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      *StaySafe™ Needle-Free Connectors are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StaySafe™ Needle-Free Connectors are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Needle-Free Connectors.

        The StaySafe™ brand of Needle-Free Connectors, manufactured in multiple sizes and configurations, is internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        AdvaCare’s Needle-Free Connector is a sterile single patient-use positive displacement connector for needleless access to the IV line and/or IV catheter during IV therapy. Our needleless connector is specially designed to successfully accommodate direct injections, intermittent infusion, continuous infusion or aspiration. Our needle-free connector is a closed Luer activated device. The accessing ISO male Luer from standard administration sets, extension sets, and syringes activate the flow of fluid through the device.

        AdvaCare’s Needle-Free Connectors are manufactured following strict GMP, ISO, CE and USFDA standards.

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        • Features a flat, smooth swappable surface that easily allows disinfection;
        • Equipped with a straight fluid pathway that ensures high flow rates and ensures effective cleaning of the connection area after use;
        • Has a clear housing which gives health practitioners a clear visualization of the fluid pathway during priming and flushing.


        • Without contaminating the product, remove the AdvaCare Needle-Free Connector from its packaging;
        • Attach a primed IV set or syringe with flush/priming solution to the needleless connector. Invert the needless connector and prime in accordance with facility protocol;
        • Remove the protective cover and attach the AdvaCare needleless connector to the hub of the extension set vascular access device by inserting Luer into the hub and rotating until secure. Do not over tighten;
        • Prior to every access, always swab the top of the AdvaCare needleless connector with an appropriate antiseptic and allow it to dry;
        • Attach Luer from primed IV set or syringe to the AdvaCare needleless connector;
        • Flush the AdvaCare needleless connector after each use with normal saline or in accordance with facility protocol;
        • To disconnect male Luer from AdvaCare’s needleless connector, hold the device and rotate mating Luer until disconnected. If blood or fluid residue remain on the connector surface after access, carefully swab the surface;
        • Apply clamp after disconnecting the Luer.


        • This product should not be used with needles, blunt cannula systems, non-ISO Luer connections, or Luer connections with visible defects. Doing so may result in leakage and/or failure of the device.;
        • The device should be properly disinfected with an appropriate antiseptic agent, such as 70% IPA, prior to each access;
        • Failure to properly prime the device can result in reflux;
        • Trace lines before connection. Verify the line being connected to the AdvaCare needleless connector is the appropriate intravenous therapy line;
        • This device is intended to be used with ISO Luer lock and Luer slip connectors provided on standard IV administration sets, extension sets, and syringes.

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