IV Splint (1 piece/box)
IV Splint (1 piece)
IV Splint (1 piece/box)
IV Splint (1 piece)
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IV Splint

StayGuard™ Skin & Wound Care
An IV Splint is a medical device used to immobilize and support the intravenous (IV) catheter or infusion site, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of dislodgement or complications during treatment. This IV support device is manufactured by AdvaCare Pharma.



What is an IV Splint?

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An IV Splint is a medical device used to immobilize and support the intravenous (IV) catheter or infusion site, ensuring stability and reducing the risk of dislodgement or complications during treatment. IV splints have adjustable fasteners to secure the device in place, allowing a customized fit.

IV splints are a crucial tool in healthcare settings, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of medications and fluids through the IV line.

AdvaCare Pharma is dedicated to manufacturing IV Splints that adhere to strict quality and safety standards. Our production facilities in India, China, and the USA hold ISO and CE certifications, underscoring our commitment to following healthcare and regulatory guidelines. Routine inspections are carried out to ensure a steady supply of dependable medical supplies.

Product Specifications


IV splint is equipped with double velcro strips, offering secure and adjustable fastening to ensure proper immobilization and support for intravenous catheters or infusion sites. The double velcro design allows for a customized fit and easy application. The splint is also ambidextrous, making it suitable for both left and right arm usage without the need for separate models.

Why are we a leading IV Splint manufacturer?

With a proven track record spanning more than two decades, AdvaCare Pharma is widely recognized as a trustworthy exporter and manufacturer of IV Splints and other medical supplies. Our success stems from our ability to comprehend and fulfill the unique demands of different markets, enabling us to establish solid partnerships with distributors, hospitals, NGOs, and pharmacies.

At AdvaCare Pharma, our primary objective is to manufacture IV splints, and other medical splints and supports, that are dependable, affordable, and of high quality. The inclusion of IV Splints in our product range, alongside our comprehensive StayGuard™ line of skin and wound care products, underscores our steadfast dedication to meeting the changing needs of healthcare professionals worldwide.


How should an IV Splint be used?

An IV splint should be used under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

To use an IV splint, first ensure that the splint is clean and in good condition. Place the splint over the site where the IV catheter or infusion is inserted, making sure it provides proper support and immobilization. Secure the splint in place using the adjustable fasteners or straps, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit.

What precautions should be considered when using an IV Splint?

Regularly monitor the IV site for any signs of complications or discomfort. Follow the healthcare professional's instructions for the duration of use and any necessary adjustments or changes to the splint.


How long should an IV Splint be worn?

In general, IV splints are used for the duration of the IV therapy or until the catheter is removed. The healthcare provider will provide guidance on the appropriate wearing time.

Can an IV Splint be reused?

No, IV splints are typically designed for single use and should not be reused. This is to maintain sterility and prevent the risk of cross-contamination or infection.

Can an IV Splint be adjusted for a customized fit?

Yes, IV splints are often adjustable to provide a customized fit for different patients and to accommodate varying arm sizes.

Can an IV Splint be used with any type of IV catheter or infusion site?

IV splints are designed to be compatible with most types of IV catheters and infusion sites. Consult a healthcare professional to ensure the proper selection and application of the splint for the specific therapy being administered.

*Regulatory compliance may vary according to production standard, import requirements and/or manufacturing origin.

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