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      *StayGuard™ Surgical Scrub Brush is CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StayGuard™ Surgical Scrub Brush is manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      EconoGuard (SSB-01);XtraGuard (SSB-02);UltraGuard (SSB-03)


      Povidone Iodine;Chlorhxidine Gluconate Solution 4%




      8cm x 5cm x 4cm


      w/ Nail Cleaner


      1 piece/PE bag1 piece/PE bag, 30 PE bags/dispenser

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer of Surgical Scrub Brushes.

        The StayGuard™ brand of Surgical Scrub Brushes, manufactured in multiple types with different features, is internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        It is common knowledge that hand hygiene is the basis of correct and effective infection prevention in any hospital environment. AdvaCare’s surgical scrub brushes aim to provide a reliable method for hand antisepsis in removing debris and transient microorganisms, to reduce resident microorganisms to a minimum and to promote rapid growth on the hands, nails, and forearms of the surgical personnel.

        Our surgical scrub brushes are laced with povidone-iodine or chlorhexidine gluconate solution. A broad-spectrum, fast-acting and persistent antimicrobial solutions utilized for a surgical hand scrub, patient preoperative operation, and topical antiseptic. AdvaCare’s surgical scrub brushes are manufactured following strict GMP, ISO, CE and USFDA standards.

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        • Allows the surgical team to set up ideal conditions for optimum pre-operative hygiene for skin and hands.


        • Regulate the flow and temperature of the water. Open the package containing the nailbrush then lie the brush on the back of the scrub sink (while still in the package);
        • Prepare for an initial pre-scrub wash by wetting the hands and arms. You may use several drops of scrub solution, work up a heavy lather, then wash hands and arms to the elbows;
        • By allowing water to run from the hands to the elbows, rinse hands and arms thoroughly. Do not retrace or shake the washed hands and arms. Let the water drip from the elbow;
        • Remove the sterile brush and nail pick from the opened package. Meticulously clean under your nails with nail pick and dispose of it after use;
        • Avoid using the nail brush to scrub areas other than the nails. Thas has been known to cause abrasions;
        • Moisten the brush and work up a lather. Lather fingertips with sponge side of the brush, then scrub the spaces under the fingernails of both hands by using the bristle side of the brush. Note that when scrubbing, you have to ensure that the hands remain above the level of the elbows and away from attire so as to avoid splashing;
        • Lather fingers. Wash on all four sides of the fingers using the sponge side only;
        • Ensure that the scrub procedure utilized follows the Trust Policy for Hand Decontamination;
        • Continue to wash the arms but making sure to encompass only two thirds of the forearms so as to avoid compromising the cleanliness of the hands;
        • Ensure that the hands and arms are rinsed thoroughly from fingertip to elbow without retracing, allow water to drip from the elbow.


        • If the hands of scrub practitioners accidentally touch the taps, sink or other unsterile objects during any stage of the scrub cycle, then they are considered to be contaminated and the scrub cycle must begin again;
        • The scrub procedure must follow the Trust Policy for Hand Decontamination.

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