Medical Caps (PE bag or 100 pieces)
Medical Caps (1 piece)
Medical Caps (PE bag or 100 pieces)
Medical Caps (1 piece)
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Medical Cap

StaySafe™ Medical Disposables
A Medical Cap is a piece of headwear worn to maintain hygiene and prevent contamination in medical settings. These single-use caps are manufactured in a CE/ISO-certified facility by AdvaCare Pharma, a leading exporter of quality medical supplies.


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What is a Medical Cap?

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A Medical Cap is a type of protective headgear worn to maintain cleanliness and hygiene during procedures. The cap typically covers the head and hair, helping to prevent loose strands or contaminants from falling into the work zone. This style of PPE is commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities.

This style of cap is also known by the name skull cap and surgeon cap. They are essential garments for maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room, playing a crucial role in preventing the spread of contaminants.

Disposable medical caps are available in various weights, ranging from 10gsm to 30gsm. The higher the gsm, the more durable and resistant the cap is to tears and punctures. The caps are produced in sizes S, M, and L to accommodate a variety of head sizes.

Medical Caps are manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma, a reputable pharmaceutical company with expertise in global distribution. This medical disposable product is carefully produced in a CE/ISO-certified facility situated in China, India, and the USA. These facilities are routinely inspected to ensure our products meet health, safety, and environmental standards.

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Bouffant style of medical cap, also referred to as a nurse cap, is characterized by its round shape and soft elastic band. The elastic band ensures that the cap stays in place during extended periods of wear.

The disposable bouffant cap provides full coverage in order to both contain hair and prevent it from contaminating the environment. This type of medical cap is commonly used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare settings.


Mob style of medical cap is shaped like a clip before unfolding it for use. The cap is made of lightweight and breathable materials to ensure comfort during long or extended use. It is designed with an elastic band which provides a secure and adjustable fit for the individual wearing the cap.

The mob disposable cap offers good coverage and is suitable for a variety of healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, and laboratories. Its convenient and compact design allows for easy storage and transportation.


Surgeon style of medical cap is designed with string ties at the back, allowing for a secure and adjustable fit. The string ties ensure that the cap remains in place throughout the procedure, providing comfort and preventing interference or falling of the hair.

The surgeon disposable cap is made from lightweight and breathable materials, ensuring maximum comfort during extended use. t is an essential part of maintaining a sterile environment in the operating room and plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of contaminants.

This style of cap is favored by surgeons and other healthcare professionals during surgical procedures.

Why are we a quality Medical Cap manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company that excels in manufacturing Medical Caps and other single-use medical supplies. We prioritize the production of high-quality, cost-effective PPE medical supplies. Our highly-skilled team works with our distributors to deliver customized solutions catering to the unique requirements of each market.

Over the past twenty years, we have established ourselves as a trusted and reliable exporter and manufacturer of Medical Caps and other medical disposables. Our partnerships include distributors, hospitals, pharmacies, and other many other institutions.


What is a Medical Cap used for?

It's used to provide coverage and containment for the hair during a medical procedure, surgery, or other healthcare activity.

How is a Medical Cap worn?

To wear a medical cap, the individual should first ensure their hair is secured and contained. The cap is then placed on the head, covering the hair completely. It should fit securely and comfortably and offer full coverage of the hair.

Are there any storage recommendations for unused Medical Caps?

Unused medical caps should be stored in a clean and dry area, away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. They should be kept in their original packaging to prevent contamination and maintain their integrity.

How should used Medical Caps be disposed of?

Used medical caps should be disposed of properly according to healthcare facility guidelines and local regulations for medical waste disposal. This may involve placing them in designated waste bins to prevent cross-contamination.


Which type of Medical Cap should be used?

When selecting a medical cap, it is important to consider factors such as the level of hair coverage needed, the level of comfort required for the wearer, and the specific regulations and guidelines of the healthcare facility or industry.

Bouffant caps are commonly used in healthcare settings as they provide full coverage and create a secure barrier against hair and potential contaminants. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Mob caps are similar to bouffant caps but have a looser fit and a more relaxed appearance. This style is commonly used in healthcare facilities and food processing industries.

Surgeon caps are typically worn by surgeons and other surgical team members during procedures. They are designed to fully cover the head and hair, providing an extra layer of protection against potential contamination.

Which PP weight should be used for Medical Caps?

When choosing a PP weight for medical caps, it's important to consider the specific needs of the environment. Weights are categorized on a scale of lightweight to heavyweight, with different gram per square meter (gsm) measurements associated with each level. Typically, as the weight increases, the barrier protection and durability increase. Lightweight options begin at 10gsm, which offer basic hair coverage and breathability. Lighter-weighted medical caps are suitable for situations where minimal hair containment is required, such as non-sterile environments or areas with low contamination risk. Medical caps produced with a weight of 30gsm offer the highest level of barrier protection and durability. This weight is suitable for settings where maximum hair containment and protection against potential contaminants are critical, such as sterile procedures or highly sensitive environments.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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