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      *AdvaCare Anti-Anemic Syrup is GMP certified.

      **AdvaCare Anti-Anemic Syrups are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA

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      5ml: Ammonium Ferric Citrate: 160mg (32.8mg of iron included), Vitamin B12: 7.5mcg, Folic Acid: 0.5mg

      *or according to distributor/market composition

      1 bottle (120ml, plastic w/ cap)/box;1 bottle (120ml, glass w/ cap)/box

      *or according to distributor/market composition

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        Product Information

        General Information:
        AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Anti-Anemic syrup.

        Anti-Anemic syrup is a medication used to treat iron deficiency anemia. Anemia is a condition when human body lacks enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues. This affects health and overall mood of the patient. Symptoms usually show trough tiredness and weakness. Anemia can be temporary or long term and can range from mild to severe. This is why sometimes taking supplements is enough, but in other cases the patient needs to undertake medical procedures. There are also different types of anemia, such as aplactic, sickle, thalassemia, vitamin deficiency and iron deficiency anemia.

        Our anti-anemic syrup formula, rich in main ingredient, ammonium ferric citrate, helps with iron deficiency anemia (IDA). IDA shows in low levels of red blood cells and hemoglobin that are caused by a lack of iron in the blood, which helps make hemoglobin. The condition usually occurs because of excessive blood loss or lack of nutrition rich in iron. Risk factors for it are therefore: woman’s regular period, too frequent blood donations, pregnancy or breast-feeding, vegan diet, trauma.

        Our Anti-Anemic Syrup is a combination of carefully selected ingredients, which support or influence the body’s absorption of iron:

        • Ammonium Ferric Citrate: Helps bind the phospathes taken trough food to increase the body’s absorption of it.
        • Vitamin B12: Helps the body make healthy red blood cells and helps keep nerve cells healthy.
        • Folic Acid: Helps make healthy red blood cells, which carry oxygen around the body.

        Side Effects:
        As with all pharmaceuticals, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of Anti-Anemic syrup. Always consult a doctor or health care professional for medical advice before use.

        Common side effects include: diarrhea, constipation, dark stool, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, cough.

        You should seek immediate medical attention if signs of allergic reactions, such as hives, face/lips/tongue/throat swelling or difficult breathing, occur.

        For a comprehensive list of all possible effects, consult your doctor.

        If any symptom persists or gets worse, or you notice any other symptom, then please call your doctor immediately.

        Additional Information

        Always consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking Anti-Anemic syrup. If you have hemochromatosis, liver disease, stomach/intestinal disorder, stomach bleeding or have gone trough stomach or intestinal surgery, do not use the Anti-Anemic syrup.

        If you are breast-feeding always consult a doctor before taking the medicine. Be especially careful when taking the medicine if you are pregnant and also consult a doctor. An overdose of iron can cause miscarriage, birth defects or pregnancy diabetes.

        If your condition does not improve or becomes worse, then call your doctor.

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