Disposable ECG Electrodes (foil pouch of 50 pieces)
Disposable ECG Electrodes (50 pieces)
Disposable ECG Electrodes (foil pouch of 50 pieces)
Disposable ECG Electrodes (50 pieces)
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Disposable ECG Electrodes

AccuQuik™ Diagnostic Detection
Disposable ECG Electrodes are adhesive patches used during electrocardiography. This product is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma at one of its worldwide facilities, which are ISO and CE accredited.





What are Disposable ECG Electrodes?

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Disposable ECG Electrodes are medical diagnostic tools used for electrocardiography (ECG) in order to record the electrical activity of the heart. The electrodes are self-adhesive patches that have attached sensors. These sensors detect and transmit the electrical signals that are produced by the heart's contractions.

Each disposable ECG electrode features an Ag/AgCl sensor and medical conductive solid gel. They are produced using latex-free material and are available in a foam non-woven style. The electrodes are produced in 7 different sizes and three shapes: round, teardrop, or square.

AdvaCare Pharma manufactures Disposable ECG Electrodes in ISO and CE-certified facilities situated in India, China, and the USA. Every facility and production plant strictly adheres to rigorous international standards, ensuring the utmost quality and safety.

Product Specifications




Foam ECG electrodes are made with a soft foam backing. They have a strong adhesive backing that can securely attach to the skin and ensure reliable contact throughout the ECG recording.

Foam electrodes are generally more durable and can withstand repeated use without losing adhesion, making them ideal for extended periods of use.


Non-Woven ECG electrodes are made from a fabric-like material that is hypoallergenic and suitable for patients with sensitive skin. The porous material can reduce the build-up of moisture or sweat and improve air circulation.

Non-woven electrodes are intended for single use, and they can be easily removed without leaving adhesive residue or causing discomfort.

Why are we a top Disposable ECG Electrodes manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is an American-owned pharmaceutical company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing reliable medical products, including Disposable ECG Electrodes and our entire range of diagnostic detection devices. Our company utilizes a unique supplier-distributor relationship that differentiates us from other large-scale medical manufacturers.

Over the past 20 years, AdvaCare Pharma has cultivated a strong reputation as a leading pharmaceutical distributor across 65 regions. Our well-established worldwide network includes distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and many other institutions.


What are Disposable ECG Electrodes used for?

They're used for sed for recording electrical signals from the heart during an ECG test.

How are Disposable ECG Electrodes used?

The electrodes can be applied to specific locations on a patient's chest, arms, and legs. Once the electrodes are positioned in place, the ECG machine records the signals and generates a graphical representation of the electrical activity of the heart.

How should Disposable ECG Electrodes be properly disposed of after use?

After use, used electrodes should be disposed of as per proper medical waste management guidelines and local regulations.


How do Disposable ECG Electrodes work?

They work by detecting and transmitting the electrical signals produced by the heart during an electrocardiogram (ECG) recording. Each electrode is equipped with a conductive material that is embedded in an adhesive pad. The material establishes an electrical connection with the skin surface and picks up the electrical impulses from the heart.

What are the different shapes used for?

The teardrop, round, or square ECG electrodes are designed to cater to different patient needs and preferences. The shape of the electrode may affect the skin contact area, adherence, and signal quality.

What are the benefits of the different types of materials for ECG electrodes?

The choice between foam and non-woven electrodes may depend on factors such as patient comfort, skin sensitivity, and the specific requirements of the particular procedure. Foam electrodes are generally more durable and can withstand repeated use without losing their adhesive properties, while non-woven electrodes can minimize the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions in those with sensitive skin.

Are there different sizes of Disposable ECG Electrodes available?

There are different sizes available to accommodate various patient populations and specific application needs.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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