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      *StayGuard™ Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings are CE, ISO, USFDA certified.

      **StayGuard™ Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings are manufactured in our facilities located in China/India/USA.

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      Non-Woven Material with absorbent Cotton Filling (CCD-01);Gauze with absorbent Cotton Filling (CCD-02)


      200g (10cm x 10m);400g (20cm x 10m)

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        Product Information

        AdvaCare is a CE, ISO and USFDA manufacturer and global supplier of Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings. The StayGuard™ brand of Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings are internationally distributed and recognized for reliable quality and exceptional value. With distribution across developed and developing markets alike, our products are uniquely positioned as the brand of choice for medical professionals.

        A Combined Cotton-Filled Dressing, also commonly known as Gamgee Tissue® (a registered trademark of Robinson Healthcare), is a medical covering for a wound, made from a thick layer of highly-absorbent cotton wrapped in a non-woven fabric or gauze, folded over to form a flat tube. The surface levels of the dressing are soft and breathable in order to maintain maximum comfort, while the cotton filling is extremely absorbent. This dressing can be held in place with AdvaCare’s Bandages.

        Dressings can serve many purposes. They can stem bleeding and absorb exudate, protect the wound from further aggravation or infection, prevent the entrance of and remove already existing dirt and bacteria in the wound, and ease pain. Dressings provide a moist, sterile environment that promotes healing and granulation. Dressings also help reduce scarring.

        After a surgical procedure when sterile dressing or wound dressing of infected wounds or protection and support of joints and tendons is required, Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings are to be used. Additionally, they can be used as extra padding or to reduce heat loss. As they can offer high-quality protection they are ideal for medium to heavy exuding wounds.

        AdvaCare Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings are manufactured to be easy to use, sterile, protective dressings that provide high absorption for more effective healing. Our Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings, made with medical-grade materials and consistent layering, are widely used for professional needs in hospitals and clinics. The dressings are easy to cut and reshape. AdvaCare offers two different dressings that vary in material and size depending on need.

        Dressings can vary in material, from gauze to hydrogels. Different materials have different texture and durability that make them ideal for differing situations. Dressings can vary in absorption of exudate, breathability, temperature, and pressure. Dressings can also vary in size due to the size of the wound.

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        • Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings are easy to use and need little instruction;
        • Dressings protect the wound and help speed the healing process;
        • Dressings not only prevent the entrance of foreign agents, but also can remove them from the wound;
        • Different materials and sizes ensure that Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings fulfill the different needs of users everywhere;
        • Dressings can help prevent future scarring.


        Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings protect and facilitate the healing process of wounds. Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings protect injuries from friction and further damage, as well as prevent the entrance and presence of dirt, bacteria and other microorganisms that could exacerbate the injury. Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings also minimize the chance of scarring, as it helps prevent scabbing.

        Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings can be used on animals.

        If possible, put on disposable gloves. Clean and dry the wound and surrounding skin. Lay the pad of the dressing directly on the wound, making sure that it covers a few centimeters around the wound, and wrap the dressing around the wound multiple times in order. Secure the dressing.

        It is imperative that combined cotton-filled dressings are not used if the packaging or seal is compromised. Evidence of this may suggest tampering or loss of sterility. If one should come across dressings inside comprised packaging, the correct course of action is to dispose of it quickly and safely.


        • Do not re-use Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings that have been used before. The dressing should be discarded after use. Reuse of dressings can transfer bacteria between surfaces and actually encourage infection;
        • Dressings should be changed every five days, or sooner if it becomes soaked through with blood or other fluids;
        • Must prepare the dressings for use in a clean, sterile environment, absent of bodily fluids or other sources of contamination;
        • If when applying the dressing, blood seeps through, do not remove it. Apply another dressing on top. If the blood seeps through the second dressing, remove both, and apply a new dressing tighter;
        • If Combined Cotton-Filled Dressings have blood or any other bodily matter on it, it must be handled as biohazard waste;
        • Combined cotton-filled dressings should be stored in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. Failure to do so may dry the dressing up, decreasing its healing properties;
        • Promptly and safely dispose of any dressings that have touched a potentially contaminated surface.


        The ranges combined cotton-filled dressings offered by AdvaCare are composed of a highly absorbent, thick cotton layer that is enveloped in non-woven gauze, forming a tubular like structure.

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