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      *AdvaCare Vitamin B Complex Syrup is GMP certified.

      **AdvaCare Vitamin B Complex Syrup is manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      (each 5ml) Vitamin B1: 5mg, Vitamin B2: 2mg, Vitamin B6: 2mg, Nicotinamide: 20mg

      *or according to distributor/market composition

      120ml bottle/box

      *or according to distributor/market requirements




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        Product Information

        General Information:
        AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Vitamin B complex syrup.

        Vitamin B Complex Syrup features six water-soluble B vitamins—B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12—which play an important role in helping the body produce energy, metabolic processes, and in the formation of red blood cells. The vitamins are chemically related and work as a team to help convert food to fuel and help us stay energized throughout the day. The vitamins are a dietary supplement with high potency and are gluten free and dairy free. They support immunity, a healthy heart, and blood, and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

        Among their other benefits include healthier skin, prevention of memory loss and migraines, reduction of heart disease, support of the immune system, regulation of both the nervous and the digestive systems, and enhancement of daily mood.

        Vitamin B1, also known as Thiamin, helps to produce energy, B2 is also known as Riboflavin and helps with vision and skin health. N3, Niacin, helps with skin health and the nervous and digestive systems. Since B3 is very heat stable, it is typically lost in cooking. Both B2 and B3 support cellular energy production, B6 keeps bodily functions operating at best by forming red blood cells and brain chemicals, and B12 helps body pathways to produce cellular energy and is needed for DNA synthesis, proper red blood cell formation, and nervous system performance. B12 deficiencies are typically found in the elderly, vegans, and breastfed babies of vegan mothers since B12 is only found in foods from animal sources.

        Pantothenic Acid is also known as Vitamin B5, and it is available in many food sources. It also supports cellular energy production and is needed to metabolize carbohydrates and to produce red blood cells and steroid hormones.

        The Vitamin B complex is a combination of six different B vitamins that together work great as a source of energy. Many of the vitamins cannot be retained by the body for long and so must be consumed regularly in a diet. Cooking, food processing, and alcohol can also destroy the vitamins in food, so supplements are a more reliable source of Vitamin B. This medicine is useful for children and adults alike. The medicine is to be stored at room temperature and to avoid freezing.

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