Hemodialysis Catheter Kit (1 kit)
Hemodialysis Catheter Kit (1 kit/blister pack)
Hemodialysis Catheter Kit (1 kit)
Hemodialysis Catheter Kit (1 kit/blister pack)
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Hemodialysis Catheter Kit

AccuPoint™ Injection Instruments
A Hemodialysis Catheter Kit is a medical device used for vascular access during hemodialysis procedures. The dialysis catheter kit is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma in ISO and CE certified facilities.

Extension Line Type

Lumen Type

Lumen Size

Catheter Length

Kit Components

Polyurethane Catheter, Vessel Dilator, Guidewire, Clamp, Disposable Syringe (5ml Luer Slip), Injection Cap, Introducer Needle (18G), Scalpel (#11)


What is a Hemodialysis Catheter Kit?

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A Hemodialysis Catheter Kit is a set of medical devices used to achieve temporary vascular access during hemodialysis procedures. The kit is available in straight or pre-curved extension lines. It also has single, double, or triple lumen types and catheter lengths ranging from 6.5 Fr to 12 Fr.

The components of a hemodialysis catheter kit typically include a catheter, introducer needle, guidewire, dilator, injection cap, clamp, and syringe. The catheter itself is usually made of polyurethane material, which is biocompatible, radiopaque, and kink-resistant. The kit is designed for ease of use and reduces the risk of infection or other complications associated with hemodialysis catheterization.

AdvaCare Pharma's Hemodialysis Catheter Kit is manufactured in ISO and CE certified facilities in China, India, and the USA. These facilities undergo regular inspections to maintain compliance with the highest safety, quality, and environmental standards.

Product Specifications

Extension Line Type

Lumen Type

Kit Components

Straight Extension Line

Straight Extension Line hemodialysis catheter kit is selected based on medical criteria such as the insertion site, which could be the jugular, subclavian, or femoral veins, and the patient's size. It provides a direct path from the catheter to the dialysis machine, allowing blood to flow easily. The single line is used for a single lumen catheter.

Pre-curved Extension Line

Pre-curved Extension Line hemodialysis catheter kit is specifically designed to be used for jugular insertions and to provide fixation of the catheter and a barrier against infection. The selection of the pre-curved line is based on medical criteria that considers the patient's size and the insertion site of the catheter, such as the jugular, subclavian, or femoral veins.

Why are we a quality Hemodialysis Catheter Kit manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a leading manufacturer and global provider of AccuPoint™ brand Hemodialysis Catheter Kits that are ISO and CE-certified and comply with global healthcare standards through both internal and third-party assessments.

With a strong supplier-distributor partnership and distribution networks in 65 markets, we offer innovative solutions and improved access to superior healthcare products. Medical professionals choose AdvaCare products because they are manufactured under strict quality guidelines, have obtained various international certifications, and offer cost-effective solutions without compromising quality and safety.


How should a Hemodialysis Catheter Kit be used?

Hemodialysis Catheter Kits should only be used by trained medical professionals. Prior to use, ensure that the kit is complete and that all the components are sterile. When using the kit, ensure that the catheter is inserted into the correct location and that it is secured in place. Proper hand hygiene must be observed throughout the procedure.

How should a Hemodialysis Catheter Kit be removed and disposed?

After use, the catheter and all the components should be disposed of in accordance with the hospital's protocol for biohazardous waste. Used syringes, needles, and other sharp objects should be placed in a sharps container.

The catheter should be carefully removed, taking care not to accidentally pull the entire unit out. The insertion site should be cleaned and disinfected after catheter removal. Finally, the kit's packaging and any unused components should be discarded in the appropriate receptacles.


What are the parts of a Hemodialysis Catheter Kit and How do they interact?

The hemodialysis catheter kit typically includes a catheter, guidewire, dilator, introducer needle, clamp, syringe, and injection cap. These parts work together to create temporary vascular access for hemodialysis. The guidewire and dilator are used to puncture the vein and create a pathway for the catheter to be inserted, while the clamp and injection cap are used to regulate blood flow and prevent infection.

What is the difference between single, double, and triple lumen?

Single lumen kits have one catheter and are used for hemodialysis only, while double lumen kits have two catheters, one for hemodialysis and the other for blood return. Triple lumen kits have an additional catheter for infusion or medications during the hemodialysis procedure.

What are the different catheter lengths available for Hemodialysis Catheter Kit?

Catheter lengths range from 6.5 Fr to 12 Fr, with the most common length being 8 Fr. The appropriate length for a patient depends on their body size, the location of the catheter insertion site, and the expected duration of use.

What is the difference between straight and pre-curved extension line types?

Straight extension lines are ideal for patients who require a high flow rate during hemodialysis, while pre-curved extension lines are ideal for patients with difficult vascular access or those who require long-term catheterization. The pre-curved extension lines are designed to reduce the risk of catheter-related complications such as kinking or occlusion.

How should Hemodialysis Catheter Kits be stored and handled?

Kits should be stored in a clean, dry place at room temperature. They should be inspected for any signs of damage or contamination before use, and any damaged or expired components should be discarded. The dialysis catheter set should be handled with care to prevent damage to any of the components, and the insertion site should be cleaned and disinfected according to standard medical practices.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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