
Tylosin + Erythromycin + Neomycin Tablets
Tylosin Phosphate Premix
Tylosin Tartrate + Doxycycline HCL + Bromhexine HCL Tablets
Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder
Tylvalosin Tartrate Granules
Tylvalosin Tartrate Premix
Vitamin D3 Premix
Vitamin E + Selenium Oral Solution
Vitamin E + Selenium Tablets
Veterinary medicine manufacturer of injections, suspensions, powders, boluses, tablets for livestock and pets.


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  • China, India, United States
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
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See why we are a trusted manufacturer of veterinary medications and pet supplements.

AdvaCare veterinary products are marketed by our distributors knowing that efficacy is assured. Such confidence in our products has made AdvaCare the market leader in countries where reliable, cost-effective livestock medications and pet supplements are in high demand.

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What is the meaning of Veterinary Medicine for Chickens?

Veterinary medications for chickens are treatments used to address health issues in these birds. Chickens may be kept on farms for meat production and egg laying, or as pets. Vets and farmers utilize medicines for chickens to prevent and treat diseases, control parasites, promote growth, and maintain flock health.

AdvaCare Pharma is a responsible manufacturer and distributor of nutrition for chickens and veterinary livestock medications, including treatments for poultry. Our poultry medicine list features various dosage forms such as:

  • Oral drugs for chickens like tablets, oral suspensions, oral solutions, or soluble powders. The chicken will ingest these medications through the mouth and absorb them through the digestive system.
  • Premixes and granules in medicine for poultry containing essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and medications are administered orally by being mixed into the animal's feed. This can ensure that the entire flock receives treatment.
  • Injectable medicine for poultry are often used when rapid absorption or immediate therapeutic effects are required.
  • Topical chicken medicines can come in the form of drops. These are applied externally to the skin or affected areas for localized treatment of skin or feather problems.

Common areas of application for chicken medicines include:

  • Treatment of bacterial infections such as respiratory infections or gastrointestinal infections using chicken antibiotics
  • Parasite control for internal and external parasites
  • Provide nutrition for chickens and support with nutritional deficiencies
  • Prevention of illness through vaccination

In the ever-evolving field of poultry health, understanding specific diseases and their respective treatments is paramount. For instance, Marek's disease, a viral disease causing tumors in chickens, is a concern for many poultry farmers, necessitating the timely administration of chicken medicines and vaccines for its prevention and management. Furthermore, the fowl pox vaccine is vital in protecting flocks against the poxvirus, ensuring healthier birds and mitigating losses. Additionally, dealing with reproductive issues, like an egg-bound chicken, treatment becomes critical to prevent complications and ensure the well-being of the affected hen, further emphasizing the comprehensive care necessary for poultry health.

Types of Veterinary Medicine for Chickens

Veterinary medicine for chickens can be grouped by the type of cause for an illness. These causes include viral or bacterial infections, nutritional deficiencies, and parasitic infestations.

Common Viral Infections

There are a number of infections in chickens caused by viruses. The correct chicken medicine is essential in preventing the spread of the virus in the flock. One common viral infection is infectious bronchitis (IB). It is caused by the avian coronavirus and primarily affects the respiratory system of chickens. Symptoms include sneezing, coughing, nasal discharge, tracheal rales, decreased egg production, and poor growth. IB can lead to reduced feed conversion, decreased egg quality, and increased susceptibility to secondary bacterial infections.

Another common viral infection in chickens is Newcastle Disease (ND). This is a highly contagious virus that affects various bird species with high mortality rates. Symptoms may include respiratory signs (coughing, gasping), nervous system signs (tremors, paralysis), decreased egg production, and diarrhea.

Avian influenza (AI) is a final common example of a viral infection. Various strains of this influenza virus can infect both wild and domestic birds. Symptoms vary depending on the strain but can include respiratory signs, swollen head, cyanosis, diarrhea, reduced egg production, and high mortality rates.

Antiviral drugs are not commonly used in the treatment of viral diseases in chickens. The best drugs for chickens for viral infections are vaccines. This is a preventative measure that will boost the immunity of poultry to the target sickness. Our poultry medicine list includes vaccine medicines for chickens correlating to the disease mentioned above: - Infectious Bronchitis (IB) Vaccine (AdvaVac™ IB) - Newcastle Disease (ND) Vaccine (AdvaVac™ ND) - Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Vaccine (AdvaVac™ Bird Flu)

Common Nutritional Deficiencies

Ensuring proper nutrition for chickens and adding vitamins to the chicken’s diet is essential for their overall health, growth, and egg production. In chickens, a lack of vitamins and minerals will impact overall health, egg production, and more. In the instance of a vitamin D deficiency, chickens will have symptoms like weakness, lameness, poor growth, decreased egg production, soft bones, and skeletal deformities (such as bowed legs). It can also result in rickets, a condition characterized by impaired bone development and mineralization.

