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A complete range of ophthalmic, oral and skin treatments in liquid form are manufactured under the AdvaMate™ brand, including eye & ear drops and washes, oral solutions and gels for dog and cat health.
Pet Oral & Topical Solutions
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Dental Cleanse Solution
Ear Flush Solution
Flea & Tick Relief Spray
Hairball Relief Paste
Omega-3 Fish Oil
Potty Training Spray
Tear Stain Remover Solution
Therapeutic and cleansing solutions for pets.


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    Quality Management
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    Environmental Management
  • 45001
    Occupational Health and Safety


  • GMP
  • ISO
  • COPP
  • FSC
  • COA
  • COO


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  • Bioequivalence (BE) Studies

Manufacturing Locations

  • China, India, United States
*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.
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AdvaCare veterinary products are marketed by our distributors knowing that efficacy is assured. Such confidence in our products has made AdvaCare the market leader in countries where reliable, cost-effective livestock medications and pet supplements are in high demand.

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What is the meaning of Pet Oral & Topical Solutions?

Pet oral and topical solutions are specially formulated to address various health issues in dogs and cats. Oral solutions can be administered directly into the mouth for systemic effects or specific internal issues, while topical solutions are applied externally, such as on the skin or into the eyes and ears.

Oral solutions for pets often come in palatable flavors, ensuring that administration is as stress-free as possible for both the pet and the owner. These formulations can contain a variety of ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, or medications to treat specific ailments such as gastrointestinal issues or systemic infections.

Topical solutions, on the other hand, are tailored for external use and can provide immediate relief for a variety of issues. For instance, specially formulated eye drops can help alleviate symptoms of conjunctivitis or dry eyes, while ear solutions can aid in cleaning and treating infections or mites. Additionally, there are skin treatments designed to address allergies, rashes, wounds, or fungal infections, ensuring that the pet's outer health is well-maintained.

What are Pet Oral & Topical Solutions used for?

What is the purpose of using Pet Oral & Topical Solutions?

Pet oral and topical solutions address specific health issues or maintain overall well-being in pets. Oral solutions provide targeted internal treatment or support, while topical solutions offer relief and healing for external conditions. These solutions ensure direct, effective, and often fast-acting remedies.

How do you safely administer oral solutions to pets?

Oral solutions are typically given using a dropper or syringe without a needle, and it's essential to ensure the pet is calm, introduce the solution slowly, and praise the pet afterward for cooperation.

Can oral and topical solutions be used simultaneously for pets?

While many oral and topical solutions can be used in conjunction, it's crucial to consult with a veterinarian before combining treatments to ensure they don't interact negatively.

How should Pet Oral & Topical Solutions be stored?

Most solutions should be stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Always refer to the product's label or consult with a veterinarian for specific storage instructions.

Are there any side effects associated with Pet Oral & Topical Solutions?

Just like any medication or treatment, some pets might experience side effects from oral or topical solutions. It's essential to monitor your pet's reaction after administration and consult a veterinarian if any unusual symptoms or behaviors are observed.

Types of Pet Oral & Topical Solutions

  • Eye Drops & Washes are solutions specifically formulated for the eyes of pets. They can help in treating infections, lubricating dry eyes, or cleaning the eye area. Eye drop and washes are crucial for maintaining clear and comfortable eyes for pets, especially those prone to eye issues due to allergies or environmental factors.
  • Ear Drops & Cleansers are designed to treat ear infections, mites, or simply to clean the ear canal, ensuring the overall ear health of pets. Regular use of these solutions can help prevent ear problems and discomfort, ensuring that pets' ears are clean and free from irritants that could lead to infections.
  • Oral Solutions & Gels are ingested by the pet and can include treatments for internal parasites, pain relief, or nutritional supplements. These formulations provide a convenient way to administer medication or supplements to pets, ensuring they receive the necessary care for various health needs.
  • Topical Skin Treatments are applied directly to a pet's skin to address issues like infections, inflammation, or allergic reactions. They can come in the form of lotions, gels, or sprays, offering localized relief and promoting skin health for pets with skin sensitivities or conditions.
  • Anti-Parasitic Solutions are specifically designed to treat or prevent external parasites like fleas and ticks These are typically applied to the skin's surface or the fur of the pet, protecting them from infestations and the discomfort associated with parasitic pests.
  • Wound Care Solutions help in cleaning and promoting the healing of minor cuts, abrasions, or surgical incisions. These solutions provide an essential aid in preventing infection and facilitating the recovery process for pets with wounds.

Why are we a top Pet Oral & Topical Solutions manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma specializes in the manufacture of Pet Oral and Topical Solutions with a clear emphasis on both distributor and pet owner needs. We ensure cost-effective, high-quality pet hygiene and oral nutrition products that aim to cover a spectrum of pet healthcare needs. We manufacture a comprehensive range of oral and topical solutions, including dental cleanse, ear flush, flea & tick spray, hairball relief, omega-3 fish oil, potty training and tear remover, that are recognized and trusted globally.

Our manufacturing units of pet oral and topical solutions are located in China, India and the USA, and are ISO compliant. Conducting consistent audits, we are intent on maintaining superior industry standards. The product safety and consistency of our oral and topical solutions remain among our utmost priorities.

Engaging effectively with veterinary distributors in the pet and animal sector is a top priority at AdvaCare Pharma. Our collaborative model revolves around shared distribution roles, ensuring our distributors succeed in their markets. Through this united approach, we aim for sustainable growth in the pet care industry.