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Liquid supplements in syrup form are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, utilizing formulation technologies that ensure efficacy, stability and great taste for both adult and pediatric use.
Syrup Supplements
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Amino Acid Syrup + Multivitamin
Anti-Anxiety Support Syrup
Appetite Syrup
Bone Support Syrup
Calcium + Vitamin D3 Syrup
Cognitive Support Syrup
Immunity Syrup
Iron Syrup + B Complex
Joint Support Syrup
Kidney Support Syrup
Laxative Syrup
Libido Supplement
Liver Syrup
Melatonin Syrup
Menstrual Syrup
Multivitamin Syrup
Natural Cough Syrup
Neurozin Syrup
Omega-3 Syrup + Multivitamin
Tres Orix Syrup
Vitamin B Complex Syrup
Vitamin C + Zinc Syrup
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  • 9001
    Quality Management
  • 22000
    Food Safety Management System
  • GB/T27341
    HACCP General Requirements
  • BRC
    Global Standard for Food Safety


  • ISO
  • Halal
  • NSF Certificate
  • BRC Certificate
  • FSC
  • COA


  • Food Product Dossier
  • Site Master File
  • Stability Studies

Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India, United States
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
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All AdvaLife supplements are comparable in formulation, purity of raw material and presentation to any major American or European brand, but our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide more cost-effective products. And our international reputation is deeply rooted in our pharmaceutical origins.

B. Garcia, RD

Medical Advisory Board

What are Syrup Supplements?

Syrup supplements are a type of liquid dietary supplement formulated by combining active ingredients with a sweetener and flavorings to create a palatable and easy-to-consume product. Syrups are commonly used to deliver vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, or other compounds to support various aspects of health.

Syrup supplements offer advantages in terms of versatility and customization. The liquid form allows for easier dosage adjustments, making it convenient to tailor the amount according to individual needs or preferences.

Another benefit is their potential ease of absorption. The liquid formulation allows for rapid dispersion and absorption of the active ingredients in the digestive system. Syrup supplements also often come in a variety of flavors, which can make them more enjoyable to consume. Additionally, for individuals with swallowing difficulties, the smooth consistency of syrups provides a comfortable alternative to pills or capsules.

What are Syrup Supplements used for?

What is the purpose of using Syrup Supplements?

Syrup supplements provide a palatable way to supplement the diet with essential nutrients or beneficial compounds. Syrups are used to deliver vitamins, minerals, or other ingredients that support various aspects of health. They are an alternative for those who have difficulty swallowing pills or prefer liquids.

Can Syrup Supplements be mixed with other liquids or foods?

Yes, syrup supplements can generally be mixed with other liquids or added to foods for consumption. They can be added to water, juice, smoothies, or even drizzled over foods like yogurt or oatmeal. However, it is recommended to follow the instructions provided with the specific supplement to ensure compatibility and optimal effectiveness.

Do Syrup Supplements have any potential side effects?

Like any dietary supplement, syrup supplements may have potential side effects, although they are generally considered safe when used as directed. Some individuals may experience digestive discomfort, such as upset stomach or diarrhea, especially if consumed in excess. It is important to read the product labels, adhere to recommended dosages, and discontinue use if any adverse reactions occur.

Can Syrup Supplements be taken with medications?

Consult with a healthcare professional or pharmacist before taking syrup supplements with medications. Some syrups may interact with certain medications, potentially affecting their efficacy or causing undesirable effects. The healthcare professional or pharmacist can provide guidance on the appropriate timing and potential interactions.

Can multiple Syrup Supplements be taken simultaneously?

While it might be tempting to combine various syrup supplements to address different health needs, it's essential to be cautious. Taking multiple supplements at once can increase the risk of overconsuming certain ingredients, leading to potential side effects or interactions. It's recommended to space out the intake of different supplements or consult with a healthcare professional to ensure safe and effective use.

Types of Syrup Supplements

  • Multivitamin Syrup Supplements contain a combination of essential vitamins and minerals in a liquid form. They aim to provide a broad range of nutrients to support overall health and fill potential nutrient gaps.
  • Single-Nutrient Syrup Supplements focus on delivering a high concentration of a specific vitamin or mineral. Examples include vitamin C syrup, vitamin D syrup, or calcium syrup, which provide a targeted dose of a particular nutrient.
  • Herbal Extract Syrup Supplements are formulated with concentrated extracts from specific herbs or botanicals. They are used to harness the potential health benefits of these natural ingredients and can vary depending on the intended purpose, such as immune support, digestive health, or stress relief.

Why are we a top Syrup manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a reputable manufacturer of Syrup Supplements. Our core objective is to manufacture high-quality yet affordable syrups that cater to the diverse healthcare needs of every market. With an extensive portfolio of 25+ supplements in syrup dosage form, AdvaLife™ has become a leader in syrup formulation. Our proprietary compositions address specific healthcare goals for kids and adults.

Maintaining strict adherence to rigorous HACCP and ISO regulations is a top priority at our syrup manufacturing facilities in China, India and the USA. We consistently conduct government, internal and third-party facility inspections that surpass industry requirements. This dedication to quality control ensures the reliability and safety of our syrup supplements, giving our partners and customers peace of mind.

At AdvaCare Pharma, we emphasize building strong and collaborative relationships with our supplement distributors. Our vested partnership model fosters shared distribution responsibilities, allowing us to achieve mutual success while meeting the demands of consumers.