Spinal Brace LSO (1 piece)
Spinal Brace LSO (1 piece)
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Spinal Brace LSO

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A Spinal Brace LSO (Lumbosacral Orthosis) is a supportive device that is worn around the lower back and pelvis to provide stabilization and immobilization. This spine stabilizer is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma.


Stainless Steel, Breathable Fabric and PP (Anatomic)



What is a Spinal Brace LSO?

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A Spinal Brace LSO (Lumbosacral Orthosis) is a supportive device worn around the lower back and pelvis to provide stabilization and immobilization. An LSO is used for individuals with lower back pain, spinal fractures, or post-surgical recovery to promote proper spinal alignment and reduce strain on the lumbar region.

The rigid structure of the brace helps restrict movement of the spine, providing stability and reducing the risk of further injury. By supporting the lower back and pelvis, the LSO can help alleviate pain, improve posture, and enhance mobility, allowing individuals to engage in daily activities.

Quality and safety are paramount at AdvaCare Pharma, and our focus lies in manufacturing Spinal Brace LSO devices that meet stringent standards. With ISO and CE certifications for our production facilities in India, China, and the USA, we prioritize the adherence to healthcare and regulatory guidelines. Through routine inspections, we ensure the reliable and continuous supply of medical supplies.

Product Specifications


Adjustable metal screw buckle spinal brace LSO features a natural latex waist airbag and a 2-piece clamshell brace for optimal comfort and support. With its adjustable metal screw buckle and three pairs of fixed waist belts, it allows for customized compression and control over the movement of the lumbar spine. This universal-sized brace, ranging from 70 to 100cm, offers a versatile fit for various users.

Why are we a top Spinal Brace LSO manufacturer?

AdvaCare Pharma has been a trusted exporter and manufacturer of Spinal Braces and other high-quality medical supplies for orthopedic use. Through our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique demands of diverse markets, we have established strong partnerships with distributors, hospitals, NGOs, and pharmacies.

At AdvaCare Pharma, our primary mission is to manufacture spinal braces, and other orthopedic braces and supports, that are quality-assured and affordable. Our range of Spinal Brace LSOs, as well as our comprehensive StayGuard™ line of skin and wound care products, exemplify our unwavering commitment to addressing the evolving needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.


How should a Spinal Brace LSO be used?

A spinal brace LSO (Lumbosacral Orthosis) should be used according to the guidance and instructions provided by a healthcare professional. Typically, the LSO is worn around the lower back and pelvis area to provide support and immobilization.

To use the brace, first ensure a proper fit by adjusting the straps or buckles. The LSO should be positioned snugly against the lower back, with the support of the steel bars, if applicable, aligned with the spine.

Follow the recommended duration and frequency of use, as advised by a healthcare professional, to maximize the benefits of the spinal brace LSO.


How can one determine if a Spinal Brace LSO is needed?

A spinal LSO is typically recommended based on specific conditions such as lower back pain, spinal fractures, or post-surgical recovery. Consulting with a healthcare provider can help assess whether a spinal brace LSO is necessary. They will evaluate the symptoms, perform physical examinations, and consider relevant medical history.

Can a Spinal Brace LSO be worn all day?

The duration may vary depending on your condition and the recommendations of the healthcare provider. Follow the instructions provided to ensure the optimal and safe usage of the spinal brace.

How should a Spinal Brace LSO be cleaned?

Refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for proper cleaning and maintenance, which may include using mild soap and water, avoiding harsh chemicals, and allowing the brace to dry completely before wearing it again.

Is the Spinal Brace LSO adjustable?

Most spinal brace LSOs are designed to offer some level of adjustability. If unsure about how to properly adjust the fit, seek guidance from a healthcare provider.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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