Gauze Bandages (12 pieces/paper pack)
Gauze Bandage (1 piece)
Gauze Bandages (12 pieces/paper pack)
Gauze Bandage (1 piece)
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Gauze Bandage

StayGuard™ Skin & Wound Care
A Gauze Bandage is a flexible and breathable strip of woven fabric used for securing dressings, providing compression, or supporting injured limbs. Gauze bandages are manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma.







What is a Gauze Bandage?

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A Gauze Bandage is a flexible and breathable strip of woven fabric used for securing dressings, providing compression, or supporting injured limbs. Gauze bandages are available in various sizes, allowing for proper coverage and application to different body parts and wound sizes to achieve optimal healing.

Gauze bandages are designed to be highly versatile and adaptable. They can be easily wrapped around the affected area, providing gentle compression to control bleeding and reduce swelling. The breathable nature of the woven fabric promotes airflow and allows for the evaporation of moisture to create a conducive healing environment.

AdvaCare Pharma is a dependable manufacturer of Gauze Bandages. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, and we are committed to providing our customers with the products they need when they need them. Our production facilities are ISO and CE certified, and we adhere to all applicable healthcare and regulatory guidelines. Regular inspections are conducted to ensure the consistent availability of dependable medical supplies.

Product Specifications


Mesh gauze bandage features a dense and tightly woven cotton fabric with a high mesh count, ensuring a tight and fine weave. This design provides excellent coverage and protection for wounds, preventing contamination while allowing for proper airflow. The higher mesh count results in a superior quality bandage that offers optimal absorption and minimal adherence to the wound bed.

Yarn gauze bandage is constructed using high-quality yarn with a fine yarn count, resulting in a smooth and gentle fabric. With its finer and thinner yarn, such as 40s yarn, this gauze bandage provides superior softness and comfort for delicate skin. It offers excellent absorbency and flexibility, making it suitable for various wound dressing and compression applications.

Why are we a top Gauze Bandage manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma has established itself as a reliable exporter and manufacturer of Gauze Bandages, and other high-quality medical supplies for wound dressing, over the course of more than 20 years. Our extensive network of partnerships with distributors, hospitals, NGOs, and pharmacies in 65 markets worldwide further strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional products and services to our valued customers.

At AdvaCare Pharma, our primary objective is to manufacture gauze bandages, and other gauze dressing medical supplies, that are quality-certified and cost-effective through our comprehensive StayGuard™ line of skin and wound care products. Our goal is to meet the growing and ever-changing demands of global communities and contribute to the improvement of healthcare accessibility and quality.


How should a Gauze Bandage be used?

To use a gauze bandage, first ensure hands are clean and dry, or use sterile gloves to maintain a sterile environment. Unroll the gauze bandage from its packaging, being careful not to touch the sterile inner surface with your hands.

Start by securing the end of the bandage on the desired area, such as the wound or injured body part. Wrap the gauze bandage firmly but not too tightly around the area, overlapping each layer by about half of the width of the bandage. Secure the end of the bandage with a clip, tape, or adhesive tabs.

What precautions should be considered when using Gauze Bandages?

Make sure the bandage is snug but not constricting. If directed by the healthcare professional, use additional tape or a secondary bandage. Monitor the area regularly for any signs of discomfort, swelling, or restricted blood flow. Adjust or reapply the bandage as instructed.


What is the difference between a Gauze Bandage with a colored radiopaque handle and one without?

A gauze bandage with a colored radiopaque handle provides visibility on X-ray images, which can be beneficial in identifying the bandage during procedures or detecting any retained material. If X-ray visibility is not a requirement, a bandage without a colored radiopaque handle can still provide effective support and compression.

What is the difference between mesh and yarn Gauze Bandages?

Mesh gauze bandages have a looser weave, allowing for better air circulation and breathability. They are suitable for wounds that require moisture management and minimal wound adherence. Yarn gauze bandages have a tighter weave, providing more absorption and cushioning, making them ideal for wounds with higher exudate levels or when additional padding is needed.

Can Gauze Bandages be used for securing other medical devices?

Yes, gauze bandages are commonly used for securing wound dressings, splints, or other medical devices in place. Their flexibility and ability to conform to different body parts make them versatile in providing support and stability.

How is sizing determined for Gauze Bandages?

Select a gauze bandage that is wide enough to provide adequate coverage of the wound area, ensuring that it extends beyond the edges of the wound. The length of the bandage should be sufficient to wrap around the body part or secure the dressing comfortably. Consider the specific needs of the wound, such as the level of compression required, when determining the appropriate size of the bandage.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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