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AdvaCare Pharma is a reliable manufacturer of grooming & hygiene supplements for cats and dogs. Our AdvaMate™ pet products, including supplements, solutions and pastes, provide solutions that can help treat skin conditions and allergies, improve oral health, and cleanse the ears.
Pet Grooming & Hygiene Supplements for Cats and Dogs

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Pet Grooming & Hygiene Supplements for Cats and Dogs

Grooming and hygiene supplements for cats and dogs support the overall appearance and cleanliness of pets. These supplements often contain omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, vitamins, and minerals. They are commonly used to address various skin and coat issues and promote optimal hygiene in cats and dogs.

There are a number of areas of application for supplements that support hygiene for pet grooming:

  • Reduction of dry, itchy, and flaky skin, and promotion of a shiny and lustrous coat
  • Management of excessive shedding and encouragement of healthy hair growth
  • Alleviation of cracking, splitting, or brittleness of the nails or claws and support of healthy paw pads
  • Maintenance of oral health, such as removal of plaque and tartar buildup
  • Control of body odor, and promotion of a fresher scent

Dog grooming involves more than just a quick dog wash. It encompasses cleaning dogs' ears, which helps prevent infections and ensures that no debris accumulates. Additionally, dog dental cleaning is vital. Just as with humans, maintaining oral health can stave off a plethora of potential health issues, ensuring that the dog's teeth and gums remain in top condition. Regular brushing and specialized dog dental cleaning and treatments can go a long way in preventing bad breath and dental diseases.

For felines, cat grooming serves to manage challenges specific to them. Hairball in cats is a common issue, often resulting from self-grooming and swallowing loose fur. Regular brushing can help minimize this concern by capturing loose hair before it's ingested. Another frequent issue seen particularly in certain dog breeds and white-faced cats is tear stains. These can be addressed through specific pet grooming techniques and products designed to remove and prevent the recurrence of these unsightly marks.

There's a wide array of dog grooming products tailored to meet the specific needs of each breed and coat type. Cat grooming, while different in its approach, is equally crucial, and with the right pet grooming tools and techniques, every pet owner can keep their furry companions looking and feeling their best.

Types of Pet Grooming & Hygiene Supplements for Cats and Dogs

Pet grooming and hygiene supplements can be used to address the individual needs of cats and dogs. Our range of cat and dog grooming products incorporates a number of items that target these needs.

Cat Grooming and Hygiene Supplements

Grooming and hygiene supplements for cats offer specific benefits for feline pets. Cats are meticulous groomers resulting in hairballs forming in their digestive tract. Supplements including Hairball Relief Paste (AdvaMate™), are a source of fiber and contain natural lubricants that help prevent the formation of hairballs and aid in their elimination, promoting a healthy digestive system.

Dog Grooming and Hygiene Supplements

Supplements for dog hygiene can address common grooming concerns in dogs. Dogs can be susceptible to dental issues, including plaque buildup, tartar formation, and gum disease. Supplements such as Dental Cleanse Solution (AdvaMate™) for dogs contain ingredients with antimicrobial properties that promote oral health and can complement regular dental care practices.

Dogs are also known to need assistance with potty training. Solutions including Potty Training Spray (AdvaMate™) from our range, utilize ingredients with a pheromonal scent that attracts dogs to designated areas and encourages urination.

Pet grooming and hygiene supplements for cats and dogs also target particular problem areas including the eyes and ears, promoting appearance as well as cleanliness and supporting overall health. The following provides more information on these supplement types.

Ear Supplements for Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs may require support in keeping their ears healthy. Ear Flush Solution (AdvaMate™), available in our own range, can aid in cleaning dogs' and cats' ears and maintaining hygiene by removing wax, dirt, and debris, eliminating any unpleasant odors, and soothing irritation.

Although both dogs and cats experience ear-related problems, ear infections and allergies may be more prevalent in dogs due to some breeds with floppy ears and heavy ear hair being more prone to trapped moisture, debris and wax. Therefore, cleaning dogs' ears not only provides a better quality of life, but also avoids health conditions and is generally better for overall health.

Eye Supplements for Cats and Dogs

Dog and cat supplements can benefit eye health, such as addressing tear stains. Grooming supplements such as Tear Stain Remover Solution (AdvaMate™) and Tear Stain Soft Chews (AdvaMate™) can reduce the appearance of dark marks that can develop around the eyes. They are formulated with ingredients that help break down tear stain in dogs and cats and reduce the pigment responsible for the stain, such as tylosin or other enzymatic agents.

These supplements also contribute to maintaining good eye health, containing ingredients that support tear production and keep the eyes properly lubricated and moisturized. By promoting a healthy tear film eye irritation, discharge, and the formation of excessive tear stains is minimized.

External Parasite Treatments

Cat and dog grooming solutions also include parasite management. Fleas are a common external parasite that can cause discomfort, itching, and potential health problems in cats. Ticks also have a significant impact on cats and dogs. They not only cause skin irritation but can transmit diseases including Lyme disease. Our range of pet grooming products offers Flea & Tick Relief Spray (AdvaMate™) containing repellent properties to help pet owners treat and prevent infestations.

Why are we a top Pet Grooming & Hygiene Supplements manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma, a trusted manufacturer of Pet Grooming and Hygiene Supplements for Cats and Dogs, has been dedicated to providing sustainable and affordable pet supplements and other pet products for over 20 years. Our extensive product range is formulated by veterinarians and pet nutritionists with only high-quality ingredients.

Through our focus on quality, affordability, and customized market-specific solutions for pet supplements, we strive to deliver the best value for our distribution partners. Fostering strong relationships with our distributors ensures collaborative efforts that result in mutually beneficial outcomes. Our dedication to product excellence and innovation positions AdvaCare Pharma as a leading brand in the pet supplement industry, meeting the evolving demands of grooming and hygiene supplements for cats and dogs.