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Cranberry Extract: 250mg (5% OPC)

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Cranberry Extract: 200mg (5% OPC)

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60 capsules/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging);120 capsules/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging)

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60 softgels/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging);120 softgels/bottle, 1 bottle/box (premium packaging)

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AdvaCare is a GMP manufacturer of Cranberry Extracts capsules and softgels.

Cranberries are egg-shaped fruits that grow in wet areas, such as wetlands. They are anti-oxidant rich and contain vitamin C and fiber. They outrank almost all other fruits and vegetables in terms of disease-fighting antioxidants. Research has shown that, because cranberries float on top of the water and are exposed to natural sunlight, they develop great concentrations of anthocyanin, which are known to provide strong health benefits.

Some of the benefits of cranberries include improvements in urinary tract, cardiovascular, immune, digestive, and oral health. Cranberries are known to help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) because of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) in the cranberries which prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract.

Cranberry Extract helps with jock itch, a fungal infection of the skin from heat, humidity, or tight clothing. Cranberries are also good for the teeth, by discouraging bacteria from binding to the surface and also helping to prevent gum disease. They are especially known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. They help reduce the risk of inflammation in the stomach, intestines, and blood vessel linings. They also offer immune support, lowering the frequency of illness symptoms such as fever and germs. Other associated benefits include those with type 2 diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, the flu, and common cold. They relieve ulcers in the stomach caused by a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori and help to improve memory.

Our cranberry extract has more active compounds than cranberry fruit or juice alone can offer, thus greater maximizing the benefit to the user. Not only are they more potent, but they also provide an alternative for people who do not like the taste of cranberries in juice or fruit form. It is an herbal extract offered in softgel form, a gelatin-based shell similar to a capsule but filled with liquid.

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