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      *StaySafe™ Shoes Covers are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StaySafe™ Shoes Covers are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      PE - EconoSafe (SCR-01);PP - XtraSafe (SCR-02);PP - XtraSafe Plus (Non-Skid Bottom) (SCR-03);SMS - XtraSafe Ultra (SCR-04);PP - XtraSafe (Boot Cover) (SCR-05);SMS - XtraSafe Ultra (Boot Cover) (SCR-06)



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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer and global supplier of Shoe Covers. The StaySafe brand of Shoe Covers are internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        The main function of shoe covers is to provide protection for the patient, the medical operator and the shoes they are wearing from contaminants, by a physically covering the shoe. Shoe covers are of utmost important in the operating room, where strict sterile conditions must be upheld.

        There are numerous substances which must be protected against in a surgical environment, including body fluids like blood and chemicals agents used during surgery. Patients are protected from contaminants which may reside on the shoe or sole of the medical professional.

        Medical professionals benefit from wearing shoe covers to avoid their shoes from being damaged or soiled from any accidents in the operating room, for example chemical spills.

        StayDry disposable shoe covers prevent the patient as well as medical practitioners from being exposed to contaminants that were brought in from outside that attached to the visitor’s shoe. Patients emerging from an operation or medical procedure are vulnerable, so it is important that they are not introduced to any foreign contaminants from the outside environment which may worsen their condition.

        Shoe covers are disposable and should be used only once, to prevent contaminants collected in the operating room from being introduced into the outside environment. Potentially harmful substances which can be transmitted include bio hazardous body fluids, infectious material and debris. Due to their protective abilities, shoe covers are also used in industries which require sterile conditions and products, such as the food industry and catering services in nursing homes.

        There are three styles of shoe covers offered by AdvaCare. The regular shoe cover, the boot cover, and the non-skid shoe cover.

        The shoe cover ranges offered by AdvaCare are composed of materials resistant to deterioration and materials found in medical operating rooms such as chemicals. The three materials that shoe/boot covers are made from in the AdvaCare range are polypropylene, polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene. Each material will be covered in more detail below.

        Shoe cover selection should be made based on the specific aspects of the procedure, as well as personal preference. Both the surgeons and patients safety is imperative, so selecting the right shoe cover for the task at hand is of utmost importance.

        Product Series:



        This type of shoe cover is the standard style, and covers just the shoe.

        • Can be composed of polypropylene, polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene
        • Protects the shoe – does not extend further up the leg like boot covers do


        This specification is textured with ribbed surface on its underside which assist the wearer by gripping to the floor surface, making the environment safer for both the medical team and patient.

        • Underside of the cover is textured, providing added grip to the floor and thus reducing the risk of slipping and falling, which could potentially result in injury
        • Normally made from polypropylene


        The boot is differentiated from the standard shoe cover in that it extends further up the leg to the shin.

        • The added length of the boot cover offers more protection for the wearer, as it protects a larger area
        • Usually made from polypropylene or chlorinated polyethylene

        Additional Information

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        Benefits of Shoe Covers:

        • Shoe covers are available in a Variety of materials, each one catering to the different needs of the procedure, the patient, and the wearer;
        • Relatively inexpensive, safe to use;
        • Shoe covers prevent the transmission of potentially hazardous material from the operating room to the outside environment;
        • Covers are disposable and hence contaminants are not transmitted through re-use of the device;
        • Protects the wearer, patient and outside visitors from contracting infections due to cross contamination;
        • Shoe covers available in multiple sizes and styles. There is a cover that fits everybody’s preference;
        • Shoe covers come in a range of variants, and the type of cover should be chosen based on the characteristics of the environment. For example, if additional protection is desired, the individual should opt for the boot cover instead of the standard shoe cover;
        • Breathable, lightweight, strong material provides a high level of comfort and safety for the wearer;
        • Relatively inexpensive.


        Correct size of shoe covers must be worn by the user, as shoe covers that are too large may slip off, hindering their protective traits. They may also interfere with walking, increasing the risk of tripping over and causing injury. Shoe covers that are too tight may break due to the excessive stress on the material. Comfort is essential for the medical professional during a high stakes medical procedure such as surgery to ensure the surgeon performs at their optimum ability.

        Shoe covers are slipped over the shoes, similar to a large pair of socks. They are elasticized at the top, comfortably securing them over and around the foot. Slight adjustments may be necessary in order to achieve this. The wearer is ready to undertake a medical procedure.

        It is vital that the shoe covers are not used if the packaging or seal is damaged. Evidence of this may suggest tampering or contamination. If one should encounter covers inside comprised packaging, the best course of action is to discard them quickly and safely.


        • Must prepare the shoe covers for use in a clean, sterile environment, absent of bodily fluids or other sources of contamination;
        • Never re-use shoe covers. They are designed to be discarded after use;
        • Promptly and safely dispose of any covers that have touched a potentially contaminated surface;
        • Correct material and style of shoe covers must be selected according to procedure – if the floor is polished or slippery, the non-skid shoe covers would be the best option to wear in this situation;
        • Care must be taken when selecting the correct cover size – A comfortable, correct fit is imperative for the wearer to perform a procedure to a high standard and to maintain safety.


        Shoe/boot covers are manufactured using a variety of materials. The materials used in the range offered by AdvaCare are polypropylene, polyethylene and chlorinated polyethylene.

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