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      *AccuPoint™ Blood Transfusion Bags are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **AccuPoint™ Blood Transfusion Bags are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      250ml (CPDA-1) (BTB-01S);350ml (CPDA-1) (BTB-02S);450ml (CPDA-1) (BTB-03S);500ml (CPDA-1) (BTB-04S)


      250ml (CPDA-1) + 200ml (BTB-01D);350ml (CPDA-1) + 200ml (BTB-02D);350ml (CPDA-1) + 300ml (BTB-03D);450ml (CPDA-1) + 300ml (BTB-04D);500ml (CPDA-1) + 300ml (BTB-05D)


      350ml (CPDA-1) + 200ml + 200ml (BTB-01T);350ml (CPDA-1) + 200ml + 200ml (SAGM) (BTB-02T);350ml (CPD) + 200ml + 200ml (SAGM) (BTB-03T)


      350ml (CPDA-1) + 200ml + 200ml + 200ml (BTB-01Q);350ml (CPDA-1) + 200ml + 200ml + 200ml (SAGM) (BTB-02Q);350ml (CPD) + 200ml + 200ml + 200ml (SAGM) (BTB-03Q);450ml (CPDA-1) + 400ml + 300ml + 300ml (BTB-04Q);450ml (CPDA-1) + 400ml + 300ml + 300ml (SAGM) (BTB-05Q);450ml (CPD) + 400ml + 300ml + 300ml (SAGM) (BTB-06Q);450ml (CPDA-1) + 400ml + 300ml + 400ml (BTB-07Q);450ml (CPDA-1) + 400ml + 300ml + 400ml (SAGM) (BTB-08Q);450ml (CPD) + 400ml + 300ml + 400ml (SAGM) (BTB-09Q)


      Normal PVC Film;Heat-Pressed PVC Film

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer and global supplier of Blood Transfusion Bags. The AccuPoint™ brand of Blood Transfusion Bags, manufactured as a single bag or as a system consisting of up to 4 bags, are internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        Blood Transfusion Bags, also referred to as a blood bag or blood bag system, are manufactured and used for medical operations for safe and reliable blood transfusion in order to restore a patient’s health.

        The plastic bags, available in normal PVC film or heat-pressed PVC film, allow for safe and easy preparation of multiple blood components from a single unit of whole blood and are fitted with ultra-thin sharp pointed needles for a smooth and comfortable penetration.

        The round shape of the bag minimizes blood waste during the transfer and transfusion and the convenient hanger slits and holes not only facilitate blood collection and transfusion but allow easy suspension of the bag in a vertical position.

        Blood Transfusion Bags inner surface is treated to ensure that blood does not clot. In order to prevent contamination, our products are provided with tamper proof, safe and easy-to-open port covers. The filter has the function of removing most of the leucocytes for safe collection of blood.

        Additional Information

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        Product Series

        AdvaCare manufactures four types of Blood Transfusion Bags in the AccuPoint range:

        • Single Blood Bag: used for collection, preservation, and transfusion of human blood.
        • Double Blood Bag: separates red blood cells and plasma. It includes a primary bag and a satellite bag.
        • Triple Blood Bag: this system separates red blood cells, plasma and buffy coat (includes leucocytes and platelets). It is made of a primary bag and two satellite bags.
        • Quadruple Blood Bag: separates red blood cells, plasma, buffy coat (poor platelet) and platelets.

        AdvaCare blood bags are manufactured using high-quality materials and preservatives and are available in different volumes. Our factories are GMP, ISO, CE and USFDA approved.


        • Open the outer wrap at the tear nicks and take off one blood bag system;
        • Apply the blood pressure cuff on the donor’s arm, identify injection site and release the cuff;
        • Disinfect the injection site. Cover the area with sterilized gauze;
        • Hang the tube onto patient’s wrist in order to not compress the needle;
        • Apply the needle immediately;
        • Tie the needle to the patient’s arm;
        • Make sure there is continuous blood flow. If so, the blood collection is expected to be completed in around 12 minutes;
        • Collect the quantity of blood following the instructions indicated on the bag label. Monitor the blood being drawn;
        • After blood collection is over, collect the blood needed and stop the collection by fastening the blood collection tube;
        • Untie the lace or deflate the blood pressure cuff;
        • When the procedure is done, hold the hub with one hand to remove the needle while holding the sterile gauze with the other hand. Pull the hub without exerting too much pressure. Let the patient keep sterilized gauze on the injection site;
        • Hold the needle with one hand to keep the tip in the upper position and wait for the blood to flow off through the tube;
        • Clamp the bag tube;
        • Make sure all the patient information required are written on the label of the blood transfusion bag.

        Benefits of Blood Transfusion Bags

        • Safe and user-friendly packaging;
        • Tamper-proof labels with readable information;
        • Traceability and control of all raw materials;
        • Complete traceability and control of each semi-finished product;
        • Traceability of final products (reference and batch number printed on labels).


        • Before the injection, check the blood bag system with its tubes and needles for visual imperfections;
        • Put the blood transfusion bag below the level of the patient’s arm;
        • While opening the blood transfusion bag, hold the blood bag tube from needle protector. Be sure not to lock the needle safety cover before the blood collection;
        • Store the blood transfusion bags in a clean, dry and cool place;
        • Use it only for human blood and blood components;
        • Do not use the blood transfusion bags if there is a visible sign of deterioration;
        • Protect the bag and tubing from sharp objects;
        • Do not use if fluid path closures are loose and not intact;
        • Store blood between 1 and 6°;
        • Do not add any medication to the blood;
        • Remember that when frozen, plastic is more fragile;
        • Single use only: throw it away after use.

        Additional Information

        Blood for transfusions is nowadays usually stored in disposable plastic (PVC) bags, which were introduced to replace the old glass bottles used until the 1970s. Plastic bags are not only more convenient (easier to store, handle and transport and don’t need to be washed or sterilized), but they have also changed the way blood products can be used to treat a wide range of hematological conditions. In particular, the key point of the introduction of PVC bags in the 1970s was making the blood transfusion much safer than before.

        The problem with the glass bottles was that separation into platelets, plasma and cryoprecipitate was very complex, but especially prone to bacterial contamination and lack of consistency. Using plastic transfusion bags, the separation of blood is much easier and allows targeted management of conditions such as anemia and bleeding disorders. Before plastic blood transfusion bags were introduced, it was basically impossible to separate platelets from blood.

        The availability of platelets for transfusion has allowed the development of more aggressive and effective therapies such as chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of patients with leukemia and lymphoma, which nowadays helps doctors and health care providers to save many lives.

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