Isolation Gown (blister pack of 10 pieces)
Isolation Gown (1 piece)
Isolation Gown Yellow (1 piece)
Isolation Gown (blister pack of 10 pieces)
Isolation Gown (1 piece)
Isolation Gown Yellow (1 piece)
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Isolation Gown

StaySafe™ Medical Disposables
Isolation Gowns are garments used as PPE to prevent the spread of infectious materials, primarily in healthcare settings. These single-use isolation gowns are manufactured in a CE/ISO-certified facility by AdvaCare Pharma, a leading exporter of quality medical supplies.


Fluid Protection

Collar Closure

Waist Closure






What is an Isolation Gown?

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Isolation Gowns are personal protective equipment (PPE) used to protect the wearer from exposure to bodily fluids, infectious materials, and other possible contaminants. This type of garment is designed to be utilized in healthcare settings and is a vital part of infection control practices.

There are two main materials used in the production of disposable isolation gowns: PP (polypropylene) and SMS (spunbond-meltblown-spunbond). PP is a material that provides basic protection, while SMS provides better breathability and increased protection against fluids. Isolation gowns are available as standard gowns or reinforced gowns, which offer a higher level of resistance to penetration by bodily fluids.

These disposable gowns are highly customizable, as they can be equipped with a tie-on or Velcro collar closure and knitted or elastic cuffs. Weight options range from 28gsm to 45gsm, and sizing ranges from S to XXL.

Isolation Gowns are manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma, a reputable pharmaceutical company with expertise in global distribution. This medical disposable product is carefully produced in a CE/ISO-certified facility situated in China, India, and the USA. These facilities are routinely inspected to ensure our products meet health, safety, and environmental standards.

Product Specifications


Fluid Protection

Collar Closure

Waist Closure


Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene (PP) isolation gowns are composed of polypropylene, which is a durable and lightweight material. This material is waterproof and able to protect the wearer from liquids and fluids. Additionally, PP provides chemical resistance, ensuring an added layer of protection against potentially harmful substances and contamination. It is suitable for settings where protection from fluids and chemicals is crucial.

Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS)

Spunbond-Meltblown-Spunbond (SMS) isolation gowns are composed of a three-layered material of meltblown and spunbond fabrics. This combination of materials offers a higher strength and durability to the gown.

The meltblown layer has been specially added to act as a barrier against bacteria, which increases the garment's effectiveness in preventing the transmission of infectious agents.

Why are we a trusted Isolation Gown manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company that excels in manufacturing Isolation Gowns and other top-tier single-use medical devices for protective use. We prioritize the production of high-quality, cost-effective PPE medical supplies. Our highly-skilled team works with our distributors to deliver customized solutions catering to the unique requirements of each market.

Over the past twenty years, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable exporter and manufacturer of Isolation Gowns and other medical disposables. Our partnerships include distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other many other institutions.


What are Isolation Gowns used for?

They're used as a protective garment to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and maintain a sterile environment.

How is an Isolation Gown worn?

Healthcare professionals should first wash their hands before selecting the appropriate size gown. The gown should cover the body from the neck to below the knees and be secured at the back or waist. A visual check should be performed to find any defects, as damaged gowns should be discarded.

How should unused Isolation Gowns be stored?

Unused isolation gowns should be stored in a clean and dry area and kept away from direct sunlight, heat sources, chemicals, and moisture. Storing them in their original packaging or in a suitable container can help prevent contamination and damage.

How should used Isolation Gowns be disposed of?

Used isolation gowns should be disposed of according to healthcare facility protocols and regulations. Depending on the specific guidelines, they may be disposed of as medical waste or through designated waste disposal channels.


When should Isolation Gowns be used?

Isolation gowns are recommended for many types of settings, including healthcare facilities, laboratories, and cleanrooms. They should be worn for situations that involve potential contact with bodily fluids, blood, pathogens, or hazardous substances. Isolation gowns are also used in isolation units to protect both healthcare workers and patients from the transmission of infectious diseases.

What are the benefits of PP versus SMS Isolation Gowns?

PP gowns are cost-effective, lightweight, and suitable for situations with minimal fluid exposure. SMS gowns provide enhanced barrier protection, better durability, and higher fluid resistance.

What is the difference between a standard and a reinforced Isolation Gown?

The primary difference between a standard gown and a reinforced gown is its construction and level of protection. Standard gowns are typically made from a single layer of fabric, while reinforced gowns have an additional layer of reinforcement in critical areas, usually around the front torso and sleeves. This reinforcement is often made of a different material, such as a plastic film or non-woven fabric, which offers a higher level of fluid resistance compared to standard gowns. Due to the additional layer, reinforced gowns are generally more durable and resistant to tearing and punctures.

When should a standard Isolation Gown or a reinforced Isolation Gown be used?

Standard gowns are recommended for situations with low to moderate fluid exposure, such as routine examination or basic patient care; reinforced gowns are suitable for procedures with an increased risk of fluid splashes or sprays, like during surgeries or invasive medical interventions.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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