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*AdvaCare Blood Sugar Support is GMP certified.

**AdvaCare Blood Sugar Support is manufactured in our facilities located in China, India and USA.

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Composition 400mg:
Astragalus Extract,
Bitter Gourd Extract,
Pueraria Extract,
Goji Berry Extract,
Ginseng Extract,

*or according to distributor/market composition


60 capsules/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging);100 tablets/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging);120 capsules/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging)

*or according to distributor/market requirements




General Health and Nutritional Treatment

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Product Information

General Information:
AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Blood Sugar Support capsules.

Blood Sugar Support is a composition made of astragalus, bitter gourd, Pueraria, goji berry and ginseng extracts with propolis.

Atragalus extract is a root that has traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to boost the immune system and other systems such as the cardiovascular system. Astragalus has antioxidant effects that prevent free radical production, linked to health problems correlated with aging. It may treat a common cold, respiratory diseases, diabetes, and protect against heart disease.

Bitter Gourd is full of nutrients, including iron, potassium, and vitamin C. It is abundant in fiber and naturally bitter tasting. Bitter gourd contains p-insulin, which naturally controls diabetes. It is anti-inflammatory and may lower bad cholesterol levels, helping to prevent heart disease.

Pueraria is considered by some to be an herbal equivalent to estrogen. It helps with such conditions as menopause, osteoporosis, reduced sex drive, and others associated with aging. It can increase breast size, promote collagen production, and fight signs of aging with the miroestrol compounds and phytochemicals within it.

Ginseng has anti-inflammatory properties that boost the immune system and help fight infections and prevent the flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). It is known to be a natural remedy for ulcers. It also provides cognitive benefits, improving cognitive function, improving thinking, concentration, mental alertness, and memory, and reducing depression, and anxiety. It has been shown to help those with Alzheimer’s disease and those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). It has also been used as a chronic fatigue natural cure, and also to treat cancer-related fatigue as well as play a part in cancer prevention. Ginseng helps with reproductive health by helping men who have erectile dysfunction and treating menopause symptoms. Ginseng has multiple cardiovascular benefits–it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol thereby treating diabetes. It helps with those who have low iron in the blood, anemia, and for insulin resistance caused by HIV treatments. It boosts energy and increases physical endurance.

Goji berries are known as a foundation of youth. They are full of nutrients that have been associated with treating common health ailments such as diabetes, fever, and eye problems. They may enhance well-being, promote weight loss, and treat high blood pressure.

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