Benefits of Oral Suspensions for Pets

Oral suspensions are liquid mediums through which drugs may be administered, such as veterinary drugs for pets.

By Jose Quilca

In oral suspensions, insoluble drug particles are dispersed in a liquid. They allow for the administration of insoluble drugs to be feasible and offer several advantages detailed below.

How do you administer oral suspensions?

  1. Wear gloves to ensure medication doesn’t get under your skin.
  2. Shake the bottle to disperse medication.
  3. Restrict animal movement such as backing the animal into a corner or wrapping the animal in a towel.
  4. Hold the animal’s head with your non-dominant hand by holding the animal with thumbs and fingers below the cheekbones, or for long-nosed dogs, by the upper portion of their snout.
  5. Squirt the oral suspension between the rear teeth and the cheek inside the animal’s mouth. Ensure you check the medication for the correct dosage.
  6. Tilt the animal’s head slightly back and hold its mouth closed.
  7. Blow on the animal’s nose to encourage it to swallow.
  8. Store medication, dispose of gloves, and wash hands.

Why are oral suspensions an excellent choice for pets?

  • Better taste—Oral suspensions may have more appetizing flavors that make administering the drugs easier. They are great choices for drugs that naturally have an unappetizing odor and taste because oral suspensions are less soluble and thus make bitter tastes less apparent.
  • Easier to administer—Oral suspensions don’t require the animal’s jaw to be pried open, thereby avoiding biting. It also disperses in the animal’s mouth so it’s more difficult for the animal to spit out. They are preferred by those who have difficulties swallowing. They can be administered simply with a dosing syringe or mixed into a small portion of food.
  • May be the only choice—If the drug isn’t water-soluble and non-aqueous solvents aren’t acceptable, suspensions are the only available choice.
  • Quick Absorption—Absorption is faster than other solid dosage forms that may require dissolution. The insoluble solids continuously supply drugs into the solution thus allowing it to be absorbed over a longer period. This allows for more flexible dosing adjustments. The high dissolution and large surface area allow for a higher rate of bioavailability compared to other options such as tablets and capsules.

Why are Oral Suspensions the preferred veterinary medicine over tablets, capsules, and liquids?

Tablets often come in a chewable form that must be monitored to ensure it clears the pet’s throat. Capsules are similar to tablets in that they are put directly in the mouth. Both tablets and capsules thus face a risk of not being swallowed. Liquid, another form, can be added into moist foods but it lacks appealing flavor and may be unappealing to the pet. Thus, an oral suspension is preferred for its ease of administration and dosage.

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