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AdvaCare Pharma is a well-established global supplier and manufacturer of anesthesiology tools. StaySafe™ features a wide range of respiratory supplies including airway equipment and other breathing and oxygen delivery tools for respiratory therapy.
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We are especially well positioned for developing and developed markets alike, as our products are comparable in quality to higher cost brands, but at a lower price point to meet the needs of competitive markets. Our unique market position has made our brands some of the fastest growing globally.

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What are Anesthesiology Tools?

Anesthesiology tools are essential medical devices that are designed for the administration and management of anesthesia during any surgical procedures or other medical interventions. Anesthesia kits are crucial, as they ensure a patient's safety and comfort throughout the perioperative period.

Anaesthetic equipment also closely intersects with respiratory therapy, as it enables medical professionals to monitor the patient's vital signs and breathing patterns, and maintain the patient's airway, ventilation, and circulation during anesthesia. They are utilized in various medical settings such as operating rooms, labor and delivery suites, intensive care units, and interventional radiology suites.

Some common types of anesthesiology tools feature airway management tools such as endotracheal (tracheal) tubes, laryngoscopes, intubation kits, and other intubation equipment masks for the oxygen therapy including anesthesia masks, partial rebreather masks, non-rebreather masks, and venturi masks; anesthesia monitoring devices and anaesthetic equipment; as well as other supportive tools.

Why are we a trusted Anesthesiology Tools manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma is a trusted manufacturer of Anesthesiology Tools utilized mainly in anesthesia administration, but also in respiratory and oxygen therapy, ensuring optimal airway management, controlled ventilation, and precise delivery of medical gases to the patient. StaySafe™, a recognized brand that is part of AdvaCare Pharma’s range, is associated with anaesthetic equipment.

AdvaCare Pharma has the unwavering objective of providing high-quality medical supplies to distributors without ever compromising safety standards. All medical tools such as anesthesia equipment, meet the most up-to-date requirements including compliance with ISO, CE markings, and some medical devices are also USFDA approved. To ensure this high-quality standard regular inspections and product tests are carried out, meaning doctors and nurses have full confidence in our products.

Anesthesiology Tools

Anesthesiology tools encompass a variety of devices and equipment. Included in our range are many of the most important medical devices for respiratory therapy.

Anesthesia Mask

Anesthesia Mask (StaySafe™) is a medical device designed for single use during the induction of anesthesia. This anaesthetic equipment is commonly employed in operating rooms, intensive care units, emergency departments, and other clinical settings. These masks cover the patient's nose and mouth, creating a sealed enclosure for the delivery of gases or vapors.

Anesthesia masks are important for several reasons: - They deliver a precise concentration of gases to the patient, allowing for effective anesthesia induction and maintenance - Anesthesia masks help to maintain the patient's airway and provide oxygenation - As they are single-use, this tool is highly hygienic, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between patients and reducing the transmission of infectious agents - The masks are designed to provide a comfortable fit for the patient and are available in various sizes

Disposable Anesthesia Breathing Circuit Kit

Breathing Circuit (StaySafe™) is a specialized anaesthetic equipment used in oxygen therapy to deliver a controlled mixture of gases, including oxygen and anesthetic agents, to the patient. It consists of various components, such as tubes, connectors, a heat and moisture exchange filter, and a reservoir bag, which are assembled into a single-use circuit. These anesthesia instruments are used in operating rooms, intensive care units, and other clinical settings.

The specific uses and benefits of breathing circuits include: - The breathing circuit kit is employed to deliver respiratory gases to the patient, facilitate ventilation, and maintain an open airway - It provides a closed system that helps minimize the risk of contamination and infection transmission during respiratory therapy - Anesthesia breathing circuits maintain the sterility and integrity of the respiratory system during procedures - This airway equipment offers convenience and efficiency in the anesthesia workflow

Endotracheal (ET) Tube

Endotracheal Tube (StaySafe™) is an integral component of respiratory therapy, serving as a specialized conduit to establish and maintain a patient's airway. It is a flexible tube which is being inserted into the patient's trachea through the mouth or nose, allowing for the delivery of anesthetic gases and oxygen. Endotracheal intubation is used in various surgical procedures, critical care settings, and emergency situations requiring controlled ventilation or protection of the airway. ET tubes are available in different sizes.

There are a number of uses and benefits to incorporating endotracheal intubation equipment in respiratory therapy: - Et tube protects the airway by forming a barrier between the trachea and the esophagus, reducing the risk of aspiration and subsequent complications - Endotracheal intubation allows for high accuracy in the administration of gases, ensuring adequate depth of anesthesia and patient comfort - Ventilation is properly and easily controlled during procedures - This intubation equipment also protects the lungs in situations such as acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or severe lung injury, by improving oxygenation and preventing alveolar collapse - ET tubes are a fundamental component of emergency intubation kits, which consist of various tools and equipment necessary for the proper placement of the tube