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        General Information:
        AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Folic Acid tablets.

        Folic acid is a water-soluble form of a B vitamin. Folic acid is the synthesized form of folate, which is found naturally in foods. Folic acid is commonly added to cereal, bread, and pasta. Foods that are naturally high in folate include leafy vegetables, fruits, and beans.

        Folic acids benefits are wide-ranging and numerous. They help treat folate deficiencies, prevent Anemia which is of low iron content in the blood. Folic acid supplement also help the bowels to properly absorb nutrients. Other conditions associated with a folate deficiency include ulcers, liver disease, alcoholism, and kidney problems such as kidney dialysis. Also, folic acid benefits pregnant women. It may help to prevent a miscarriage and neural tube defects. Folic acid supplement has also been correlated to fewer birth defects in women, such as the birth defect known as spina bifida, a condition affecting the fetus’s spine and back.

        Folic acid benefits include cardiovascular welfare such as preventing heart disease and stroke. It can help reduce the blood concentration of homocysteine, which may lead to greater risk for heart disease. Folic acid supplement can help with age-related problems such as hearing loss, age-related macular degeneration in the eyes, and signs of aging. It can treat weak bones, a condition called Osteoporosis, and jumpy legs. It also relaxes nerve and muscular pain and may treat sleep problems.

        Folic acid supplement can also be used to reduce harmful side effects associated with the medications lometrexol and methotrexate. Some people use the folic acid to treat gum infections by directly applying folic acid to the gums. Folic acid is often taken with other vitamin Bs. Folic acid supplement helps to produce and maintain new cells. They prevent changes to DNA that may lead to cancer, though additional research must be done in that field.

        Take Folic acid supplement in moderation and as directed to. It is potentially unsafe if taken in high doses. Side effects and symptoms of folic acid supplement overdose may include cramps, diarrhea, rash, sleep disorders, upset stomach, mood changes, skin reactions, seizures, and excitability. Folic acid will not treat vitamin B12 deficiency and won’t prevent possible damage to the spine.

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