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      *AccuQuik™ Vaginal pH Test Kit is CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      ** AccuQuik™ Vaginal pH Test Kit is manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      Vaginal pH Test Kit


      Cervical mucus




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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Vaginal pH Test Kits.

        The vaginal pH test kit is a home-use kit to measure the vagina’s pH of the cervical mucus. Vaginal bacteria keep the vaginal environment a bit acidic. The acidic environment helps to suppress the overgrowth of bacteria. If abnormal bacteria or infections start it can lead to abnormal vaginal activity.

        A vaginal pH test kit helps to determine if the symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection. Determining the right issue is important because not all symptoms are associated with yeast infections. Yeast infections usually don’t result in a change in vaginal acidity. Besides, they can be firstly treated with OTC medication, better diet or home remedies.

        However, another common vaginal infection that is connected with acidity, is bacterial vaginosis that happens because of an imbalance of bacteria in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) has to be treated with prescription antibiotics. If the results are positive after taking the test, seek medical attention.




        Compare test window color forming in the strip holder with box pH Guide colors:

        • Bacterial infection ongoing: test is positive when pH values are higher than 4.5;
        • Negative Result: when pH values are below or equal to 4.5

        Additional Information

        You should use the vaginal pH test kit if you suffer from but not limited to the following symptoms itching, burning, abnormal vaginal discharge or foul vaginal odor. This test will help you determine if you are most likely suffering from bacterial infection and need to seek medical treatment.

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        Benefits of Vaginal pH Test Kits

        • This is a newer rapid, sensitive, and specific technology;
        • This technology is portable, automatic, and easily disposable;
        • The sensitivity and specificity are fully validated and currently fulfill the basic requirements of rapid diagnostic tests;
        • They are available, affordable, and usable as a point of care tests.


        Wash your hands before doing a vaginal pH swab and remove the pH swab from the package. Don’t let the pH paper to make contact with anything. Hold the swab so that the strip is facing your thumb and spread your labia with the other hand. Insert the swab into the vagina and make the paper come into full contact vaginal wall and hold for 5 seconds. Remove the swab and do not make contact with the paper.

        The Vaginal pH test kit works when the yellow tip comes into contact with vaginal discharge. If the color changes to blue or green, it means the environment in a vagina is abnormal acid.

        When doing the test make sure you are completely dry before using the test because the excess water can affect the results.


        • Don’t use if you suffer from pre-menopause, menopause symptoms or are using hormonal therapy;
        • Do not perform the test if it is one day before, or five days after your period;
        • Do not perform the test if it is less than 48 hours after sexual intercourse or vaginal douching;
        • Do not use a test that is past its expiration date;
        • Do not freeze.

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