Surgical Gloves (box of 50 pairs)
Surgical Gloves (blister pack of 1 pair)
Surgical Gloves (1 piece)
Surgical Gloves (box of 50 pairs)
Surgical Gloves (blister pack of 1 pair)
Surgical Gloves (1 piece)
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Surgical Gloves

StaySafe™ Medical Disposables
Surgical Gloves are sterile gloves used during surgical procedures or other situations that require sterility. AdvaCare Pharma is a leading CE/ISO-certified manufacturer of surgical gloves with a reputation for producing reliable and effective medical supplies.






What are Surgical Gloves?

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Surgical Gloves are single-use protective gloves used to prevent cross-contamination between healthcare professionals and patients during a procedure. Gloves help prevent direct contact with blood, bodily fluids, and other substances and are often worn in medical settings like exam rooms or emergency departments.

Disposable surgical gloves are produced in different polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, and polyisoprene. They are available in a wide range of sizes, from 6.0 to 8.5, as precise sizing is essential for the precision and sensitivity necessary for these types of procedures.

Surgical Gloves are manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma, an American-owned pharmaceutical company with extensive experience in worldwide distribution. These medical-grade surgical gloves are produced in CE/ISO-certified facilities, where regular inspections guarantee that our facilities and our products meet stringent health, safety, and environmental standards.

Product Specifications





Latex surgical gloves offer exceptional elasticity, which allows for a comfortable fit and conformity to the hand shape. Latex gloves offer an elongation limit of approximately 750% and exhibit remarkable flexibility and stretchability. They provide reliable protection against punctures, as well as chemical and pathogen exposure.

It should be noted that orthopedic gloves offer the highest level of protection, followed by standard latex gloves, and finally, latex microsurgery gloves, which are recommended for low-risk procedures.


Nitrile surgical gloves are made from high-quality synthetic polymers, a material that offers superior resistance to punctures and corrosive or irritable chemicals. Unlike latex gloves, nitrile gloves are less likely to cause allergic reactions or skin irritation, making them a suitable alternative for individuals with latex allergies.

Nitrile surgical gloves provide reliable protection while maintaining a high level of comfort and dexterity during surgical procedures.


Polyisoprene surgical gloves offer a high level of protection and exceptional elasticity. They are similar in properties to latex gloves, which makes them an ideal alternative for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities. While polyisoprene gloves are slightly more permeable than latex, they still provide comparable resistance to punctures. Although they are the most expensive glove material, their benefits make them a valuable option for individuals with latex allergies who require a suitable alternative.

Why are we a trusted Surgical Gloves manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a leading global manufacturer of Surgical Gloves and other PPE medical disposables specific for surgical procedures. Each of our products is accompanied by a comprehensive STED dossier, instilling confidence in our partners and distributors that our medical supplies consistently meet the highest standards of quality.

Drawing upon over two decades of industry experience, we have developed a distribution network that extends to 65 markets across the globe. Our business model is focused on creating a strong partnership with our distributors, and our professional team offers unbeatable assistance throughout the entire process - from supply chain coordination to registration support.


What are Surgical Gloves used for?

They're used as PPE in order to create a barrier between their hands and potential contaminants during surgical procedures or medical examinations.

How are Surgical Gloves worn?

It is important to ensure that the gloves fit snugly and cover the entire hand and wrist. Gloves should be donned before any patient contact or exposure to potentially contaminated surfaces. It is important to remember to remove and replace them after each use.

Are there any storage recommendations for Surgical Gloves?

It is advised to store unused surgical gloves in their original packaging or in a suitable container to protect them from contamination and to maintain their sterility.

How should used Surgical Gloves be disposed of?

Used surgical gloves should be disposed of after each use. Each glove should be removed by grasping the cuff and pulling it off, turning it inside out during removal. The removed glove should be held in the gloved hand while taking off the other glove in the same way. Any used gloves should be placed in a designated waste bin in accordance with protocols for the disposal of medical waste.


Which material of Surgical Gloves should be used?

The choice of material is dependent on factors like allergies, sensitivity, and the specific procedure. Latex gloves are a popular choice due to their excellent fit, comfort, and tactile sensitivity, but they can be problematic for individuals with latex allergies. Nitrile surgical gloves are a suitable alternative for individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Should powdered or powder-free Surgical Gloves be used?

Powder-free gloves lower the risk of allergic reactions and reduce the spread of powder particles in the operating room environment. Powdered gloves help to reduce friction within the glove, which makes it easier to put on and take off. The powder can also enhance tactile sensitivity and absorb moisture and perspiration.

Which texture of Surgical Gloves should be used?

Smooth surgical gloves provide a natural feel and excellent sensitivity, which can make them suitable for delicate procedures. Textured micro-rough fingertips offer enhanced grip and control, which can be ideal for procedures needing a firm grasp or if dealing with slippery objects or fluids.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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