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**AdvaCare Multivitamin Premix is manufactured in our facilities located in China, India and USA.

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Product Information

General Information:
AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Multivitamin premixes.

Multivitamin Premix composes a mixture of fat-soluble vitamins (A, D3 and E) and water-soluble vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12).

The fat-soluble vitamins are necessary for the normal development and maintenance of the epithelial tissues and the skeletal system in animals.

Vitamin B complex provides the essential prosthetic groups of the enzymes which control the catabolic and anabolic processes of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

Multivitamin premixes are used for the prevention and treatment of multiple vitamin deficiencies in animals.

Multiple vitamin deficiencies can occur in conditions of insufficient uptake (e.g. anorexia in case of illness, inadequate diets), insufficient absorption (e.g. in case of diarrhoea and malabsorption), and in any condition that results in physiologically increased requirements (growth, high milk production, pregnancy), disease, convalescence and stress conditions.

Side Effects:
As with all veterinary medicine, some unwanted effects can occur from the use of Multivitamin Premix. Always consult a veterinary physician or animal care specialist for medical advice before use.

Side effects include but are very limited.

For a comprehensive list of all possible effects, consult a veterinary physician.

Persistence or worsening with similar symptoms will require an immediate Veterinary treatment.

Additional Information

Always consult a veterinary physician or animal care specialist before using Multivitamin Premix.

If the condition does not improve or becomes worse, then call a veterinary physician or animal care specialist.

Refer to an animal care specialist for guidelines on dosage. Do not exceed the advisable dosage until the treatment is completed; Discontinuation or ending at an early stage can result in a recurrence or worsening of the problem.

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