Another common deficiency is that of calcium. Symptoms may include soft-shelled or shell-less eggs, weak eggshells, reduced egg production, muscle tremors, decreased mobility, and leg weakness. In some cases, this deficiency leads to skeletal disorders like osteoporosis.

Vitamin E deficiency may cause symptoms like muscular dystrophy, weakness, poor growth, reduced fertility, decreased immune function, and increased susceptibility to infections because of a compromised immune system.

Addressing nutritional disorders in chickens involves providing a balanced and appropriate diet, ensuring access to essential nutrients, and correcting any deficiencies. This can be aided by using chicken vitamins and specific nutritional medicine for chickens.

Included in our range are many veterinary supplement products and nutrition for chicken such as: - Vitamin D3 Premix (VitD3Care™) - Calcium Carbonate + Vitamin E Tablets (CalVitECare™) - Oxytetracycline + Folic Acid + Calcium Pantothenate + Minerals + Multivitamin Soluble Powder (OxyvitCare™) - Multivitamin Oral Drops (VitaCare™) - Multimineral Premix (MinalCare™)

Common Parasitic Infestations

Veterinary medicine for chickens must encompass varied treatments for parasitic infections, for both internal and external infestations. Ectoparasites such as mites and lice, infest the external body surfaces of chickens. Specific ectoparasites in chickens include red mites, feather mites, scaly leg mites, and cyst mites. They can cause many symptoms like feather loss, skin irritation, itching, pecking at feathers, restlessness, decreased egg production, anemia, weight loss, and impacting overall health. Topical medicine for poultry containing insecticides or acaricides is commonly used to control ectoparasites. These medications work by killing or repelling the parasites such as Ivermectin Skin Drops (IverCare™) from our range.

A second common example is Coccidiosis in chickens, caused by a protozoan parasite, which infects the intestinal tract of chickens. It will cause symptoms like diarrhea (sometimes bloody), decreased appetite, dehydration, weight loss, poor growth, and decreased egg production. Coccidiosis in chickens can result in severe intestinal damage, impaired nutrient absorption, compromised immune response, and increased mortality. It can be treated with chicken veterinary medicines such as amprolium or sulfonamide drugs. These poultry medications inhibit the growth and reproduction of the parasite, allowing the chicken's immune system to eliminate the infection.

Our range contains: - Amprolium HCL + Ronidazole Tablets (AmproCare™) - Amprolium HCL + Sulfaquinoxaline + Vitamin A + Vitamin K3 Soluble Powder (AmproSulCare™)

Parasites in chickens can also be caused by helminths such as roundworms (Ascaridia spp.), tapeworms (Cestodes), and hairworms (Capillaria spp.). Common symptoms include weight loss, poor growth, decreased appetite, diarrhea, pale comb and wattles, decreased egg production, and general weakness. Internal parasitic worm infestations can lead to nutrient deficiencies, anemia, organ damage, impaired growth, and increased susceptibility to other diseases. Anthelmintic drugs for chickens such as fenbendazole, albendazole, or ivermectin, are commonly used to treat internal parasitic worms. These medications disrupt the metabolism or neuromuscular function of the parasites, causing their expulsion from the chicken's body.

Among our range are anthelmintic chicken medicines such as the following: - Fenbendazole Oral Suspension (FenbenCare™) - Fenbendazole Premix (FenbenCare™) - Ivermectin Tablets (IverCare™) - Albendazole Granules (AlbenCare™)

Why are we a quality manufacturer of Veterinary Medicine for Chicken?

AdvaCare Pharma is a trusted, well-established supplier and manufacturer of Veterinary Medicine for Chickens. Our veterinary range includes medicine and nutrition for chickens, with many treatments that target both common and specific health concerns in poultry. We have manufacturing facilities across the globe - China, India, and USA. GMP and ISO standards, as well as internal QA management systems, ensure that all facilities follow the highest international standards. Frequent inspections guarantee that all of our products meet and exceed the standards required by our distributors and health authorities alike.

As a manufacturer of high quality treatments and nutrition for chickens, we aim to meet the specific demands of our distributors and their markets by having an optimum balance of market adaptation and product differentiation through our wide range of products.