Candidiasis: Prevention and Cure

Candidiasis, also known as thrush or moniliasis, is one of the most recurrent fungal infection (Mycosis). It is a type of yeast that normally grows in warm and moist areas in different parts of the body especially mouth, belly, and skin.

By Jose Quilca

When the environment is ideal, it multiplies and grows out of control, and then an infection can occur which is known as candidiasis. It often makes the skin red, rash and itchy.

It includes all the type of infection caused by Candida species; all the body parts can be involved but the frequent one is the skin and mucous membranes (oral and genital). It is often seen that men are more susceptible to oral thrusts while females usually get a genital yeast infection. Researches show that more than 78% of women in fertile age have had candidiasis infection at least once in their life, and more than 35% have had it more than once in a year.

Since the disease is usually asymptomatic, it is important to know how to prevent and eventually cure it. For example, infections usually require the use of antifungal drugs like Fluconazole, Ketoconazole, Nystidine, and maintaining proper hygiene.

What are the Common Causes?

  • Frequent use of antibiotics/cortisone drugs;
  • People having weakened immune system due to diabetes, cancer, HIV;
  • Adults or children who wear dentures;
  • Poor hygiene such as infrequent undergarment changes;
  • All the other factors that create a favorable environment for the yeast to grow like: hormone Imbalance, excessive stress, Alcohol, unbalanced diet, warm weather, usage of damp clothes.

How is candidiasis treated?

Pharmacology Therapy

The therapy involves the use of the Antifungal drug, the common structure between the three active substances is the imidazole ring which is responsible for blocking the synthesis of the fungus cell membrane (made of steroids).

All of them can be used with Candida Albicans, depending on each situation, follow your doctor advice.

Prevention Methods:

As there are chances of reoccurrence of these infections, it’s important to follow the below some easy rules to avoid or at least lower the incidence of Candida.

  • Maintain a proper hygiene – wash the skin regularly and prevent the skin from becoming moist such as change sock regularly, change damp clothing such as swimsuits or sweaty workout clothes. In case of oral thrush remember to wash your teeth and use the antibacterial mouthwash. If it’s vaginal, use a suitable detergent with the right ph.
  • Use an Antifungal cream with ketoconazole, fluconazole, if the infection is at the first stage.
  • Take probiotics every day (by mouth or vaginal way), for at least 2/3 weeks as it strengthens the natural response of our immune system.
  • Use an antimycotic shower gel if you often attend places like swimming pool, gym …especially if you are susceptible to mycosis.

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