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      *StayGuard™ Cotton Swabsticks are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StayGuard™ Cotton Swabsticks are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer and global supplier of Cotton Swabsticks. The StayGuard™ brand of Cotton Swabsticks  are internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        A Cotton Swabstick is a piece of 100% cotton that is perched on the tip of a wooden or plastic stick. 

        Cotton Swabsticks have a plethora of uses, such as in the application of medicinal agents to a wound or a burn. Medicinal agents include liquids, creams and ointments. Cotton Swabsticks act as a soft, easy to use vessel for transferring these medicinal agents to an injury.

        While people commonly use Swabsticks to clear earwax from the ear canal, this practice is discouraged by doctors.

        Cotton Swabsticks are extremely easy to use, and require little training to use effectively and safely. 

        They are inexpensive and sold in high abundance.

        Cotton Swabsticks can also be used to combine constituents in order to create a mixture in laboratories (primarily for medical use). Transferring materials on the end of a sterilized Swabstick is an easy, hygienic way to do so.

        Swabsticks can also be used in microbiological laboratories to collect samples from microbial cultures grown on an agar plate for example. The tip of the cotton Swabstick is gently touched against the culture and the cells are transferred to be studied or cultured further.

        In a clinical laboratory, the Swabstick can be used to take a DNA sample.

        The cotton used in the StayGuard™ range of Swabsticks is 100% high absorbency cotton.

        There are 2 variants: the single cotton tip Swabstick and the double cotton tip Swabstick. The single tip Swabstick has only one end wrapped with cotton, whereas the double cotton tip Swabstick has both ends wrapped in cotton.

        The material of the applicator stick can be either wood or plastic, depending on preference. Wooden ones are more rigid and sturdy, whereas the plastic stick is more flexible and environmentally friendly.

        AdvaCare offers Swabsticks that are either sterile or non-sterile. While the sterile variant is recommended for medical applications to prevent infection transmission, non-sterile Swabsticks can be used for other uses including makeup removal, cleaning or craft.

        Product Series:



        • Single cotton tip;
        • Available Sizes: 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm;
        • Inexpensive specification.


        • Double cotton tip;
        • Available Sizes: 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm.

        Additional Information

        Interested in more Products?

        AdvaCare also offers different forms of swabsticks, discover few of them here below:


        • Cotton Swabsticks are easy to use and need little instruction;
        • Useful in applying medicinal agents to wounds, as well as transferring and collecting samples in a clinical setting;
        • Swabsticks are inexpensive and are produced in high abundance;
        • Disposable nature minimizes risk of transferring infectious material;
        • Available in different lengths, suitable for a variety of applications;
        • Swabsticks have numerous uses outside of a medical context, for example craft and household cleaning;
        • Able to take a DNA sample.


        Cotton Swabsticks are primarily used to transfer and apply medical agents to wounds, such as antiseptic or disinfectant to prevent an infection from developing. Traditionally, Swabsticks are used to clear the ear canal of earwax, and still remains the most commonly used application of this device. However, doctors do not advocate for this usage, and it is recommended to follow their professional advice.

        Simply transfer a small volume of the medical agent onto the tip of the swab, and then gently apply it to the wound by brushing over it. Once the desired amount of the medical agent has been applied, dispose of the Swabstick. Depending on the severity and openness of the wound, it may need to be wrapped up with a bandage.

        It is imperative that cotton swabsticks are not used if the packaging or seal is compromised. Evidence of this may suggest tampering or loss of sterility. If one should come across swabsticks inside comprised packaging, the correct course of action is to dispose of it quickly and safely.


        • It is important that cotton swabsticks are not reused. Once used, the device is not fit to be salvaged for further used, as sterilization cannot be retained. Re-using swabsticks can result in infections being transmitted between surfaces and the individuals who may come into contact with them;
        • Must prepare the swabsticks for use in a clean, sterile environment, absent of bodily fluids or other sources of contamination;
        • Promptly and safely dispose of any swabsticks that have touched a potentially contaminated surface;
        • Although swabsticks are commonly used to clear out contents of the ear canal by countless people, doctors discourage this usage;
        • Sterile cotton swabsticks should be used when treating a medical wound. Other usages, for example household cleaning, do not require a sterile swabstick – the non-sterile range is fine for use;
      • If cotton swabsticks have blood or any other bodily substance on it, it must be handled as biohazard waste.
      • Materials:

        The range of cotton swabsticks offered by AdvaCare comes with either a plastic or wooden shaft. In both cases, the tip is manufactured from 100% cotton.

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