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      *StayGuard™ Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape is CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StayGuard™ Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape is manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      100% Cotton (ZOP-01)




      Hypoallergenic Hotmelt


      1.25cm x 5m;2.5cm x 5m;5cm x 5m;7.5cm x 5m;10cm x 5m

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer and global supplier Medical Zinc Oxide Plaster Tape. The StayGuard™ brand of Medical Zinc Oxide Plaster Tapes are internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        Zinc oxide plaster tape is a variant of medical tape that is non-stretch tape composed of 100% cotton that is primarily used to secure dressings. It is an adhesive tape, i.e. adheres to the surface in which it is applied to.

        This type of medical tape is manufactured from cotton. The adhesive agent is hypoallergenic, and is designed to be removed from the skin without damaging it. The material in which the tape is made from provides elasticity and strength. The tape is equipped with a Hotmelt adhesive, enabling adhesion to persist for a considerably long period of time, reducing the need for constantly re-applying new tape. Hotmelt lasts even longer than the regular adhesive abilities of zinc oxide adhesive.

        Zinc oxide plaster tape is proficient at absorbing perspiration, making it a popular choice for sports related applications.

        This tape is easily removed from the skin, leaving no damage to even the most sensitive skin types.

        Zinc oxide plaster tape is widely used for both professional and consumer needs, in hospitals, clinics, senior living facilities, workplaces, schools, and households. Its primary focus is sport applications, i.e. for wrapping sports injuries, preventing muscle and ligament injuries, stabilization of joints, and is able to absorb moisture such as perspiration whilst retaining its secure hold.

        This tape is able to withstand pressure which may arise from the dynamic movements involved in playing sport and exercising.

        There is 1 variant of zinc oxide tape offered by AdvaCare – the EconoGuard series.

        There is no microporous variant of transparent adhesive tape.

        The tape is available in a range of different sizes. Small dressings can be fasted with the small sized tape, and larger dressings can be fastened with larger tape.

        The tape is suitable for people with sensitive, delicate skin, as it does not harm the skin when removed.

        Zinc oxide plaster tape is an effective way to secure gauze dressings and other types of non-adhesive dressings in place.

        The tape is able to be applied onto damp skin, whilst retaining its adhesive capabilities.

        Some key properties for medical tape is that they must be durable enough to protect the wound, but retain a certain degree of flexibility to be able to move with the wearers’ movements and actions without coming unstuck, and consequently causing the dressing to become dislodged.

        Medical transparent adhesive tape is widely used for both professional and consumer needs, in hospitals, clinics, sporting organizations and clubs, workplaces, schools, and households.

        Additional Information

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        AdvaCare also offers other variations of medical tapes and bandages, discover a few of them here below:


        • Zinc oxide plaster tape is portable and convenient for use when travelling, and can easily be stored in a first aid kit;
        • Tape is easy to use and need little instruction;
        • Numerous sizes of zinc oxide plaster tape to choose from. Some wounds are large and require more dressing than a minor wound, and hence would require wider, longer tape to secure it. The AdvaCare range of medical transparent adhesive tape accommodates every wound, no matter the size;
        • Zinc oxide plaster tape secures dressings, assisting the healing process;
        • Medical transparent adhesive tape is moisture resistant, making it ideal for sporting applications i.e. to absorb perspiration;
        • Ideal for sports related applications;
        • Zinc oxide tape is extremely affordable, making it accessible to a wide range of people.


        Zinc oxide plaster tape is ideal for holding a dressing in place over a wound, cut, abrasion or blister. It is adhesive, and should not be placed directly on the wound, but to secure the dressing which does make direct contact. The tape provides some resistance to moisture, making it ideal for use during sport when the wearer is likely to sweat. It is also ideal for protecting sports injuries, by stabilizing the muscles and ligaments.

        To apply the tape, ensure the wound is cleaned thoroughly to remove any debris or foreign bodies, and a dressing is positioned correctly over the wound. The size of the dressing, and hence the tape that is securing it, should be considered in relation to the size of the wound. If a wound is large, a large sized dressing and hence a larger tape must be used to cater for the wounds size. The tape is wrapped around the dressing, taking care not to move the dressing out of position and off the wound. Multiple layers of tape may be required to properly fix the dressing in place. If using the tape before playing sport, ensure the tape is sufficiently tightened, as the movements may cause the tape to become unstuck. To protect or prevent an injury, wrap the affected area with the tape.

        Take care not to touch the wound, as this may aggravate it. Changing the dressing and the tape on a frequent basis is recommended. If the tape gets saturated with water or soiled, it should be replaced with a fresh wrapping of tape.

        It is imperative that zinc oxide tape is not used if the packaging or seal is compromised. Evidence of this may suggest tampering or loss of sterility. If one should come across tape inside comprised packaging, the correct course of action is to dispose of it quickly and safely.


        • It is important that zinc oxide tape is not reused. Once used, the device is not fit to be salvaged for further used, as sterilization cannot be retained. Re-using tape can result in infections being transmitted, or loss of stickiness and hence inability to properly secure the dressing;
        • Must prepare the tape for use in a clean, sterile environment, absent of bodily fluids or other sources of contamination;
        • Zinc oxide plaster tape should be stored in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Failure to do so may reduce the tapes stickiness, decreasing its ability to secure dressings and tubing/devices in place;
        • Promptly and safely dispose of any tape that has touched a potentially contaminated surface;
        • There is no breathable version of this type of tape, which must be taken into consideration when opting for this tape;
        • If used to secure an injury, and sport or any other form of dynamic movement is about to be undertaken, care must be taken to minimize stress on the affected area. Whilst the tape does provide some protection, it is no substitute for resting the injury, especially if it is severe;
        • If zinc oxide plaster tape has blood or any other bodily substance on it, it must be handled as biohazard waste.


        The range of medical transparent adhesive tape offered by AdvaCare is composed of 100% cotton, with a Hotmelt adhesive.

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