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      *AccuQuik™ Vaginal Speculums are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **AccuQuik™ Vaginal Speculums are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      Cusco Side Screw (VSL-01);Cusco Center Screw (VSL-02);Cusco Hook Lock (VSL-03);Cusco Pin Lock (VSL-04);Pederson Push-Pull (VSL-05)



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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Vaginal Speculums.

        AccuQuik Vaginal Speculums come in a variety of sizes and types in order to fit the needs of each individual and medical professional. The Cusco speculum is a bivalved speculum, with two blades that are hinged close when inserted into the vagina, but can be opened and arrested by a screw mechanism, so that the vagina is held open for visual inspection. The Cusco speculum can be folded up for more convenient transport and storage, and it is available with screw at the side and center in order to accommodate a variety of sizes to accommodate both virginal women and women who have had sexual intercourse. The Cusco speculum can also be used to help inserting uterine devices. It is used in endoscopy. The typical Cusco speculum is 80mm in length and 22mm in width.

        The Pederson speculum is a flat narrow speculum that is indicated for women with narrow vaginal canals, mostly virginal and elderly women. It features a double blade duckbill speculum that is inserted with the blades closed, and then is opened once inserted by an external screw.

        Vaginal speculums are used in gynecological exams in order to open up the vagina walls. The vaginal speculum allows the gynecologist to visually inspect the vagina and cervix, and collect cervical cells necessary for a Pap smear test. This inspection of the vagina can help a medical professional detect medical conditions such as cancer, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, infertility, prolapse, and infections and diseases. Vaginal speculums are also used in various surgeries.

        The Pap test allows a medical professional to screen for cervical cancer, and is recommended to be conducted yearly at your gynecological checkup. It is not required for women under the age of 21. Using a vaginal speculum, and the subsequent Pap smear test, may be mildly uncomfortable, but should not cause any pain.

        Product Series


        Cusco Screw Type

        • Easy to transport and storage, thanks to its smaller size;
        • Most common specification;
        • Commonly used in endoscopy.

        Penderson Push-Pull Type

        • Used for narrow vaginal canals;
        • Narrow double blade duckbill;
        • Right-Angled.

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        Benefits of Vaginal Speculums

        AccuQuik Vaginal Speculums made of a smooth plastic material and is obviously thrown away (through proper disposal techniques) after use. This alternative to the traditional speculum has the following advantages, among others:

        • Efficiency – As this instrument is for one-time use only, it’s now a matter of disposal after inspecting one patient and using another for the next. There’s no need for sterilization processes, which translates to zero downtime between patients;
        • Comfort for the Patient – The disposable vaginal speculum is made of a smooth plastic material, which interacts well with lubricants and is not as rigid as its metal counterpart. This translates to a more comfortable experience for the patient who would normally dread the cervical inspection part of her check-up;
        • Significant reduction in the risk of contamination – As it’s pre-packaged, there’s virtually no risk of contamination due to cross-patient use and improper sterilization;
        • Savings in terms of sterilization equipment and other expenses – Using disposable vaginal specula eliminates the need to purchase an autoclave (which also needs to be maintained), spend for training and wages of personnel specific to sterilization, and other related expenses.


        Choose the right size speculum.

        Smaller speculums will not always be the best choice; the most comfortable speculum will be the one that fits the best.

        If using a metal speculum, make sure that the speculum is warmed to body temperature before usage with warm water. Coat the speculum with lubricant.

        Separate the labia minora and insert the speculum blades into the vagina with the blades facing parallel to the table.

        After the speculum is fully inserted, you may open the speculum.

        After the inspection is done, release the blade so that the speculum closes. Withdraw the speculum slowly and gently.


        • Do not touch the blades of the vaginal speculum with your hands prior to insertion;
        • Wear standard protective clothing such as a lab coat and disposable gloves;
        • Wash hands thoroughly before and after use;
        • Do not allow the Pap smear test to be cross-contaminated with other materials;
        • Sterilize the speculum before use and clean thoroughly after use.

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