Rotavirus Test Kit (box of 25 kits)
Rotavirus Test Kit (pouch of 1 kit)
Rotavirus Test Kit (box of 25 kits)
Rotavirus Test Kit (pouch of 1 kit)
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Rotavirus Test Kit

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
Rotavirus Test Kits are rapid diagnostic devices used for detecting rotavirus antigens in a patient's feces. AdvaCare Pharma is the CE and ISO-compliant manufacturer of this product.




What is a Rotavirus Test Kit?

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A Rotavirus Test Kit is a medical diagnostic tool used to detect antigens associated with the rotavirus, which can aid in a quick diagnosis of the infection. Rotavirus is a highly contagious virus primarily affecting infants and young children. It is one of the leading causes of severe diarrhea throughout the world.

Rotavirus rapid testing kits have straightforward procedures of use and can be used operated by individuals with minimal training, which makes them a practical option in resource-constrained environments.

The rotavirus antigen test kit is based on lateral flow immunoassay technology. This style of test can give accurate, reliable test results within 15-20 minutes.

AdvaCare Pharma is the manufacturer of Rotavirus Test Kits. These kits are manufactured in ISO and CE-certified facilities situated in India, China, and the USA. Regular inspections of these facilities are conducted to ensure compliance and quality.

Product Specifications



Fecal Swab

Fecal Swab is used to take a sample of cells from the stool sample. The long, thin part of the swab is made of plastic. There is a tip at the end of the swab that is inserted into the stool sample and rotated to ensure that the entire tip area of the swab is in contact with the sample. The swab comes in a sterile blister pack and right after collecting the sample, it is placed in a buffer dilution to proceed with the test.

Why are we a leading Rotavirus Test Kit manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is an American company manufacturing Rotavirus Test Kits and our entire line of rapid testing kits at our production facilities that adhere to strict CE and ISO regulations.

AdvaCare Pharma is dedicated to producing high-quality products and providing customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each market. Our established network extends globally to distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, NGOs, and government institutions.


What is a Rotavirus Test Kit used for?

It's used to detect antigens specific to the rotavirus to aid in the diagnosis of rotavirus infection.

How is a Rotavirus Test Kit used?

1. A stool sample is collected from the patient. 2. The sample is applied to the designated area of the test device. 3. A buffer solution is added. 4. The test is allowed to develop according to the specified time on the packaging. The results can be observed and interpreted on the test device.

How should unused Rotavirus Test Kits be stored?

This product should be stored in a dark and dry location between 2-30°C. Unused test kits should be kept in their original packaging until use.

What is the best method for disposing of Rotavirus Test Kits?

It is advisable to dispose of any used test kits in designated biohazard bags or containers and to adhere to the proper waste management protocols set by local authorities.


How does a Rotavirus Test Kit work?

Any rotavirus antigens present in the sample will react with the antibodies on the test strip or cassette. This reaction can result in the appearance of visible change.

Who should be tested with a Rotavirus Test Kit?

It is recommended to test individuals, particularly young children, exhibiting symptoms of gastroenteritis like severe diarrhea and vomiting.

Can the Rotavirus Test Kit be used for adults and children?

Yes, the rapid diagnostic can be used for either adults or children. Though rotavirus infections are more common in infants and young children, adults can also contract the virus.

What are the benefits of using a strip versus a cassette?

Whether to use test strips or test cassettes is a matter of preference for medical staff. Some considerations that may be considered are the ease of result interpretation and the cost-effectiveness of the test.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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