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AdvaCare Pharma is a manufacturer of supplements intended for general nutrition and various health needs. A wide range of dosage forms include tablets, capsules, softgels, gummies, powders, syrups and drops for adults and children.
General Health Supplements
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Amino Acid Powder
Amino Acid Syrup + Multivitamin
Amino Acid Tablets/Capsules
Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets/Capsules
Bee Pollen Capsules
Beta-Glucan Drops
Bromelain Capsules
Cod Liver Oil Softgel Capsules
Coenzyme Q10 + Vitamin E Capsules
Collagen + Vitamin C Tablets/Capsules
Collagen Powder
Colostrum Tablets/Capsules
CoQ10 Capsules/Softgels
Fiber Capsules
Fiber Gummies
Glutathione Capsules
Green Superfood Capsules
Krill Oil Softgel Capsules
L-Arginine Tablets/Capsules
L-Carnitine + Green Tea Capsules
L-Carnitine Tablets/Capsules/Softgels
L-Glutamine Powder
L-Lysine Tablets/Capsules
L-Theanine Capsules
Melatonin Gummies
MSM Capsules
Nitric Oxide Capsules
Omega 3-6-9 Softgel Capsules
Omega-3 Gummies
Omega-3 Softgel Capsules
Omega-3 Syrup + Multivitamin
Probiotic Gummies
Probiotic Powder
Psyllium Husk Powder
Royal Jelly Softgel Capsules
Supplements for general health manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma.


  • 9001
    Quality Management
  • 22000
    Food Safety Management System
  • GB/T27341
    HACCP General Requirements
  • BRC
    Global Standard for Food Safety


  • ISO
  • Halal
  • NSF Certificate
  • BRC Certificate
  • FSC
  • COA


  • Food Product Dossier
  • Site Master File
  • Stability Studies

Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India, United States
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
A dietitian providing details on a wide range of supplements produced by vitamin manufacturer AdvaCare Pharma.

Dietitian Voices

See why we are an innovative manufacturer of supplements.

All AdvaLife supplements are comparable in formulation, purity of raw material and presentation to any major American or European brand, but our competitive advantage lies in our ability to provide more cost-effective products. And our international reputation is deeply rooted in our pharmaceutical origins.

B. Garcia, RD

Medical Advisory Board

What is the meaning of General Health Supplements?

General health supplements are designed to provide a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals, or other beneficial compounds that may be lacking in one's regular diet. General supplements are not targeted towards specific conditions but aim to fill potential nutrient gaps for various age groups and lifestyles.

General supplements may contain vitamins such as A, B, C, D, and E, as well as minerals like calcium, magnesium, zinc, and iron, among others. Additionally, general dietary supplements may include herbal extracts, antioxidants, or other bioactive compounds that have been associated with promoting vitality and overall well-being.

Many individuals turn to general supplements as a preventive measure or as a way to ensure they are getting a well-rounded intake of essential nutrients. Busy lifestyles, dietary restrictions, or limited access to diverse foods can sometimes hinder optimal nutrient consumption. By including general supplements in their daily regimen, people often feel more confident in their overall nutrient intake, thereby supporting their health goals and daily activities.

While general health supplements can be beneficial for individuals with nutrient deficiencies or those looking to optimize their health, it's important to remember that they are not a substitute for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Consulting with a healthcare professional is recommended to determine specific nutrient needs and ensure that the supplements are compatible with individual health conditions and any medications being taken.

What are General Health Supplements used for?

What is the purpose of using General Health Supplements?

General health supplements help support overall health and fill potential gaps in one's diet. They provide nutrients and beneficial compounds that may be lacking in regular food intake. General health supplements are commonly used to enhance energy levels, promote immune function, and maintain overall vitality.

How long does it take to see results from General Health Supplements?

The time it takes to see results may vary depending on the specific supplement and individual factors. Some supplements may provide immediate benefits, while others may require weeks or months of consistent use before any noticeable changes are seen. It's important to follow the recommended dosage and give the supplement time to work before expecting results.

Do General Health Supplements have any side effects?

General health supplements may have side effects, especially if taken in excessive doses or if you have underlying medical conditions. Common side effects may include digestive issues, headaches, and allergic reactions. It's important to read the label carefully and consult with a healthcare professional before taking any new supplement.

Can General Health Supplements replace a healthy diet?

No, health supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet. They are intended to add to an already nutritious diet and lifestyle. It's important to maintain a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Types of General Health Supplements

  • Multivitamin General Health Supplements contain a combination of vitamins and minerals to support overall health and well-being. They are often taken daily to supplement a balanced diet.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid Health Supplements contain essential fatty acids that are important for heart health, brain function, and reducing inflammation.
  • Probiotic General Health Supplements contain live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for gut health and digestion.
  • Herbal Health Supplements include herbs, roots, and other plant-based ingredients that are traditionally used for a variety of health purposes, such as echinacea for immune support or ginseng for energy and vitality.
  • Sports Nutrition Health Supplements are designed to support athletic performance and recovery, including protein powders, amino acids, and creatine.

Examples of General Health Supplements

General Health Supplements are designed to help fill nutritional gaps in your diet, support bodily functions, promote overall health and wellness. Below are common examples:

Multivitamin General Health Supplements: - Multivitamin + Minerals Tablets (AdvaLife™ Adva-MAX) - Multivitamin Syrup (AdvaLife™ Provitam)

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Health Supplements: - Omega-3 Capsules (AdvaLife™ Adva-Omega) - Omega 3-6-9 Capsules (AdvaLife™ Adva-Omega)

Probiotic General Health Supplements: - Probiotic Gummies (AdvaLife™ Adva-Biotics) - Probiotics Capsules (AdvaLife™ Adva-Biotics)

Herbal Health Supplements: - Psyllium Husk Powder (AdvaLife™ Adva-Fiber) - Ashwagandha Capsules (AdvaLife™ Ashwagandha)

Sports Nutrition Health Supplements: - Amino Acid Powder (AdvaLife™ Adva-Amino) - Nitric Oxide Capsules (AdvaLife™ Nitric Oxide)

Why are we a trusted General Health Supplements manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a reputable General Health Supplements manufacturer that prioritizes the production of high-quality and affordable products. We offer customized solutions to meet diverse healthcare needs and are committed to delivering value to our distributors. With an extensive portfolio of 150+ AdvaLife™ supplements available in 9 dosage forms, we focus on manufacturing effective vitamin, mineral and other formulations that meet every health goal of consumers.

Our supplement manufacturing facilities located in China, India and the USA adhere strictly to rigorous HACCP and ISO regulations to ensure the quality and safety of our supplement products. We conduct regular government, internal and third-party facility audits to ensure that we surpass industry requirements. By adhering to strict quality control measures, we are able to offer high-quality supplement products that meet the needs of both our distributors and consumers alike.

At AdvaCare Pharma, we pride ourselves on our commitment to meeting diverse healthcare needs. From the manufacture of basic supplements to complex formulations, we offer a wide range of supplements that are designed to help people lead healthier lives.